You have asked a question and answers are flowing in. How is this communication?
You need to transmit a question and there has to come an answer at the receiving end.
The answer, right or wrong depends on the level of reception and understanding of your question. If the conitinuity is improper then your communication is not effective. I can put it that you are not good in linking with the theme of medium to transmit questions.
So simple. You need to apply practically and see for yourself.

From India, Madras
communication is that what is the communicate between owe and ower........... is the main thing what is obligation between two personsss........ thanking you
From India, Bangalore
:icon1:communication is a two way process as it envolves more den one here one is the speaker and the other is listener....after listening 2 da speaker, listener give his approving or dissaproving him...and da process goes on untill or unless both of dem come 2 a common point of view.. communication takes place wen both the parties listen and speak 2 each other.

From India, Delhi
Heres what I believe - The very purpose of communication is to get a response from the other party or a desired course of action. Everything else is a chatter.
From India, Hyderabad
Communication needs:
Sender and Receiver.
The communcation is not successful untill unless there is a sender and a receiver. In case the receiver is not able to understand / decode the message the receiver the communication fails.
We hope it is very clear.
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its a two way process...firstly becos it involves two person...though at times u communicate to urself...but in business organizations...wen we talk bout communication we basically talk bout two persons exchanging it a ceo to the manager orr vice versa...or ny1 else..........
n secondly becos communication is complete only wen the receiver of the message interprets it in d same way as intended by the sender...only den it can be a successful communication process..hope it does add to ur understanding..

From India, New Delhi
Communication is a two way process because whatever one is communicating should also be adapted by the others. This adaptation can be judged by the Feedback.
If we talk in terms of a Model two.
SENDER wants to send a MESSAGE. ( A feeling of Love )
He ENCODE it to any language. ( Let say English, " I Love You" )
That sentence travels through any MEDIUM. ( In case of One to One, Air )
RECEIVER DECODES it to understand and receives the message.
But still the communication is improper as the Sender does not know whether she got the message exactly as he send or some conflict is being raised due to NOISE in the environment.
It may be that she doesn't knows English.
So, Communication will be proper only when Receiver replies back (verbally or nonverbally).
You may contact for further queries too.
Thank You
Robin Chatterji
Student of MBA (HR)
Faculty of Management Studies, BHU

From India, Raigarh
Communication is the transfer of information from a source to a recipient. it is a two way process. The person who is sending the message is known as the encoder and decides the best means to send the message and the content of the message . Once the message is sent the recipient then decodes the message and then sends a reply. This reply is known as a feedback. The process must be two way for effectivce communication to take place as the sender of the message must then now reply to the feedback to continue the communication process.
From India, Delhi
communication by definition '' a process of sending/ recieving information on a specific topic for reaching a mutual understanding''
now communication process can be of two types
one way communication
two way communication
In one way comunication the origination of information is from a single source and the reciever just recieve it and interpert it and gives feedback to complete the cycle of communication.
In two way communication the source send the information and the reciever gets and interpert it and gives feedback to the sources ............ then the reciver of the first communication cycle become source and originate information and reciever(who was source in the first cycle) gets it and interpert it and give feedback and thus the cycle completes

so communication is a process it can be one way or two way.....
two way communication is preffered ....... as to reach a mutual understanding the parties involved in the communication cycle becomes originators ... share their ideas ... reach a mutual understanding......
akmal samsor

From Afghanistan, Kabul
Dear Members
I feel that in any form of communication 'Acknowledgment' is an core element. It is said that no form of communication is complete with 'Acknowledgment'.
This is so, that with this element, we can not judge the purpose of effective communication. The element of acknowledgment can be either in Positive or Negative feedback.
Positive Feedback, could be inclined from the Customer Service Etc. Whereas the Negative Feedback from a weird example that Boy approaches to Gal from friendship [I'm mentioning this example just to get a clear idea].
Based on the acknowledgment of any communication, we as human decide the conclusion of communication.
A more suitable example is from itself. When a query is made from any member we see suitable remarks from members expressing this views and comments.
I will be delighted to hear from members comment on my points.

From India, Mumbai

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