Dear Team,
I am working as an HR Executive in IT firm, we recently started the Employee Satisfaction Survey. We are taking the feedback from each employee in personal. We are calling them by send mails but we are getting very less responses form the employees. Please suggest me how to conduct survey and how do we call them in personal.
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From India, Hyderabad
Dear Reena,
I suggest you to Draw a Format reflecting the points to be taken care of, were in the associates are required to rate the parameters upon the scale provided.
Then Mail the same to the associates concerned, and ask them to mail you back with their self ratings, you need to compile the data and check the same with the previous data of ESI, calculate the avg rating, were ever you come across a low rating, list down and talk to the concerned person and solve the issue,
Iam just giving you a glimse of the process, it requires lot more to do.

From India, Hyderabad
are you communicating the following to the employees

The following table outlines some of the key messages that should be communicated at each stage of the survey process:

Pre Survey During the Survey Post Survey Between Surveys

Objectives of the survey, rationale for the survey and how the results will be fed back Reminder of the objectives and assurance that action will be taken Thank employees for participating Highlight and recognize successful examples of action planning

Use an independent, third-party agency for data collection Assurance that individual surveys cannot be seen

Timing of the data collection Regular reminders and a notice of when the survey completion period will end Final response rate (Company wide vs. Business Units/Divisions) Recognize the contributions of teams and individuals to the action planning process

Senior management commitment to the survey How the results will be acted upon Detail on how employees should get involved in the improvement action planning process Senior management endorsement and support of the final action plan/survey outcomes

Importance of getting a good response rate so that all employee opinions are heard Update on current response rate Local results and local improvement action planning Detailed plans for the next survey

Importance of participation Reinforce the importance of participation Provide top-level summary results Highlight any areas where action cannot be taken and the reasons for this

Methodology to be used (online vs. paper-based or some combination) How employees can participate and what employees should do if having problems accessing or completing the survey Reminder of the action planning process Highlight the impact of action planning on customer service and business performance

Assurance that the study will protect anonymity and preserve confidentiality Reinforce anonymity and confidentiality of the results

From India, Mumbai
I thank Pranathi and Srilatha for their valuable suggestions. First of all let me explain the process we are following in our organisation. We already created a format. Sending mails to the concern employee to attend an survey in which we talk to them personal how they are satified in their job, compensation, culture etc. than we will give them the format which we have they will give their personal ratings. final step after collecting all the feedback from employee we put it everythng in an excel sheet and analyse. The problem where i am facing fight now is the employees are not showing intrest to come to us and give their feedback. In this case how do i go further. PLease help.

From India, Hyderabad
the fact is that if you want frank and true replies from employees you gotto make the survey anonymous - cause most of the times hr is not able to build its credidibility.instead of calling them personnaly - send them a format,which they can fill ,take a printout of and submit in a box placed near cafeteria/ may not get 100% responses this time...but analyse the forms take action and publicise results and next time your respose % will increase

From India, Mumbai
Reena, you can find some important guidelines and tips for running successful employee surveys at
Vicki Heath
Human Resources Software and Resources

From Australia, Melbourne

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