keep his boss informed without insisting any action.Take the issue more seriously if it repeats. mrsrao
From India, Bangalore
Dear Pravin,
If the incident happened due to gap in communication; then communicate and solve the matter. Relate the matter with the attitude of that fellow. If he is pinning you down then don't keep quiet. Raise the matter to the highest possible level. Beacuse if you seat down calmly then there is the possibility that he will confront you again.

From India, New Delhi
As my experience, you should meet him again and tell him our argument is just like a discussion and I hope it won't destroy our relationships. I'm sure he will turn to happy mood.
I know there are another solutions, this is just my own experience. Hence, I look forward to hearing others.

From Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
firstly you might try to know why he behaved like that? have you hurt or badly treated him before if not that time you should inform your boss. so he'll take take right action against him. Again he abuse you, that time dont'e be calm plz.inform the police and fill case against him.
From India, Mumbai
Inform to your manager first and do not take tension of this incident afterall "JO BHOKATE HAI WO KATATE NAHI". IF u think only about him it will attract you atomatically it is the law of attraction. so attract to good things not bad. so good things will attract you.
thank u!
Nothing can be changed by changing the face but everything can be change by facing the change. (Sea is big due to that)

From India, Pune
Hi All,

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 all of you!!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your suggestions, feedback, solutions, advices etc etc. Secondly, I am sorry that I was not able to reply (and creating confusions among u) to the post as I was sick for 2 days. But my only intention for posting this thread whether this incident should fall into company related issue or it should be handled outside??? Hence, I didn't mentioned the incident in details. However, it goes like this:

"On that particular day after shift was over, I moved out of my office premises and we are chatting with the guys sitting outside of my process. In the meantime, few of my colleagues also joined too. However, they left one by one since it was already 10 p.m, except two individuals who are not in my team members. Actually they are making fun of me but I didn't in the starting however, he realized (by my body language) that I got hurted by this. So, he asked whether I got hurted or not (deliberately not in soft manner). So, I told him why he bothered about now??? Then he told me don't show me the attitude or behave like this as he is the local boy and I can't do anything to him aggressively (removed his glosses, folding his shirt's arms and shouting like anything). Though, I remain calm and asked him to go away. In the meatime, the second guy (cool person) pulled him away from that place and asked him to go."

Now, I hope this clear the situation to all of you. Additionally, I would like to inform you that I am working as a TL in BPO and he was not my team member but in my colleague's team.

Many thanks,

From India, Delhi
I have also encountered with one of our college in my new organization, he always trying to show down me in office some time he used un parliamentary and filthy languages. Reasons behind only some part of their responsibility transferred in my job profile. I always keep quiet and calm but it may lost any time, seniors’ says it is their habit he has done almost every team members. I don’t know why they are tolerating this much. I have informed to top boss of unit he simply told me keep patience .
I unable to understand what should do?

From India
Must inform to your senior. there are high probability of occuring again.. You must have atleast one witness for any such incident. Please also elaborate the incident Regards Pradeep
From India, Haryana
Dear Pravin,

Thanks for sharing the info. Now it makes sense to suggest :-)

However [please look at the below mentioned points and try thinking over it:

a) He teased you
b) He realized he was over the line and felt a little bad (and also a little scared)
c) He asked you -if you felt bad
d) You did reply to him in a manner that meant "you finished teasing, now why you ant to ask"
e) Anybody in that place would have felt a litle humiliated. He could have either told you - that he only meant that for fun and was not serious about it. However...I feel he must have said something that made you feel uncomfortable. Your reply was okay (he asked for it!)
f) Then... he could not stand the humiliation (in the way you were cold ad least bothered abt him)
g) He wanted to protect his image and started talking about his ability and strengths (which is nothing but the fact that he is a local boy)
h) You must have been reminded of kids - I am glad you did not reciprocate in the same manner..
i) Ignore. Just make sure you dont make him more angry.

If it appears to you that he is watching you or trying to seek a chance to find you all alone.... he might turnto be dangeorus to you. You know, some people are like that...just for no reason will be irriated. Maybe because you are apperaing cool and casual, or because you are a TL..maybe anything as sillily as possible too. So in case you feel his anger is so obvious, I believe you must share this with your best buddy at work. Preferably your colleague. If it occurs again (the pulling up sleeves and trying to insult you again - please inform that to your HR, and request them to keep it as confidential)

Ignore for now. Relax and just dont get bothered abt this because someone out there does not know how to behave. You have better things to do.


From India, Madras
Friend... just ignore.
It takes seconds to reply and shout back. But it is a precious and rare nature to keep calm and ignore someone else's foolishness.
If he shouts at you, dont waste your time in responnding or listening. You have self worth. Everyone knows his it will be like banging on a wall if you go and reply to his anger.
You cant wait and shout back and lose your form. Keep moving...there are much more intersting aspects in life you should keep ur mind focused on.

From India, Madras

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