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Can someone guide me for performance appraisal form format.
as i m HR in automobile industry n main emhasis is given on sales department n i hav to do performane appraisal for sales department.
n second main issue is how t appraise performance of Accounts de[artment n of receptionist
19th February 2007 From India, Ludhiana
Hi Jyoti
You can find lot many performance appraisal formats once you go Google search engine. As far as the appraisal of sales department, accounts etc are concerned, i will advice you to kindly take the help of the particular department heads as they are the ones who directly deal with their team members and they can better tell you their key result areas.
you can also find areas for receptionist and all other support staff depending on their job profile..
19th February 2007 From India, New Delhi
Thax a lot for ur suggestion.
i hav searched on google but i could not able to get anything constructive from there. can u tell me name of some good sites from where i can search performance appraisal forms.
19th February 2007 From India, Ludhiana
Hi Hitesh,
If you are planning for performance appraisal for you need to workout few things before finalizing performance appraisal form. You should note that simply downloading performance appraisal for from any web site would not lead to completing performance appraisal results. You need to focus on the actual requirement of the company.
You can develop your own performance apprasial form looking into basic functioning of the organization.
You need to do a bit of excercise
1) Job description of the employee from respective department heads
2) Job description by the employee
3) Job analysis by the department head.
4) Key result areas identification by HR department in consultation with department head.
These key result areas identified mutually with department heads would be the goals and objective in performance apprasial form.
Based on job discription you can decide the key factors for performance appraisal. Moreover this would also help you in training needs identification.
20th February 2007 From India, Jaipur
Hi All, I am attaching a format of performance appraisal form , might be of help to you Neha :)
20th February 2007 From India, Chandigarh

Attached Files
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File Type: doc appraisalform_251.doc (68.0 KB, 24049 views)

Hello Mr. Kumar,
Please forward me a copy of the performance appraisal format at "yaminisharma_13@yahoo.co.in" and can u tell me how to calculate performance on the basis of performance appraisal?
20th February 2007
Hi jyoti, i have mailed the appraisal form at your id , you can check. Hope you must have received it. Neha :)
22nd February 2007 From India, Chandigarh
This format is wonderfull.and the information is also excellent.
I want to thank the person who has made it and also thanks once again for sharing it with all of us.
I have a another query. I will be thankfull to those who help me for this
I work in a software company which is newly started and i am only the pperson managing HR and operations here.
My query is how should i do payroll administration here. i have payslip formats with me but i dont have the percentages that should be maintained and how to caluculate a person salary every month
Please provide me how should i go with this
22nd February 2007 From India, Hyderabad
But neha I have not received performance appraisal form yet on my personal ID had you sent form on .
can you pleases end it again

22nd February 2007 From India, Ludhiana
I needed some clarification on performance appraisals based on MBO and KRA’s. What is the diff. between a performance appr. system based on MBO and KRA’s.
22nd February 2007
Hi Neha,
Its very nice procedure of appraisal means before appraiser do's appraisal the appraisee is given chance to self appraise and set goals for next year.
Have you u designed this form. thanks for sharing it with us.
24th February 2007 From India, Pune
its easy to understand performance appraisal and its formats but its too difficult to find out how actually the performance is being calculated. Even MBA books also teach theory to calculate it. Not able to find out how to do it practically
6th April 2007 From India, Ahmadabad
Please send me a performance appraisal form in my e-mail id. because I am working in IT enables services as a HR executive. with regards. reshmi
22nd June 2007
Hi yamini, I am sending you the Performance Appraisal Format on the email address sent by you, hope it will fulfill your requirement. Regards Htareen
22nd June 2007 From China
Dear Neha,
I need your guidelines.
I am working with Manifacturing unit and Management has delegated a new responsibility of SKILL MATRIX and PMS for Shop Floor workers.
your co operation would be highly appreciative in this regard......Can u please co operate me. my id is
Vinod A. Suvase
23rd June 2007
Hi jyoti, I think this will help u. Yousuf
27th June 2007 From Pakistan, Lahore

Attached Files
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File Type: doc annaul_appraisal_format_218_115.doc (96.0 KB, 1747 views)

I am working in IT enables services as a HR.send me performance appraisal form/guideline. Regards Fiyaz
24th August 2007 From Sri Lanka, Colombo
Hi even i am working on the same project.kindly help me out with some sample appraisal form.it will be of great help to me. thanks Suman(HR Executive)
24th August 2007
Dear Friend,
Although I am unable to give the exact information you require, Kindly click on the following link, it will give you some required information,
Pls let me know was this information useful,,
If not let me try out more & give information,,,,
Please never loose patience once you have posted it,, give members time to reply,,,,
In CiteHR you will get A to Z information on HR…..
M. Peer Mohamed Sardhar
93831 93832

24th August 2007 From India, Coimbatore
can u plz tell me how to prepare a self performance appraisal format for a business development manager (taking care of sales, team management, target accomplishment), and same for team leaders, and executive, whose responsibility is sales throgh telecalling
21st June 2008 From India, Bangalore
dear kumar,
Please forward me a copy of the performance appraisal format,

23rd June 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi i have to prepare a project on performance appraisal pls help me in prearing da questionnaire
11th September 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Actually i'm a student of mba. There are so many h managers here, so i think i can get help from these people. Actually i want a performance appraisal form of an organization . I want it by today. I hope anyone of you must help me.
15th September 2008 From India, Bhubaneswar
I want to join this forum only coz to know about the recent trends of hr coz i’m taking hr as my specialization paper
15th September 2008 From India, Bhubaneswar
hi I am working for a corporate office and I have question to ask, after how many months we take appraisal of the employee.and I require a appraisal format.pls do reply me on my email id
22nd October 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi For the appraisal of the performance, A Self Appraisal Form at individual employee end and Performance Rating Sheet at team managers end. Anurag
23rd October 2008 From India, Jaipur
Hi, For the appraisal of the performance, we can introduce the self appraisal form at employees end and at team manager’s end a performance rating sheet to cover up all the facts. Anurag
23rd October 2008 From India, Jaipur

Attached Files
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File Type: doc SA QMS 40_Rev02.doc (64.0 KB, 880 views)
File Type: doc Performance Ratingl Form Rev 02.doc (227.0 KB, 1119 views)

please help me out to fill up performance appraisal form . i am in admin department as admin assistant. please send me at the earliest
5th November 2008 From India, Bangalore
hi, i am doing all admin related work like front office, travel-airticket,taxi etc, vendor management, conference room booking, all admin work . here i am sending the self appraisal form which we received from HR , Please help me out in filling it up. it includes
duration specific task accomplished in brief, challenges encountered and suggestion
if you send some of the filled forms it will be very helpful
5th November 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear, Please go to basics of appraisal technique. Keep in view the Job Description and frame out the same accordingly. It varies with the approach of top management and organisational need. H.R.Singh
5th November 2008 From India, Ghaziabad
Dear all,
i am new in this field. My boss want me to make non performance policy which include if any employee will not achieved his/her target that much % is deducted from his/her salary.
I am confused
Is it correct to implement this type of policy?
Hope for your reply
20th November 2008 From India, Ahmadabad
can anybody guide me how to design a performance appraisal form of an ad agency. will be based only on company values and objectives, not on job description.
25th November 2008 From Bangladesh
Dear All,
I would be grateful to you if you can provide me any Leave Policy of a Company.Kindly clear how many casual leaves and sick leaves are allowed to an employee.What are the rules to apply for these leaves.
As well as I want a holiday list for the coming 2009 year.
I am waiting for your reply friends.
12th December 2008 From India, New Delhi
I believe every organization has its own needs and these needs differ due to the set of professionals employed with the organization.
I would suggest not to use any of the sourced PMS form immidiately. It is good to have couple of the formats and then study them thouroughly along with the need of organization.
A PMS form will also depends on the level of maturity of the employees to understand the PMS process.
So would suggest first study your organization need, the undestanding of the employees with performance appraisal process and then choose the one which suits your needs.
Good Luck :)
Anshul Saxena
15th December 2008 From India, Delhi
s even i want to know how to compute performance appraisal. i am developing a software and i need to know this it ll be helpful for me. thank yuo in advance
27th January 2009 From India, Madras
plz provide me the same..................
my email id
i need the performance appraisal form, plz........i m working with auto mobile industry.........were we have servise and sales sections........
28th January 2009 From India, Mangaluru
Dear Mr Kumar, Please forward me a copy of the Marketing daily report format, regards Madhu
29th January 2009 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi Neha, Thanks for this so nicely drafted appraisal form covering all aspects of the appraisal. Is it prepared by you/your company, or taken from somewhere else? - Jaswant
23rd April 2009 From India, Delhi
Dear sir/madam


In order to assess performance of the individual, the roles need to be clearly marked out. In the organization that you are working in, I am sure that you may have a detailed role directory. Keeping this role directory in mind, you may design department specific forms or a detailed generic form that can be moulded to different departments. Also, Suresh has already provided an excellent suggestion by mentioning the steps that you may need to take. The main components of any good appraisal form are as follows:

1. Details of the name, department, designation and date of joining.

2. KPAs/KRAs

3. Key Activities

4. Key performance Indiciators

5. Space for feedback on the six-monthly performance review discussion

6. Space for writing feedback on the yearly performance review discussion

7. Space for providing ratings

8. A separate page for tracking monthly performance (this is specially for sales)

9. A short write-up on the method of assessing candidates and a clearly defined rating scale

Depending on the maturity and level of the persons for whom appraisals are to be conducted, you may or may not keep a provision for self-appraisal.

In order to get a greater insight into PMS, please read the book on PMS by Prof. T V Rao. It not only provides an in-depth detail on the theory of PMS, it also provides a lot of clarity on how a good PMS can provide wonderful benefits for the organization.

Please feel free to write to me for any further clarifications

Warm regards

24th April 2009 From India, Bangalore
Dear Jyoti, Please find the enclosed of Performance appraisal form for support department. This can help you for Accounts and Recep. profile... Regards, Kapil Kotwal
8th June 2009 From India, Gurgaon

Attached Files
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File Type: doc Appraisal_Form_Support[1].DOC (59.5 KB, 687 views)

hi everybody, and Dear Neha can you help please in complex apraisal?? which include attitude test...
9th June 2009 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hi all,
This is Devyani,i have a problem that is my tomorrow that is 25,Sep,09 i have to do appraisal of 1 female employee which is due from last 8 months.so its an untimely appraise, so the management was to play smart and take a very scrutinized appraisal.
Now i need to prepare a form by tomorrow.
Kindly Help me out with this.
can reply me on
24th September 2009 From India, Mumbai
Maybe this sample Performance Review will help
11th November 2009 From United States, New York

Attached Files
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File Type: doc Performance Review Sample.doc (55.5 KB, 636 views)

This topic also is written in wikipedia and about.com.

You can find it by using Google.
Apart from that, you also ref more information at: Performance appraisal books

26th December 2009 From Vietnam, Hanoi
I also need performance apprasal form & self aaparisal format too as dere is no systematic format for the same in my co. till date appraisal are done on one's judgement basis only. so i am asked to prepare same for my co.
I would highly appreciate your prompt help in this.you can send me all on my mail id /
Seeking for earliest response.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Karuna Sharma
15th February 2010 From India, New Delhi
Iam working for a consultancy firm where in i was asked to implement the performance Apprisal system . As iam doing it for the first time.I would like to know the formats, Procedures.pl help

17th March 2010 From India, Madras
Can someone guide me for performance appraisal form format for a Share Advisory Company.I am an HR over her and I have to carry out the Performance Appraisal of sales department and require format for the Same. Also how to appraise performance of Operations, Accounts department and of receptionist.
18th August 2010 From India, Pune
Dear All,
I am working as a HR in automobile co. We have decided to do performance appraisal of staff members. I have search performance appraisal form but could not able to find out good one which suites my co.
Can anyone pls post me performance appraisal format and procedure.
4th September 2010 From India, New Delhi
I am an mba student plz some document related to performance appraisal for my project work
8th September 2010 From India, New Delhi
hai to all HR gurus
i have joined in a software company as a Hr exe, my boss asked me to prepare performance appraisal form, can some one please help me, i would be thankful to them
1. how to calculate performance appraisal in software company?
2. i want performance appraisal form?
Lavanya Hr
16th September 2010 From India, Hyderabad

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