Why communication is called a two way process?? Explain in details??
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Hi S.H. Punekar,
according my logic, every action has a equal opposite and simultaneous reaction as per Newtons laws of motion. The same logic applies to communication.
Please let me know whether do subscribe to this reasoning of mine
Best Regards,
Vishwas H Watwe

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Dear punekar
First u understand what is communication. Communication is nothing but to share an information between two or more persons. Its depending up on two persons. if any one is not understand proparly or not give proper meaning it will gofar from the actual setuation. thats why communication is two way process.

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Dear Punekar Please find the ppt on communication skills.... i found this from cite hr only.
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Dear Friend - its called a two way process because - when you communicate, there are two subjects involve here. one is a) the person who is communicating and b) the person/s listening
Example - when you talk to your friend - two people are involved.
when you are talking to a group - two sies are involved
when you are writing - one side is you (you are writing your thoughts), the receiving side is - people who read what you have written. (that is the second subject here)
So - its very important that not only you are sure of what you are talking, but also people who are listening to you are sure they understood it the right way.
Hope this helped you :-)

From India, Madras
I wonder why you did not search the web before posing the question!! You will find the explanation with examples there.
From United Kingdom
Actualy sir, People are looking for ready made answers, presentations and documents on cite HR. The above answer could be seeked easily on web (google, wikipedia)....but typing 2 lines is easier than searching and thinking through!!!!
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Dear Asha
I agree with you but most important part communication is complete when another person who had received the massage will also reply two the sender. if he will not reply to the sender communication is not complete .. communication always complete when sender and receiver both reply like a phone... only by sending the massage is not called communication. it complete when another person who had received the massage will also reply..that's how its called two way process..it can be written on telephonic and mail...

From India, New Delhi
1. Management of an organisation is effective only when its communication machinery is effective. The very existence of management depends upon an effective machinery of communication. Effective communication machinery is important because it communicates, and helps in implementing, the policies and objectives of the organisation on the one hand, and also helps in understanding the nature and behaviour of the people at work.

2. Management communication is a two-way process. It means that the management must allow both the parties - the management and the subordinates to convey their feelings, ideas, opinions, facts, grievances etc. to the other party. Communication is said to be a continuous process of exchange of views and ideas, but it should be both ways - downward and upward.

3. The communication machinery or process should not only provide the manager with a the privilege of communicating orders and directions to the workers to get the work done towards the achievement of organisational objectives as pleaded by the classical theory of organisation behaviour known as Theory X by McGregor, but the workers also must be given a right to approach the management and communicate their complaints, grievances, opinions, facts, suggestions etc., which may be in response to the orders or directions received from the management, or in the interest of the organisation, contributing to the achievement of its objectives.

4. This two-way traffic is advantageous to both the management and the workers. Managers, very often, like that the subordinates must listen to them and follow their orders and directions whatsoever. On the other hand, managers are not prepared to listen to their subordinates regarding what they think about them and of their suggestions, ideas or directions. They are not bothered about their subordinates' likes and dislikes and how they can contribute to the organisational objectives. Management, in this way, cannot be effective. Without giving subordinates an opportunity to be heard, their feelings will remain suppressed and they may breakdown at any time.

5. A message can be interpreted by the recipient according to the image of the communicator in the mind of the recipient. If the image is bad, the version of the message may be distorted and interpreted differently. The bad image can be erased through proper communication from the other side, which is possible only when there is two-way communication in the organisation.

6. Thus, creation of organizational systems allowing two-way traffic will improve the morale of the workers on the one hand because they think that they have a say in the management, and will improve the working of the organisation on the other hand, because management-worker relations develop in a cordial atmosphere. Thus, two-way communication is necessary for effective management.

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Communication is a two-way process in which individuals are able to understand each other.
From what I learned from my previous course, Communication has 5 elements.
The sender, the message, the receiver, the feedback and the channel of communication. Without these elements, communication has no use at all.
But most importantly, communication cannot be effective without a feedback. That's why it's called a two-way process because after the sender sends the message, the receiver should be able to interpret it by means of feedback. :)

From India, Madras

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