I am working on my dissertation and I need to design a 20 questions (more or less) questionnaire to analyse the recruitment and selection process at my organisation. I need to use two angles: 1. employees that have gone through the recruitment and selection process and how they perceived it. 2. managers and those involved in recruiting who they go through the process when recruiting employees as well as how they perceived the process when they went through it.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with ideas or a questionnaire already made if they have one in their organisation or had to do it for their dissertation too.
11th March 2010 From United Kingdom, Teddington

I have been through old posts and I could find many questionnaires to give management and recruiters.
I need employees questionnaires to assess how they perceived the recruitment and selection process when recruited for the company.
Please help!!!
15th March 2010 From United Kingdom, Teddington
hi even i need the same i.e. the feedback from the employees regarding their recruitment and selection procedure plz help me as i need to complete my project by 25 march
6th March 2011 From India, Mumbai
Where will you be doing the study?
Please access https://www.citehr.com/301192-my-mba-project.html and follow what Mary Christy did.
Also, kindly see the exchange of views at https://www.citehr.com/319453-key-learning.html to realise the futility of posting one-line messages.
Have a nice day.
A retired academic in the UK
6th March 2011 From United Kingdom
Hello everyone,

My name is Anmol. I'm doing my mba project on employee job satisfaction. I need help on framing five questions under the side heading of NATURE OF JOB & POSITION OF JOB relating to the topic "employee job satisfaction".Please guide me.
28th February 2017 From India, Chennai
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