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Sex, Life and Morals

When I heard S.C's judgement on Khushbu's case, I am pained a lot. The country's highest judiciary has confirmed the following points -

Sex before marriage is not at all a punishable crime - because there are no laws against it.

Living together without marriage - (in telugu it is called sahajeevanam) is not prohibited - because there are no laws against it. They also cited example of Radha and Krishna in our Epics and Puranas.

I don't know what to comment but surely it leads to lawlessness. Before S.C's judgement, may be people are afraid to resort such activities. But now, these things are made legal.

If an activity is conceived to be immoral, or unethical, or not good for the harmony of the society, better we make laws accordingly. But on the pretext that there are no laws governing such activities, we can't encourage people to go as they like.

Now, no boy or girl needs to be a virgin before marriage.

Living together without marriage will continue

I fail to understand why these two things are not treated as prostitution which is illegal. Forum, please respond.

From India, Hyderabad
This is another great step towards suppressing India and its rich culture.
In my opinion, by this statement, the supreme court legalised whats now going under cover. In very short period they will legalise the prostitution, sighting there were lot of vesyas in our epics and puranas.
India, a poor country in both money and knowledge until know is becoming poor in culture and values also and learning from the rich culture of foreign.
I pity that one judge who have the name of krishna didn't understand the relation between Krishna and Radha. With out knowing anything they are commenting like this.

From India, Hyderabad
This will create a mess....Life will get terrible with such acts being legalised. I highly condemn this!
From India, Hyderabad
Hello 69 visits and people don’t open up. This is where our voice should be heard. Please speak up.
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Rao,
I certainly understand your expressions on to the statement. Let me tell you something. What the law have told is, it is not punishable accordance to the Indian Penal Code for those who have pre-marital sex.
Again term "Prostitution" is nothing but sex is delivered in form of business. I completely understand your grudge against this act. Well why can't it be like a form of personal oath taken by every individual on to the act of pre-marital sex ?????????

From India, Bangalore
Hello Rao Sir
"Virginity is not dignity ,its just lack of opportunity"
Being a Psychology student i would like to part in this discussion . Sex is nothing just need of human being like food, water,air . How could it be against Law to full fill basic needs . I am completely Agree with S.C's judgment on Khushbu's case. Rao sir NObody , NO law. No government can stop this need

From India, Pune
Well Mahesh. Thanks for the comment. But tell me what happend to the case of anti-dowry. How many of us could take the oath for not taking dowry? could we stop dowry death cases? Individual 'will' power is good but how many would be ready?
See, comments like virginity is lack of opportunities. I pity all those female community who are craving for these opportunites. I don't think many of us welcome world of this kind of change.

From India, Hyderabad
I fully agree to the sentiments expressed by Mr. KS Rao. I totally disagree at the senseless outbursts of some others supporting the supreme courts Opinion. Its clear that we have less quality people at the helm of affairs who do not have any moral values. This is all the result of the marks oriented education where a human being is reduced to an ANIMAL !!
Wake up Gentlemen,Realise that we are HUMANS and not animals!! Let not the values and morals befitting a Human being slip away from our hands!!
Is this what you teach your children to do ?? We talk of Standard of LIving ...This does not mean just economic prosperity but standard of thought and action keeping the moral standards of Life in general.

From India, Bangalore
A thought provoking post...
Such lawlessness will surely lead our social structure to a great collapse...
Infect, present time is proving itself as no value age...
It's a really matter of serious concern...

From India, Calcutta
Dear Mr. Rao,
It's really a matter of serious concern..
These kind of acts are a great threat to the society, we live in.. and we just can not allow to collapse this structure...
One can not allow to do what ever he desires to do just in the name of advancity... there some social and moral bindings have to be, to act with a responsibility in the society and to set examples to the new generation...
I just want to ask Mr. Ravishank.. What will be the diffrence between the humans and other animals if we start acting like them only... and moreover when he feels that society should not object when he goes with a girl and does what ever he feel like... Can he say the same thing about his sister or his daughter also....
To act in irresponsible manner is very easy, to owning the responsibilites and to make our society, a better place to live is need serious efforts...

From India, Calcutta

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