I browsed through some HR books in the search and came across Mastermind by Siddhart Basu and some books by Chetan Bhagat. I think a special post must be created for books by Indian authors. A new book has come in the market:-

The greatest secret of success-Your passion quotient by Virender Kapoor- This book addresses the "square pegs in round holes" issue in a variety of ways. It would be of interest for the rest of you to know that Mr. Kapoor is on the HR committee of CII. He is a postgraduate from IIT Bombay and a Director of a premier business school in India.

The other books that I know by Indian authors are

Passion by Pramod and Vijay Batra

Passion to win- Abad Ahmed and DP Chopra on the basis of research by the All India Management Association.

Former Billiards champion Geet Sethi has written a sweet and simple book called 'Success v/s Joy'. It may not be a quintessential HR book but it has some very good HR lessons. In fact, the basic theme of the book is to avoid a square peg in a round hole.It has a forward by Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

A double life - which is an autobiography by former Lintas chairman Alyque Padamsee is a very good HR book in the sense that it shows how a man straddles two careers throughout his life- one career(Advertisement) funding the other(passion- theatre)

I don't know whether Mr. Chetan Bhagat is an HR professional but I am just keen to know whether any Indian HR professional has written similar books

From India, New Delhi

There is a new book called "The five great mythis of Career building". by Sanjiv Bhamre. It is published by Macmillan India ltd.
Bhamre is an educator and a consultant with 25 years of experience.
The book has some very valueable insighs and the experience of the author is clearly palpable.

From India, New Delhi

There is a new book called Be Inspired; Make an informed Career decision by Amber Ahuja who apart from being an independent researcher and analyst and works as Advisor- South Asia at the University of New South Wales.
It is quite a good, comprehensive general guide on career planning with both internal(Values, Goals,Motivation,Aptitude, Personality, Attitude, Skills, Other factors) and External markets( International, National, Industry, Company, Job Roles, Salary stc). In my view, this is a must read for those who go around tom tomming the importance of attitude and how attitude alone matters and wins which is largely a one-sided view
It does a pretty good job of cautioning students about how to make career choices( avoiding squaire pegs in round holes is the primary role of HR) and has N.R. Narayana Murthy(Infosys), Vishwanathan Anand, Sunil Gavaskar, Ritu Beri , Shankar Mahadevan among others as examples.

From India, New Delhi

Debashis Chatterjee is currently Professor of Organization behavor at IIM, Lucknow. He has written a book called "Break free;Discover your Leadership Signature" in which he has covered Leadership, Talent Management, Change Management etc very well both from Management and spiritual perspectives. It is always a pleasure to read books which talk about innate human potential rather than harping about attitude all the time.
I had read another book by him "Light the fire in your heart" which was also a management and leadership book and liked it immensly.
For those interested this is the link to all this books:-
http://debchat.com <link updated to site home>

From India, New Delhi

I think that the publications by the Ahmeabad Management association on Ancient Indian wisdom are relevant both from an HR and spiritual perspective:-

From India, New Delhi

The case of the Bonsai manageer by R.Gopalakrishnan who is executive director of Tata sons is a unique book on intuitive leadership to meet the challenges of the 21st centiry. It has a forward by Ratan Tata.
From India, New Delhi
Sheetal Khot
hi, could any one tell me the answer for this ? what is the market situation and strategy for recruitment industry and consultancies waiting for replys
From India, Bangalore

Hi, would anybody know of any good books by Indian authors on:
1)Teamwork and
2)Managing people in the information age
These are to be used by MBA students......... need them real urgently please.

From India, Delhi

Well, I found a book related to HR and would like to share. It's "How To Start An HR Consultancy Company?" It's written by female author cum entrepreneur Sangita Singh. This book is basically a step by step guide for entrepreneurs who plan to start their own HR recruitment and Consulting business.
A short description:
This book covers the process of registering and starting the firm and starting a new HR career of business in India. The book covers:
- tips to get new clients for the consultancy.
- how to keep the clients?
- challenges associated with the business
- mistakes that need to avoided
For more information, you can visit: how to start a HR consultancy company
Hope it might be useful. Thank you. :)

From India, Noida
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