Hi all
I need someone to help me in writing an email to my direct manager asking him to inform all the staff that i am the one who can approve the medical leave application with immediate effect, accordingly, all the medical certificates should be send to (me).

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear please let me know whether your Boss has asked you to perform this job on behalf of him or just you want the same and wanna get the approval for the same from your Boss as new and other responsibility.
He is your Boss and an Authorised person for this job, until his official and prior approval, i dont think you need to write him directly that he will allow you to perform this job on behalf of him.
If he has given his word to you that you can do that then he must write a mail to the HR first and to all the staff members but you cant directly asked him to authorised you to do the same.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Anil
Basically, he asked me to send him the draft of the mail which I am going to send it to all branches, later on he will approve it and add his comments on it.
Please note that I am working in HRD, but I am still new.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
ok dear...see the first thing is that you have no authority to send this mail to your Boss to get you the power to perform this job but if he has asked you to send him a DRAFT mail then yes you can send this but be careful, He is your Boss and none of any junior can send any kind of this mail to his/her Boss ....and this can raise many questions for you though your Boss has asked you for this

And its not difficult to write a letter when you know wht you gonna do and have to go with and the letter shud be simple and straight so that all the employees can take this as an official notice for the same purpose..Now the solution of your problem is,

Dear Folk,

With ref Mr. A (Your Boss), this is to inform you (or Mr. A has send me his words that ) that you all are going to report me for your future medical leave applications and for their approval wef .........and im going to be an authorised person for the same, therefore you all are requested to contact me and submit your medical certificates to me accordingly.

Your Name

From India, Gurgaon
I have suggestion ,your boss have asked you a draft so vat ever the matter you have to put subject as Draft and after approval from his side , you can sent to all but remember to mark CC to your boss.Which ever company or designation you are into be careful doing any stuffs like this.There should not be any problem in the future.
Good Luck

From India, Thrissur

I am afraid that you should not email your superior( boss) demanding that he give you permission etc etc.....Why can you not speak to him directly about this matter?
Is it not possible for you to request him to do so at a private one -to-one meeting?
Furthermore are is this really within your job purview /management description?

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
if your boss asked for draft. write a draft and mail it with subject line as "draft" only.
do mention, pls find the draft as discussed.
even though I suggest that such mail is to be sent either by HR or your boss only. if yes then draft can be like this:
Dear Team,
from now onwards, Mr./Ms. <name> will be the approval authority for all your medical leaves. all the documents pertaining to the same should come to him/her. Please contact him/her if you required any medical leaves.
best regards,
Boss Name/HR Person

From India, New Delhi
@ ghadeeruae: the job is easy if your boss has asked to share the draft. See if you could use this.
Subject: Draft
Dear Sir,
As per your instructions, please peruse the mail draft.
"Dear All,
This is to inform you that Mr. (your name) would be in charge of medical leave applications with immediate effect.
Please have all the medical certificates submitted to Mr. (your name) hence onwards."

From India, Mumbai
In my opinion, You should draw the kind attention of your boss regarding his decision to delegate you the authority of sanctioning the Medical leave of the fellow employees, and as desired by him the "Draft for Approval" (DFA) for this delegation may be attached with your mail to your boss (should not be sent as a part of the body [message] in the mail itself).
Only after a formal approval has been accorded, you should write to the employees.
DFA should be:
It has been decided that the matter concerning the approval of Medical Leave/Claims shall henceforth be looked after by Mr. (You). All may please apply for the medical Leave/Claims to Mr. (You), as per policy of the company.
Your Boss
All section Heads -
Notice Board.

From India, Chandigarh
Why do we even entertain such requests ? This forum is for discussing issues in HR, not for spoon-feeding people who cannot even type a simple letter.
Pls ask them to go elsewhere for such trivial matters. And for those who are helping them - you are making them a cripple and not helping. Let them learn on their own.
Dr. Sunil Pevekar

From India, Mumbai

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