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Hi I want to know, can i withdraw my PF amount if i quit from my current employer. Are there any specific rules and regulation in case of PF withdrawal.
You can fill the PF withdrawl form (Form 19) & EPS withdrawl Form (Form 10C) and can get it signed by your employer and submit the same in PF office.
Within 3-45 days, you can get your PF/EPS withdrawl amount.
B. S. Negi

Thats true,
But why to withdraw the amount and why not to transfer it into new Pf a/c , that you will have in your new job, it will take few months but then you will be getting the Intrest on it at 8.5% , so why to withdraw , what i suggest is to clubb it with your new PF a/c
You can do that also. Fill Form No. 13 & submit to the current employer. Regards, B. S. Negi
Hi Dear,
If you have been employed with your past employer for a period less than six months, it is better that you get your PF amount transferred to your new company, because if your period of PF contribution is less than six months, you will not be getting the employer contribution. You will get only the amount deducted from your salary & not the amount the employer has paid towards your PF Contribution.
Santosh Iyer

I have worked for a company for 5 years and resigned. As the company called back, I joined back and resigned after 8 moths. The company was not willing to releave me. Now, the company is signing the PF form. In this circumstances, I have directly submitted my PF wthdrawal form obtaining the signature of my bank manager. But the PF officers have not accepted and insisted for company's signature.
Can anybody advice me how can I get my PF amount in this situation ? Secondly, the company has not been paid their contribution for last 2 years. So can I get the full amount ?
Please advise.

I was working with a big MNC, and after completing one year, I changed my job and joined a small company. But, just after completing 2 months,I left that company because of some personal reason and joined the other one. In my second company, I used the same PF account, I had received in my first company.
In this new company, I can not tell them that I have worked in a company for 2 months.
Now, the problem is, in this new company, they are asking me to create a new PF account. So for that either I can withdraw the old PF amount or transfer the same to my new account.
So could anybody please tell me, how to get the PF amount of those two months I had worked in my second company. Is it possible to get that amount?
I was working with a Limited Company, and after completing three year, I resigned my job and just after a month I joined the same company. But,second time my PF no. was changed and again I worked for a year. So I put a request to the company to transfer my first PF amount into the Second. But still its not done.
Now again I left the company because of some problem and joined another company just before one month.
The problem is, the both PF amounts are not cleared. First PF is one year Old and the second is up to before one month.So now can I withdraw that PF amount which is up to March 07 ? and whats about second PF amount ? Please suggest me. Its a huge amount.Is it possible to get that amount?
If Manish doesnot want to disclose that he had worked in a company for two months, don't go for transfer but apply in form 19 and 10C for withdrawal benefits throught that previous employer. This is because, form 13 is required to be sent through the present employer. Therefore, avail withdrawal benefit.
As per rule, the EPFO is suppose to accept form 19 and 10C signed by a Bank Manager. If refused, try with signature of a PF Trustee or Member of Parliament.
Vinod has multiple PF accounts. If you have not sent form 13 for each transfer separately closed them permanently since all are with limited period only. If you maintain good relation with the previous employers send the forms through them only.
Please download it from the website of Employees Provident Fund Organisation or collect it personally from the nearest office of the EPF Organisation. Regards, Madhu.T.K
I want to withdraw my PF amount on very fast . On What reccomended
basis should I preffered to give to Regional Director, Employees Provident Fund , Gupta Complex, Rajendera Bhawan , Inderlok , New Delhi
Dear Friends,
If all of you have worked for more than 6 months in your previous company its better you get it transfered using Form-13. In case of your service is more than 6 months or in case you have kept you old companies PF account still unsettled where you would have worked for less than 6 months its better you withdraw by filling the Form-19 and Form-10C.
When it comes to the point of time to get amount you can apply only after 60 days of your last working day with the respective company and after that its always better to get the forms signed by your authorised company person and submit the same form to PF dept either through your employer or personally. After that it will take minimum of 45 days to get your PF amount.
For all PF forms and details visit , hope this information will be useful to all of you.
Amith R.
I have worked with an MNC company with two different employee codes & PF accounts. First I worked for three years and resined with proper clearance from company. Secondly, once again I joined the company & left the same after two years without getting clearance from the employer.
Now I came to know that I cant get my PF amount without employer's signature.
Problem with me is- can I get my PF amount from the first account on which I resigned with company rule & regulations ? Kindly, suggest me.
I have worked an organization in Thane, Maharashtra for 2 years & 5 months and immediately joined another organization in Greater Noida, UP.
I want to claim my PF from previous organization. is this possible to transfer this acoount to new account as state is different? please tell me the process
Asesh Saha
For PF transfer state boundaries are not an issue as the scheme is extended to all over India except Jammu & Kashmir. Regards, Madhu.T.K
Hi!!!!! This is vinod. Can somebody plz help me what forms are required :?: for claiming PF if PF office ,Wazirpur Industrial Area and will it be opened on Chrismas (25th Dec).I am calling there continuosly but no one answers.
Please find the attached forms. Regards, Madhu.T.K

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Dear sir, i want to hange the my ICICI Bank a/c which was closed, the new a/c Is in KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK, bHOPAL
I want to know, can i withdraw my PF amount if i quit from my current employer. Are there any specific rules and regulation in case of PF withdrawal.
Is there such clause like if you are unemployed for 2 months then only u can withdraw the PF?
also is it that amount withdrawn will be taxed?
i have worked for my company for 2 years and total PF memebership is 4+ years.
can i withdraw my full amount sir?
Im currently working with a MNC and i want to quit it in another 3 months,,, so my total work time will be 3 months there.. Im joining another company immediately after quitting.. I dunn want the second company to know i was working earlier just for 3 months.. AND I DUNN CARE ABOUT THE 3 MONTHS PF MONEY.. I just wanna join the new company and settle there.. can i open another PF account with them.. or will there be any clash of accounts if i get another PF account.. I reli dunn want any money or transfer the money to the second company.. Let EPF keep the money with themselves.. is this possible that my new employer will not come to know that i was with another company for 3 months.. can i open another new PF account with my new employer.. will EPF not allow because i will be telling my pan number n they mite come to know.. please suggest asap..
Inorder to get withdrawal benefit it is mandatory that you should not be employed in another establishment where PF is applicable. For those who resign the company for going abroad and for women members resigning after getting married this is not applicable. If you do not get employed, then you can withdraw the balance.
If you have not been allotted Social Security Number, you will get new account number when you join another establishment. If you do not want to transfer your old account, you can do so.
Dear shahab_shah,
You can get sign of any class I governement officer, district Magistrate, post master etc etc.
No need to get signature of your employer company.
If provident fund department do not authorise such attestatation, then a make a hard complain to Regional provident fund department with cc to national fund office and other government ministry.
Madhu T.K
"Inorder to get withdrawal benefit it is mandatory that you should not be employed in another establishment where PF is applicable"
many organisation and employee do not follow this rule and the same have been outdated. I have claimed my provident fund account inspite of the fact that I was working with an other organisation falling unde provident fund scheme.
In fact, most of PF rules are now become outdated and they are contributing to addition of unclaimed pf amount only.
best regards,
Mahendra rana
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I would simply suggest, as I m in Payroll dept sincel last 1.6 months..
I suggest to withdraw ur PF and reopen a new account with new company as the proccess of transferring PF a/c is lengthy and slow...
Dear Mahendra Rana,
The rule that an employee shall withdraw the PF amount after ensuring that he is not employed in any establishment to which PF is applicable has not become outdated but by custom only we withdraw it. The very purpose of obtaining form 11 from a new employee is to ensure that he was not employed in any establishment to which PF applied or to get his old PF number, if previously he was a member of PF.
Dear Madhu,

Actually this provision is being misused by some employer in case of resigned workers. Recently I came to know about such an incidents. Some of my friends have left an organisation and they joined a new one. Now when they submit their pf withdrawal request 2 of them got their form duly signed by their ex employer the ex employer company refused to approve their pf claim for remaining two employees because the company was not willing to relieve them as they were doing good service for the company at a throw away salary. however they left hence company acted in a prejudiced manner. The ex employer rejected pf withdrawal form of these employees on the ground that they are already in a job which is a member of PF scheme and there these employees have given a false declaration in this regard. Surprisingly this fact was true in case of all the four employees and ex employer was already knowing it however they have cleared pf withdrawal of 2 employees without any objection!

However, I helped both the employee and they have successfully withdrawn their money now. but lead an impression that how even MNC companies can adopt such unprofessional approach.
best regards,
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i have to withdraw my PF from the previous company which i left 1.5 yrs back, so kindly tell me the procedure and please give me the address of lucknow PF office, one more query -after filling the form i have to get signed that from the previous company.
hi if i leave a company before a year can i withdraw my pf after 1 year ? is there any special formalities there to withdraw my pf amount
Kindly please confirm I have resigned from ex-company from last 3 year back now I want to withdrawn my PF amount back and the meanwhile my employer not ready to signed on PF withdraw form so can I get my PF amount or not please confirm the same..
my telephone no. given below
mail I.d.:
Kindly please confirm the status on above mail I.D.
If your previous employer is not traceable you may send the withdrawal forms (form 19 and form 10 C) directly to EPF Office after attesting your signatures in the forms by the Manager of the Bank to which SB account you want to get your balances transferred. Your signatures can be attested by a gezetted officer, MLA/ MP etc.
While sending the forms please attach one cancelled cheque leaf with MICR code of the bank inorder to facilitate the EPFO to make electronic transfer of funds.
Hi All,
1. I left my previous company on 10 of july and joined the current company on 27 July
2. My previous company is not releaving me neither they are providing any support in withdrawing PF money.
3. My PF account in previous company was in Gurgaun and i have join in present company in New Delhi.
4. I do not want to tranfer the PF money in the new company PF account.
Please suggest any alternative way to withdraw PF money mot involving previous company.
I have left the organisation 2 years back now I want to collect 3 months pf. What I have to do?
I have left the organisation 2 years back now I want to collect 3 months pf. What I have to do?
Hello All,
I have worked with an MNC for one and half years. My PF was deducted on the regular and also with my respected UAN Number.
I resigned over there in Oct 2016. Now I joined a new company in June 2017. PF was not deducted yet. Now I filled the form with my respected previous UAN Number to enroll or transfer my PF account to present employer. They are saying a sum of around 10 K will be the fine (Half from both sides) for last 3 months.
Also, please suggest me to claim my PF amount online. Is this mandatory to sign the withdrawl form by previous employer.?
Thanks in advance.
If the new establishment is a PF covered establishment then the obligation to bring you under PF cover when you joined the company in June should be with the company only and that cannot be put on your (employee's) shoulder. Certainly, for omission to pay contributions for the month of June and July, the company should pay interest and also damages and the amount payable on each account will be made known to them at a later stage only. Therefore, there is no question of demanding Rs 10000 as fine and that also on a mutual sharing basis. Again, the establishment has time till 15th Sept to pay contribution for the month of August and the omission is only with respect to June and July.
Since you have joined an establishment now and already updated the UAN, you cannot withdraw the PF accumulations of the previous employment.
how to transfer pf ? if any employee changed the company ,what is process and what are the forms he have to submitt for transfer the pf amount?
There is an online facility for transferring the PF. However, if there is any mismatch in the name or other details you cannot make online transfer and due to some technical reasons also the portal (Online Transfer Claim Portal) is not working. I also understand that in the case of accounts linked to adhar, the transfer will be made automatically. But it is good if you make the transfer physically using form 13 which is attached.
Madhu T K

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epfo arrire chal format
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