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Dear all,

THIS RESPONSE is just to say "Thank you". I know all of you were talking to Priya but unknowingly; you all have helped me a lot

2 months ago I had posted the same question but got no response. SO FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS all the questions raised and the answers given by all of you has helped to clear this fog in my head!

Being a fresher from an MBA institute, I joined as a manager in a stock broking firm “so I was a BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND”. My learning has been vast and from practical experience. I have now also now been engaged in OD (along with my generalist profile), which involves complete restructuring of the entire company. I don’t think many people /freshers get this opportunity to do this. It is a typical case of “family business wanting to turn professional and receiving resistance from long timers”. Perfect text book case BUT I need a adopt a different approach to tackle this considering the type of business we are in.

Though the pay is nothing I can brag about with my friends…I am learning so much that I am actually scared of leaving to explore greener pastures! If you had asked me whether I would work for a big or small organisation before I joined this company, I would have definitely said “big company cause in my brain “big company=nice pay package”)

Coming to the point, Priya, though I understand what you are going through, given your experience, I suggest try the manager deal (from one manager to the other in a small company!). Make changes. Be the change. Fight, convince and implement. The experience and the trill of this is, trust me, different. If you still feel nothing is happening then move! Then you will have 5 years of experience under your belt with one year of experience as a Manager (so your responsibilities and experience would be vast) take this year also as a chance to learn all you can from forms, discussion boards. Keep yourself updated. I don’t think there is a need to join any course. Self-learning is the best way you can learn. And try and implement this learning into the organisation! Get the support from your seniors etc.

I hope this helps. Thank you for posting your question. You have helped me unknowingly!



From India, Mumbai
Dear All: I do agree with this statement. Why because currently I am working for a small organization as a Head - HR, but here I am not getting any good exposer. Thanks and Regards
From India, Hyderabad
dear priya,
it's true that when you work with a big organisation, pleople see you differently but in a small organisation you get excellent opportunity to perform, contribute and be recognised. i have also worked with a small company and my expereince was excellent. in small company you remain in direct contact with directors and due to less number of employees the politics remains out of the workplace, which is the biggest advantange of working with a small company.
this gives a great platform to a performer to excell.

From India, Chandigarh
hey priya
hi.. you should accept it because it will make you more confident by having more responsibilities and help you in future to develop the required skills. if you are getting promoted it means your place would be vacant. Can i get the opportunity to work as i am having 2 years of work experience in HR and currently looking for a job?
my email id:[email protected]

From India
Dear Priya,
I believe that workig in a small organisation you get more exposure in the sense that you dont get the bigger team to work for you rather you got to manage things on your own. And thats where you learn things coz you are handling things on your own.taking help & suggestions from a Forum like this. You will be a self made person.
But when you are in a bigger orgainsation it will take you no of years o reach at a certain position. and the kind of exposure you get in a smaller organisation , it will take you much longer to gain in the bigger ones.
So my suggestion to you is, if you would want to gain indept knowledge than take the smaller organisation and start doing things on your own. You can introduce good HR practices in your organisation itself.
All the best to you.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Priya,

Nice question. By now you have received several suggestions and pieces of advice by several learned seniors.

But I am of the view, it all depends upon your liking, whether you prefer to be powerful or powerless.

Being a manager means enjoying decision making power, participating in policy plannings to be followed by others and commanding respect.

On the other hand being an executive in a subordinate position means you are driven by the power of someone else, like a horse before a cart, as you will not enjoy any decision making power, to follow others and their policies blindly (even if not willing to do), will be seen down upon by seniors and superiors.

I don't know what is your interpretation of good exposure in a big organisation and lesser exposure in a small organisation. Don’t think that as an executive you would be a single person to take charge of several aspects of the HR.

It is not my view but a several years of experience in different positions right from smallest Unit to the highest Corporate set up, that in big organisation a person gets very small exposure about a particular job/discipline, as the functions of a particular discipline are branched off in to several parts to be distributed or delegated amongst different employees. That means a very fragmented exposure in a big organisation. You cannot get full exposure to a particular discipline even over several years of working in a big organisation. Whereas, in the case of a small organisation a person with some position gets good and bad tastes and exposures of all the functions of a disciplines at the same time in the same position. A person who has worked in small organisation becomes fully ready to face any type of challenge of job by virtue of his/her experience of several-in-one position. By virtue of my experience gained in smaller organizations, I was quite capable to face any threat or challenge to my position at any time during my long service till retirement. RATHER, due to my rich experience and exposure earned in small organisations, even several authorities higher in my service time rank are still consulting me even after 8 years of my retirement on several aspects of management.

So, rest depends solely upon your own perception about big or small organisation and how much you have learnt in a small organisation and also whether you prefer position of power or of subordination!

P S Dhingra

Management Consultant

Dhinga Group of Consultants

New Delhi

From India, Delhi
Hii Priya
Greetings from Jogendert Mehta !!!
Good to know this question , well if you are confident about the subject knowledge and find confident enough to handle the situation ,,, surely must work for position rather them EXECUTIVE,,,, if at all you still need work knowledge join the smaill organisataion as executive. No doubt position matters but we must maintain that , u see getting a gud job is not a big issue you may get it by any of act but to maintain that for longer time matters
In last all depends on your subject knowledge and cocnfidence and for this only you are the best judge
Wish you all success
J. Mehta
HR consultants

From India, Chandigarh
The question to ask is which of the two opportunities will offer you the greatest satisfaction and gain in the long run? What are your personal goals and what type of timetable have you placed yourself on in order to achieve them.
In either position, what type of training and developmental programs will you have access to in order to personally grow? What is the peak position you can move into over time? What is the career path being offered?
In either position will you be part of the strategic planning or executive management team? Will you have access to senior management and setting policy within the organization?
Important questions. Something to ponder
Dr. Marc
PS 63:7

From United States, Calhoun
you are interested in to get new experience, go for parallel ladder then taking steps up and down, have good relation with present company then go for new company. if it is good remain with it ,other wise join back old company. it is aptitude and interest matter in long run, not money. it is matter of career, not a child game. culture of organization is important to be learn, as you have written desi HR best of luck.

From India, Ludhiana
Hi,Priya,how r u?Before giving u the ans. at 1st tell me which is more imp to u to be an animal or live like a man?????????? its so funny!!! u think urself that u have to do?if u want to live like a queen or servant.the desgn. is not so imp the way of performance which u r showing that is imp.4 u and ur org. dont think about ur position think about u and ur carrier.
From India, Thana

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