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Hello everyone,
I prepared an employee hand book for a non profit organization and now planning to prepare Hr maual.
Can anyone help in giving tips for preparing HR manual. What is process of preparing HR manual?

From United States, Bothell
Hello everyone, I need help to how to make performance management booklet and Benefits of PMS - Organization / Member / Manager.i don’t know how to make this plz prompt reply? Thanks & Regards
From India, Surat
Hello all, I also need to prepared a manual for new joinees. can anyone help in giving tips for preparing HR manual. how to start or any other suggesion . waintng for the promt reply Thanks & Regards
From India, Delhi

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There is a ton of stuff on Cite already about this. Use the Downloads Search box at the top of the page. Search FIRST Ask SECOND
From Australia, Melbourne
Hi Noori........

I m providing the list which should require for making the HR Manual.

Table of Contents

1. Board of Directors 2. Terminologies 11

3. Our Philosophy 12

4. Code of Conduct 13

Professional Code 14

Personal Appearance/ Dress Code 15

Organizational Records and Communication 15

Use of Assets and information 15

Conflict of Interest 16

Relatives and Associates 16

Use of Emails and Internet/Intranet (Information Technology) 16

Safety , Health and Environment 17

Acts of Misconduct 17

5. Role Classification in Bands 19

Classification 20

Features 21

6. Recruitment & Selection 22

7.01 Recruitment Policy 23

Kinds of Appointments 24

Recruitment Process 24

Mode of Sourcing 25

Selection Process 25

Reimbursement of Joining Expenses 26

Re hiring of an Employee Associate 27

Process Flow Chart 28

7.02 Induction Policy 29

Joining Formalities 30

Assignment of a ‘Buddy’ (Mentor) 31

Probation 32

Confirmation 33

Working Hours 33

Cafeteria 33

Process Flow Chart 34

7.03 Trainees and Summer Interns Policy 35

Kinds of Interns/ Trainees 36

Guidelines for MTs / GETs 36

Guidelines for Summer Interns 38

Process Flow Chart 40

7. Working Hours , Attendance and Leave 41

8.01 Working Hours and Attendance Policy 42

Working Hours 43

Holidays 43

Rules for Late coming and Early Departure 43

Being Absent without permission 44

Official Duty / Tour 44

Identity/ Attendance Cards 44

Loss of Card/ Mispunch 45

Late Working ( Beyond office hours) 45

Salary Administration 45

8.02 Leave Policy 46

Guidelines for Earned Leave(EL) 47

Guidelines for Sick Leave (SL) 48

Guidelines for Casual Leave(CL) 49

Guidelines for Short Leave 49

Guidelines for Maternity Leave 50

Guidelines for Leave Without Pay (LWP) 51

General rules applicable to all types of Leave 51

Process Flow Chart for Leave Approval 53

8. Compensation & Benefits Policy 54

9.01 Salary Structure 55

Basic Pay 56

House Rent Allowance ( HRA) 56

Conveyance Allowance 57

Special Allowance 57

Vehicle Maintenance 57

Bonus / Ex Gratia 57

Medical Expenses Reimbursement 57

Leave Travel Assistance (LTA) 58

Provident Fund 58

Gratuity 59

9.02 Reimbursement of Medical Expenses Policy 60

Claim Procedure 61

General Guidelines 62

Process Flow Chart 63

9.03 Leave Travel Assistance Policy 64

Guidelines 65

Procedure to Claim 66

Advance LTA 67

Process Flow Chart 68

9.04 Reimbursement of Phone Expenses Policy 69

General Guidelines 70

Process Flow Chart 72

9.05 Own Your Vehicle Policy 73

9. Travel Policy 79

Domestic Travel Policy 80

Entitlements for the Travel Mode, Lodging Allowance and Daily Allowance 80

Daily Allowance 81

Definition of a Day for claiming Daily Allowance 82

Use of own vehicle 82

Travel by Taxi 83

General Guidelines 83

Foreign Travel Policy 83

Release of Foreign Exchange (Forex) 83

General Guidelines 84

Common Guidelines for Domestic and Foreign Travel Policy 85

10. Transfer Policy 88

Kinds of Transfers 89

Inter City Transfer ( From one city to Another) 89

General Guidelines 91

Process Flow Chart 93

11. Employee Referral Policy 94

Referral Rewards and Claim Procedure 95

General Guidelines 96

Process Flow Chart 98

12. Performance Management System Policy 99

Performance Management System Cycle 100

Goal Setting ( Key Result Areas) 100

Setting standards of performance 101

Measuring performance against standards through Quarterly Reviews 101

Feedback and Counselling 101

Calibrating expectations for the next Quarter 102

Conducting final appraisal at the close of the financial year 102

Promotion Criteria 102

Role of ‘ Bands’ in deciding Rewards 102

Process Flow Chart 104

13. Training & Development Policy 105

Kinds of Training Program 106

Training Budget 106

Identifying Training needs 107

Training Calendar 107

Training Nomination 107

Training Design and Delivery 108

Training Effectiveness and Evaluation 108

Training Records and Library 109

Role of Managers 109

Process Flow Chart 110

14. Employee Welfare & Benefits Policy 111

15.01 Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy 112

Eligibility 113

Duration of the policy 113

Coverage 113

Premium 114

Guidelines for New Joinees and Existing Associates 115

On Separation 115

Mediclaim Cashless Cards 115

Claim Limit 116

Claim Process 117

Process Flow Chart 118

15.02 Workplace Harassment Policy 119

Harassing Conducts 120

What is not included in Harassing Conduct 121

Preventive Measure 121

Compliant Reporting Procedure 121

Investigation Committee 121

Disciplinary Action 122

False Complaints 122

Process Flow Chart 123

15.03 Whistle Blowing Policy 124

Who is a Whistle Blower 125

Concerns that can be raised 125

Protecting the identity of the Whistle Blower 126

Investigation Committee 126

Complaint Reporting Process 126

Sending Anonymous Complaints 127

Investigation Process and Disciplinary Action 127

False Allegations 127

Process Flow Chart 128

15. Separation Policy 129

Factors of Separation 130

Notice Period 131

Fixed Term Appointment and Retainership 132

Full & Final Settlement Process in case of a Resignation 132

Full & Final Settlement Process in case of a Termination 133

Process Flow Chart 134

16. Email Policy 135

Appropriate Salutation 136

Use of CCs and Reply to All 136

Subject Line 137

The Body of the Email 137

Courteous Closing 138

Respond Promptly

From India, Delhi

Employee relations,recruitment and Training
Hello gore, If this msg is for me. Iam still working on HR manual. I worked on employee handbook and waiting for the approval from the higher officials. Noorie
From United States, Bothell
Hello everyone, I need to prepare an employee hand book for my organisation. Can anyone help in giving tips for preparing HR manual. What is process of preparing HR manual? Denika
From India, Gurgaon
Hi Manyank,
Thnak you for the list. Very useful. I suppose you have prepared the manual too? Could you pls mail me the manual too? It would give me a picture on how I could prepare a manula for my company. My email id is .

From India, Bangalore
Thank you for the List - is it possible to share the manual (please send to . Thanks in advance

From United States, Cincinnati

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HR manual is a very exhaustive thing and it should be written with respect to the Management Policies, rule, regulation, conventions, work-culture, practices, industry standard, brand equity, Laws, and employee-employer relations etc.
It will take a while to understand all these things in an organization. Borrowing a Manual and then making changes here and there will not serve a useful purpose in the long run. Though a borrowed Manual can be used as a guidance, one has to rewrite its own manual ab-nitio, after studying the work culture in the organization.
Please do a little home work to study the all the above factors and rewrite your own manual.

From India, Chandigarh

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