Hi all,
Hope all my citehr friends are doing fine.........
here iam with another issue to discuss this is with my new organisation.
There is one employee who is married, has kids too but is involved in affair with a guy in the same department, but management has no issues pertaining to her performance, and infact she even works on holidays if required....
Management has no issues with her personal life but now that the team mates have a very unpleasant opinion, and has to say the environment is getting polluted ..........
do you think management has to take any decision on her......
can you please suggest..

18th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad

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The management should immediately take action against such type of things.it pollutes the whole environment.
18th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Sari 34
Hi Ravi shankar
Yes it is definitely bad..iam very new to this type of culture...i have heard of her affair as a "grapevine"... (gossip around)though i have seen them moving together lot of times........i donot want to jump into conclusion.
Iam wondering why the employees of their department/TL are not giving any complaint against her/without any complaint from them do you think management has to involve in this matter......
18th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Mahr 426
Dear Sari,
From an organization point of view, we are not suppose to involve in any body's business or personal matter until and unless their act makes circumscriptions. Any employee should have the ethics on to professional performance. If he/she crosses the limit, you shall issue an warning letter on to the behavioral ethics of the same.
Again don't write a letter or anything until and unless we know the clear picture. You shall also have a counseling session with the same employee and shall advice her on to the behavioral issues the management has or the team has.
18th May 2010 From India, Bangalore
Sari 34
Thanks Mahr ..for your inputs :)
Hi Ravi........i have joined new org after my maternity leave...in feb and to absorb and adapt to new environment it took some time....thats the reason you have seem me back with only problems again....
Dont worry i shall come back with a bang in humor section very soon :)
18th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear sari ,

i think you should talk to her before taking any rash action against her . As you told he is good enough at work . I think its need less to tel her husband or kids about her affair this will ruin her life as wel . First of all you have to know what exactly curcumstances she is facing as far as her personal life concern .May be circumstances forced her to take such unethical step . she is Woman so you should think about her future also as you know in our society men can do whatever they want but not woman, its really disgusting as far as our siociety concern. You cant judge her personal life ,may be she need support what she didn't get from her hubby or may be he has some extra marital affair . who knows so please you should talk to her in person . and i want to ask those wo are creebing about her relationship in your office , whether they are clean enough to object her ?..whether they didn't have any unethical or extramarital relationship ?...


Mangesh ...

HR Manager
18th May 2010 From India, Pune
Dear Sari,
I agree with Mahr, leagally you cannot take an action on employee on the basis of the grapevine news. So please refrain from any knee jerk reaction now . Keep a close watch on thier productivity and decision making skills. generally when employee gets into such affairs, they get influenced . Act only when you have a solid proof of thier behaviour that is affecting the company , business of the company or the client .Please do not breed any discussion before you land up with the proof .Till then happy observing !
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18th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sari,
I am 100% agree with Mangesh views. You should talk to her & analysis the situation before reaching to any conclusion. Taking an immediate action, without knowing the facts is not a right decision, as this is effecting not one but more than one levies.
18th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
I thought this issue sorted itself. Revisiting the issue, is it an intra-office affair ? Does she gain any mileage out of it ? The management has no issue with her performance, she even works on non-working days. This attitude of 'holier-than-thou' attitude of her so-called colleagues is uncalled for. Also do we know the real part of spouse's side. All conjectures!!

Firstly does anyone have any proof to what legally constitutes extra-marital affair. The person concerned knows what she may be getting into and how far one can go and the associated risks-she knows the risk. On the other hand, Is she using office resources or time to be happy in what is being termed as extra-marital affair. For the 'colleagues' it may be a case of sour grapes.

I suggest that if no office protocol/rule is broken nor office resources involved in what this person wants to do (and be happy and in the bargain make others jealous) just leave it till you have tangible proof of the same.

I would also add and am sorry to say that you may be wasting your organization's time and resources pursuing this unless it is part of you enhanced role and responsibilities
18th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Ravishankar,
Sending the letter to her husband and kids is not a matter but this should give heavy impact to her family, if the incident is true then also you don’t send the letter to her family. This is not a singly person problem this will affect their family too... please take her for counseling session and try to teach her human ethics.
HR man should always thing about surroundings of every employee personal life also...
18th May 2010 From India, Pune

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