Dear All, I found a format of "NEAR MISS REPORT FORM". This is for your information.Please find the attachment. Regards, Inderjeet Singh"Born to lead"
From India, Rajsamand

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Hi Inderjeet,
The link, while opening in the new window is not clearly visible.
Kindly attach it as a file, so that we can download the same.
Also, I am attaching a file of the near miss report form too.
Thanks & regards.

From India, Delhi

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dear inderjeet & kv sundaram i want 2 know thw purpose and impotrance of near miss report. please specify with suitable example. thanks regards sukhdeep
From India, Chandigarh
Dear borntosin
It seems the company you r working for is not an OSHAS certified company .If you had OSHAS it is very important to trap near miss accident as this will enlighten you on the fallacy which is inbuilt in the job procedure and necessary correction can be made so that no reportable accidents occur in the company and mandays lost due to accident is saved.

From India, Calcutta
dear borntosin,

whats the problem with you..... if your company doesnot follow the safety rules and regulations, you should implement the same. instead of this, kindly avoid making these kind of unwanted comments....

according to safety rules, near misses are to be recorded & acted accordingly. this is followed strictly in PROFESSIONAL COMPANIES, who really give importance to safety. I'm from that culture & I cannot tollerate your idiotic comments. if u r in India, I do accept that these are useless, as the Indian companies does not offer to spend more on safety, due to their financial situation & they are more eager to earn profits.

a question for u - why u have not taken any step to change this drama.... if u r a safety professional, what is ur role in changing this drama? take efforts to improve the safety culture. pls. do not comment like this & demotivate the real safety professionals. we know how much pain we take to improve the safety culture as always we are under pressure.

dear sudipta,

its not that a company should have OHSAS. it is based on the mentality of the people, how they want to work. if they want to do in a proper systematic manner, then all will realize what needs to be done in a safe manner. its more of a common sense and the working culture.

in gulf countries, US, Singapore,etc., safety is must. whether all industries in these countries are having OHSAS? its their culture. ofcourse this culture might be becoz of their strict rules & regulations too.

dear sukhdeep,

the purpose of recording the near miss reports are - to act on what has happened & prevent the unsafe condition / act, as this near miss may lead to a serious accident. for examples, give me ur mail id. i will mail u in detail, later.

thanks & regards.

From India, Delhi

Dear All Please go through the attachement... It will give a clear picture of What is Near Miss & the Importance of reporting the same... Regards, Dipil Kumar V
From India

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Dear friends,
I am really enjoying the postings. I undertand that many are finding simple solutions for their day today problems at work through this.
However I am sure there may not be any cure for sheer ignorance and blatant expresssion of it here.
If one can not understand what is a near miss, its importance in accident/loss prevention, safety officer is not having a magic mirror to see through all near misses and report for remedy but any one who come across a near miss can report to authorities and help prevent recurrence with a serious consequence etc. we can not leave him as such. If available and interested proper counseling may help.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
Dear Sukhdeep,
The pupose of near miss report form is to ,
1)get information regarding the usafe activities to take futurestic actions.
2)decrease the pssibilities of occurance of usafe activities.
3)let the people be aware about unsafe activities.
4)act for future based on past experience.
Inderjeet Singh"Born to lead"

From India, Rajsamand
Dear Kvsunderam,
I am happy to see such dedicated safety personnel. Your annoyance is natural. & thankyou very much for your suggestion to borntosin not to demotivate people. My mail ID is [email protected] Kindly cc that mail to me which you are going to send to sukhdeep.
Can I ask you that in which company do you work ?
Inderjeet Singh"Born to lead"

From India, Rajsamand

Dear All
Good responses from all about the topic... Thanks to all for making the discussion hot, alive and very much usefull...
Can you sahre ways which you adopted in your plant to increase the reporting of Near Misses?
Please come forward with your valuable suggestions/ideas please?
With regards,
Dipil Kumar V

From India

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