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An employee in a company who is very good in his performance - every month he reaches his targets. But that employee takes 3-5 days of leave every month without any intimation to management. Once manager gave him a serious warning, not to repeat this. Even though he repeated the same .
So, what can we do with that employee?
Awaiting for response.
26th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Radhika
If he is such a good performer, you can talk to him personally, asking his problem (i.e if there is any) for which he is not showing up some days every month.
As you have mentioned that, even after getting warning letters from the management, he is repeating same thing, maybe he is having some major problems, which he is not being able to share. So just give him a chance to justify himself.
Even after that, if he continues remaining absent without furnishing reasons or notifying the management, then do treat it as a serious offense/behavioral problem, therefore show cause and terminate his employment.
Exec. Hr
26th July 2010 From India, Calcutta
Terminate him!!!
"Organization is Bigger than individual"
If he/she not complying with company policy even though good in his work. meeting target is responbility . (No excuse)
Keeping this kind of employee would wrongly educate good employees too.
Its better give him one more harsh/final warning, if he does again, no discussion, Just terminate him.

26th July 2010 From India, Coimbatore
my point is, he should not be terminated, formally/informally we should talk to him and try to solve his problemas soon as possible.....
the problem might be unavoidable or he cant escape from that.....
26th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Radhika,
Discipline is the most important and it is the duty of HR Dept to maintain that. By doing so he is creating a bad impact on other employees also which is not good for your organisation. Ask your managememt to terminate him.
26th July 2010 From India, Ghaziabad
HI to all
i am agree with shipra, but before terminate to him must given a more chance to make his attendance complete as per company norms. And HR's duty is to contact with him and discuss regarding he has any problem, if he's make sympathy with him. it will encourage.

26th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi All,
I agree with everybody that such kind of behaviour can not and should not be tolerated and that it gives a bad impression to other employees about the tolerance of the management for wrong behaviours...
But the dilemna here is that the employee has been a "good performer"; if it had been a badly performing employee there would not be any hesitance to remove him/her, but to remove an employee who is good at his duties is something the management rarely agrees to..
We as HR can suggest removing him/her but then the management never agrees.. I have faced the situation myself and found no solution to the situation, however hard I tried...other than trying patiently & assertively to change the employee through emails, warnings, salary deductions, meetings etc etc...
26th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
Attitude and Dicipline is above all and is more important than the achieved targets, he has to be terminated if the case is repeated for more than 3 months now. regards Madan
26th July 2010 From India, Bangalore
Hi Radhika,
If employees is a good performer, you should ask the reason of taking leave bcos a employee who is performing well it may not be possible that person can be so irregular and indiscipline
you should give him one chance for managing the leave if he is not following the ruls of descipline i think yuo should terminate him .Discipline is the most important and it is the duty of HR Dept to maintain that whem one employee breaks the rules and regulations, other employees may be do the same.
Organization and employee both are important but maintain discipline is must and if you give him a chance for improving and after that warning letter this is bcos of good performance of employee and impotance of him.
i think it will help to you.
thanks and regards,
26th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi Radhika,
I agree with all, but I have two three points as listed below:
1. No doubt employee is a good performer but not the best coz he is acheiving his targets but not trying to achieve more than that., may be the target company has set for him is easier for him to achieve and problem can be solved by giving him more work load.
2. Being an HR we should be assertive so can't fire a man without consulting and our duty is to solve to a extent his personal problems too.
3. Company discipline and norms come first, and no problem could be that much big to allow him to take 5-6 days leave without intimation.
Try consult him empathetically and then come to a decision keeping all the aspects and consequences in mind. Hope you agree.
Ruchi Shukla
HR Exec
26th July 2010 From India, Bhopal
Have you taken any step to gather information about the employee's family background. I think he has a family or personal problem. Getting to know about his background and his problem will give you insights and if you provide counseling he will be alright.
Loyola College
26th July 2010 From India, Madras
I think since he is a good performer and achieve targets on time, certainly he is an asset to the company and one should give him a chance to justify the problem of going on leave without any intimation.
Management should give a fair chance to him. A personal hearing is must.
After all this again if the employee is disobeying the rules and regulations laid down by the firm, then he should be treated in same manner as others for his behavior because company rules are same for everybody.
With regards,
RK Sinha
26th July 2010 From India, Ludhiana
Definitely it is a matter of discipline and can affect the discipline of others also but at the same time we can not deny his performence. You can take the following steps to reslove the problem: -
1 Identify the influential person or to whom he respects or assign him a mentor.
2.Try to find out the reason for absenting without intimation.
3.Tell him the consequencies of being absent without intimation.
4. Measure the change if any
5. If there is no change tell the mentor to coach him on regular intervals.
Terminating the employee on the grounds of discipline is very easy for any of the organozation but loosing the right talent can harm the organization at the same time. so better work out to change his behaviour.
26th July 2010 From India
Termination is not a solution to this, it will be better if the department head should talk to him in person and it is required to get the knowledge that why he do like this. He might be into something that could be a problem to him which you can help him post discussion. If he is doing the job well, meeting the targets...this is ultimately leading to acquire company goals and objectives and if he is regular in these things then he is an asset to the company.
27th July 2010 From India

Whatever Sastry, Rohit and Raj saying is correct first find out the reason of his absents and council him also keep a record of notices that you are going to issue him also CC this to his manager because as Jyothi said operations will not support to fire this kind of performer so, when you have record proof and if he is continuing with same behavior you can take disciplinary action up to your limits.

but as Sastry said if is having other source of income immediatly you can take action on him.
27th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
even though he completes his work every month,but as an employee he should have regularity and discipline so with out these kind of attitudes an employee should not be permitted into the office.
i hope the company should take an action on him.
27th July 2010 From India, Vijayawada
Hi Radhika, In my opinion he must be dismissed. Though he reaches his target every month he does not have any personal values or ethics. Regards Balaji
27th July 2010 From Hong Kong, Central District
The most suggested procedure is trying to find the reason for his continued behavior through meetings/ councelling. Howsoever, you may or may not get the reason, in all probabilities you will not.You may have to have an analytical approach which will also sound logic to management.

The next step should be to evaluate how is he being graded as a performer.... is it on the months' target or the productivity based his actual hours worked. You may unerath some conlusive insight. Is the target too low or easily managable for his profile or may be his capacity. This may lead to an willful default on discipline due to an superiority feeling, which could also not be in the best interest.

Another important factor to be evaluated is his motivation and need for this job, a careless/ disrespect to discipline may have roots there.

But the Bottomline is Discipline is above all, across departments, ranks and performance.

I am unable to accept that a indiscipled employee is a performer, for when an employee ia declared as a performer he is being presented as a role model and is graed on all parameters rather than ability to reach targets or output against input compared with others.


27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Respected Radhika,
I dont have any idea regards Payment strategy at your workplace, but then for solving this problem try to keep daily targets,or some changes in the salary format so that if he exceeds with the leave in total month working days u can cut down the salary which I think all Big companies do follow. Please go through the norms that are followed while setting the above. B'cause as you say that even after giving the warning he is reluctant that means he is aware of the fact that he wont be rusticated, but u do get good employees , so see to it.
Thank you
Best of Luck
27th July 2010 From India, Pune
Hi Radhika,
If an employee shows good performance as being an HR person we can talk to his family also about his habitual absence.Definetly he has some problem in the family only. It will give u a clear picture of his irregularity.
27th July 2010 From India, Madras
dear radhika,
first of all its not a case study...jus kidding ...dun take it otherwise..well office is like a battlefield....if he not turning up give him warning or simple deduct frm his payslip..cauz seeing him others will also set a bad example
best regards,'
27th July 2010 From Thailand, Bangkok
Quality performance stems from discipline.
Distinction of Quality performance and perfomance based limited attributes need to be idetified.
How you analyze performance is guided by the organisational values, based which the procedures evolve.
I have come across some majors wherein the Organizations values and operating proceduers are divorced, in such situations analytical evaluation fails. Outcome a distorted underatsnding of parameters like performance, targets, emp loyalty, etc... Net outcome effects the Quality.
Treatment to employee behavior has to take into consideration the work ethics of the organization.
27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Reading through the posts I observe that a 'Talking into/through the problems' is the highest and first preference.
Indeed sounds rational but I feel an attitudnal analysis sholud precede this.
Please guide over the seasoned HR approach to it.
27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Put that employee in shifts, so that it will be easy to utilize that employee performance for that company.
27th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Terminate him! WHY?
As it is it is difficult to find people who perform and deliver.
What he needs is :
[1] Empathy
[2] Counselling
[3] Performance incentives to keep him engaged
[4] More responsibilities
Some people are wired differently. Accept it.
In many industries there are production targets and the personnel are allowed to do anything after that. Take for example, bank employee like a cashier he is free after his work stint, which could be 2 to 5 hours ahead of his colleagues. Or in a pharmaceutical plant where in the tableting department the union and management have decided a daily production of a determined number in 1000s per worker. It could just be a less than 5 hours of work.
Flexi Time is to add responsibility on to an individual so that not only does he meet corporate target but exceeds it in the time alloted to him. He may save on it if his ability and competence so drives him.
Time to have a different way of dealing with issues for performers are at a premium!
27th July 2010 From India, Surat
Talk to him,he might have issues at home,either he might have old parents whom he has to take them to DOC each month by himself or any other issue.
27th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
Just because he is a great performer does not give him immunity from following the rules & regulations of the Co.
I will not reccmmend any harsh action straightaway in a hurry. Like someone suggested, it will be in order that someone talks to him and tries to understand his problem and try and help him resolve those problems.
However,if the management is convinced that he is beyond salvage, well then some harsh measures are in order.
Vasant Nair
27th July 2010 From India, Mumbai

I believe that since the employee's performance is up to the mark, so there is no point giving him warnings for a trivial issue like this. Rather, this will create a feeling of bitterness in him for the organisation and the people around him.

We as HR should deduct his salary for the day's he'd been absent. Once his salary is deducted and if he retaliates back....this will sure shot give you an idea about his behavior. And if he does not retaliate but still continues to take holidays then there's a second way.

Here comes the role of the first line manager:
- to identify the reasons for him being absent so frequently.
- and then have a friendly conversation with him about how he's finding work, is he feeling over-pressured with any responsibility; is he happy with the job profile bestowed upon him.

This conversation will help the management to identify the real problem and then take the action accordingly.

From the above you must be thinking that where is the role of HR if first line manager does all the problem solving?

Role of the HR lies in the fact that a line manager is not efficient enough to give extra attention to each and every employee, with the kind of responsibilities he/she already have. It is the role of HR to talk to the line manager and help him to bridge the communication gap with his/her subordinate.

I suppose direct role of HR comes into the play only at the final stage when even the line managers loose hope to tackle such employees.

I hope i have put my thoughts in right words. Please feel free to give me feedbacks as i am very keen to learn.

Thanks & Regards
Shishir V Kumar
27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Hai Radhika, This is srinivas, just give him a chance. If u have shifts in your office just put him in the shifts. Talk with him personally.
27th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear quriest
However the employee is good at his performance he is continuing with his habit of taking leave without intimation even after warning. This clearly shows his attitude. You will find a better performer than him. Get rid of him as quick as possible before he is spreading this attitude to other employees.
Thanks & Regards
27th July 2010 From India, Madras
I do agree with RR. the management is required to know first the reason behind such practice. if he is a gud performer thn i hope he would be a gud candidate too.
However, to solve ur problem u can take a counseling session with him n cud try to know the fact behind such behavior. he could also be told tht though he is a gud performer so every one expect him to be a role model but his tht attitude spoiling his image.
secondly, u can issue him a show cause notice too for being absented tht too willfully and ask for an explanation as to why not a disciplinary action shall be taken against him.
in our organization we do the same. we take a counseling session with our employees if they dont follow the rules n bothers for the same.
i hope it works
best of luck.
27th July 2010 From India, Vijayawada
This is a typical case of drawing the thin line between achievers and arrogance. If he/she is having a genuine reason for being absent then record it and ignore. Try giving more target since he may be exceptionally good to complete the target easily.Provide incentive for that extra targets. Use your stick and the carrot judiciously against such employees since it is not easy to get the right people for the right job
27th July 2010 From India, Bangalore
In my openion the response of Tina is most appropriate in this particular case. Kind regards, Ismail Naik
27th July 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear fren,
This guy understand that he is a performer and will be given leverage of this fact. However, you need to understand that he has clear demarkation of personal and proffessional life. He do not compromise on business front as well in personal front. he need a couple of days off every month and you need to honour that, grant him in advance and ask him to keep company informed, to make him realize that you respect his need. But if he still do not respect the company policy and gesture than its a discipline issue, you need to take appropriate action.
27th July 2010 From India, New Delhi
If the guy is delivering why do you want to see him in the office everyday. The guy is good, he is managing his time well, when he is off, he is off, and when he is working, he delivers it in full. Why do you want to have people sitting in the office and doing nothing to achieve their targets. Give him specific incentives to deliver 125% or more. It may get him more involved. While he stays off the breaks he may also deliver more and just as he delivers more than the rest, you must plan to pay him more.
27th July 2010 From India, Calcutta
Do nothing, Just forgot to pay him a salary for 3-5 months and argue with him if u can do then why we not ?
27th July 2010 From India, Surat
It amuses me when bloggers are so eager to contribute advice without even questioning the thread starter (Radhika, in this case) for more facts on the case. Is it possible that the thread starter is a student seeking a soultion for an assignment question, as the title says "Case Study...."? In which case, she would not know.
If it is a real problem in her company, should we not be seeking information on how that 3-5 days abasence is effected? Is it on the same day of the week, every week? This may be the case when the employee goes to say a hospital, or see a sick relative, etc.
Like some respondents have aptly stated, it's easier to sack a person on grounds of indiscipline than to recruit an excellent employee. So, more investigation needs to be before suggesting a solution.
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in the UK
27th July 2010 From United Kingdom
If counselling doesn’t work, initiate disciplinary action as per service rules and award lighter punishment to improve upon his rate of absenteism. A.K.Verma
27th July 2010 From India, Jamshedpur
just as he has performed well and he knows that the company appreciates him, a wrong conception has creeped into his mind that he is indespensable. Idea is ro remove this misconception and send him a message that no body is indespensable.And not only him, your company also should understand this, because somewhere somebody thinks that way otherwise he would have been removed on disciplinary grounds.If he goes, I am sure somebody even better will take his place.I hope he is not a favourite of some big wig in your organisation
27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
Just speak to that person one to one and discuss the issues in a positive enviornemnet
avoid giving serious warnings
be cool and calm handling such star shooters
these are astronomers and should be treated like astronomers only
keep interacting with him on a continous basis
if you convey thesame thing in a friendly manner i believe he understand
27th July 2010 From India, Udaipur
Dear HR Leaders,
I have a thought that any business organisation`s object is to have growth in business and satisfaction to its customers,vendors,employees, shareholders and management.
If somebody is well in performing his/her duties in right way to the above mentioned. in such case employee can be given a regular target to achieve,
if he/she remains successful in achieving the given target, a relaxation for taking such leave/s may be allowed.
For example if any Bank Employee is a cricket player and he gain Gold Madel for the Country in such case his absentism of 'N' days from his duty can be relaxed.
similarly if subject employee is worth for the organisation he can be relaxed or in other way his/her financial benefits/perquisites can be financially reduced.
Or In the end show cause notice can be issued as per rule/s.
Hariom Sharma-SEPL
27th July 2010 From India, Delhi
By norms in your Company, how many leaves an employee can avail? If he has exceeded the actual limit, then start deducting from his salary.. If this too doesn't work then its high time you issue him a pink slip.
27th July 2010 From United States, Greensboro
If there was enough leave and he taking the leaves of his own how to teminate that gui, if he is taking leave in loss of pay and all his SL/CL get over then we can think about terminate a people,
27th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
I am an entrepreneur myself and understand that good performers are hard to get. Another approach may help. First identify good candidates in the organisation who have a decent performance and regular to work. Then tell this "good performer but not disciplined guy" that the management is looking at rewarding the best overall performer in the organisation in the next 6 months or so. As his track record is good in all aspects except attendance, he should look at setting this right. By doing so he has better chance. Hope this should work. If he improves good. Otherwise you know his true colours in days to come. This will make decisions easy for the management.
27th July 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Radhika,
Performance is a key parameter for one's appraisal.But, that does not mean defeating the disciplinery norms.
Absentism is one of the parameters to test employee loyalty.So, any employee so associated with his/her work, loyal and integrated in his/her work shall not take any leave by his/her own virtue.
Find out, why somebody should take a leave as many as 3 to 5 in a month! If the cause is genuine, is there any factor, hindering him to intimate the management in advance. Consult him, that no intimation to management creates a bad impression of him,even though he is a performer. Review the consultation after 1 month.If the same thing repeats again, give an official memo/show cause notice and mention the penalty or fine in the same memo. Afer successive repeatation, you have to take a disciplinery action. As breaching of rules may demoralise other punctual, sincere staff also.
27th July 2010 From India, Vadodara
Before reply this query plz read what simhan is saying.I like his ans.
It amuses me when bloggers are so eager to contribute advice without even questioning the thread starter (Radhika, in this case) for more facts on the case. Is it possible that the thread starter is a student seeking a soultion for an assignment question, as the title says "Case Study...."? In which case, she would not know.
If it is a real problem in her company, should we not be seeking information on how that 3-5 days abasence is effected? Is it on the same day of the week, every week? This may be the case when the employee goes to say a hospital, or see a sick relative, etc.
Like some respondents have aptly stated, it's easier to sack a person on grounds of indiscipline than to recruit an excellent employee. So, more investigation needs to be before suggesting a solution.
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in the UK
27th July 2010 From United States, Quincy
he is good performar and good in managing his leaves also then how it voilate the Company policy. one small suggestion in my end some good performer always do some thing extra like upgrading skill for that purpose he is managing that side by taking leave. and u r asuming he is voilating the policy and terminating him lead company is lossing very good performar, techinically talking now a days multi talented peoples are less and have bright future. try to understand the problem first befor taking any decision
27th July 2010 From India, Mumbai
There is no point keeping this person. He is Over confident and knows that the organisation does not want to leave him. So he should be given notice to mend, else with due honour , send him off. This message will go strongly within the teams.
27th July 2010 From India, Hyderabad
In my opinion, itís not a matter of whether to terminate or not. I think even for a poor performer, he / she deserve to be understood first before any decision could be made. It might be the case that he / she have urgent matters. (Such as wife is pregnant, sick mum, etc.) Consultation is a good approach to reach the employee. His / her work schedule could be arranged such that itís comfortable for both management and the employee. Everyone deserves a chance.
27th July 2010 From Singapore, Singapore
Hi Radhika

You know I had a similar problem with an IT Software person in my earlier organisation. Only problem was that he was irreplaceable because his work was good. He always came to work between 11.00 - 11.30 am wherein the company started work at 9.30 am. His excuse was "I sit late and should be given some time flexibility", but when we actually audited his work, it was seen that his late sitting was basically not a requirement and if he did sit late, it was for his own personal reason or comfort. As Head HR I was in a dilema as I didnot know what to do, workwise he was excellent and solved every issue within minutes of the problem cropping up and at the same time he was setting a wrong example and there was a possibility that others would follow the same trend. I had several informal discussions with him, wherein I tried to understand his reason for coming late but his excuses were not genuine. It later came to my knowledge that he along with his wife were taking on other assignments on a freelance basis for which he was working after going home and was getting late and that was the reason for coming late to work.

Ofcourse as all the other people have said "Organisation comes before an individual", finally I issued him a written notice and in not so many words we told him that if this late coming continued we would have to discontinue with his service. He took the cue and resigned.

I know it is a difficult decision but one that must be done by HR Dept. People are the most important assets that a company has but it is very importanct to maintain discipline in an organisation. We must try and resolve the problems at first but if the employee is arrogant or lends a deaf year then we must take corrective action.


27th July 2010 From India, Nagpur

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