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Hi Everybody
My Organisation is going ahead with Performance Appraisal for the first time.If you could pls help me with some formats where we have self Appraisal.
Considering certain facts like the organisation has a mixture of either very high or low and average experience and professional employees so the understanding of the appraisal mechanism is very less.Also the KRA'S are not well defined.
So we are looking for a simple format of Self performance Appraisal where we could make every employee undertsand and help and also gauge the performance in a right way.
Kinldy help me with some formats.

From India, Faridabad
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Rahul Kumar
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Hi Sangita, Who else will be conducting the appraisal of an employee? –their manager? –peers? The answer to this will impact on how the form will look.
You say KRAs are not well defined. What about KPIs? Do you want to assess achievement of measurable targets? Or do you just want to assess competencies/skills/behaviors?
And why do you want the appraisee to self-assesses? What is your objective here? Answers to these questions will help clarify what format is best for your company.
Vicki Heath
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From Australia, Melbourne

Hi ,
Before designing appraisal format, i feel you go for appraisal awareness campaign. in this campaign try to convey what management want to focus on by implementing appraisal system. Once this is over, then get self assessment from individual employees. This will give you fair idea as to what they have perceived about appraisal. Also you will come to some conclusion about how to bridge the gap of managements expectation and employees present state.
There are various formats but you will be able to device one as per your requirement which will be realistic and fair.

From United States, Boston

Hi Sangita,
I think the first and foremost thing when conducting the Performance Appraisal is setting the objective so you know what you are planning to achieve. Based on the objectives only you have to consider the Performance Appraisal criteria and standards and accordingly you can choose the PE method etc.
Designing the Performance Appraisal format should be decided on what you are planning to achieve thru the appraisal.

From Sri Lanka
Rahul Kumar

Dear Sangita,

Performance appraisal system/forms would need the following :

1. Job descriptions/key performance indicators (functional/job areas for

building measurement yardstick)

2. Key result areas (performance areas that each department expects)

3. Goals set/to be set (to measure achievement)

4. Job traits/characteristics (attributes required to perform well on the job)

Performance Appraisal system would generally depend on:

1. Industry & business-type you are in (mfg., global, services, et al)

2. Type of employees, their skill-requirements

3. Education level of employees

4. No. of employees/span of control

5. Organizational structure and reporting relationship (one-on-one/matrix,

project based, structurally flat/pyramid, etc.)

6. Organizational culture/openness/conservative/dynamic/type of

entrepreneurship (family/corporation/partnership/associate/

Directorial, etc)

Depending on the above, you can follow any of the following and more:

1. Point rating PA system (pref. weighted average system)

2. Factor comparison PA system

3. Forced choice PA system

4. Forced distribution PA system

5. CR PA system

6. 180 degree PA system

5. 360 degree PA system

6. Assessment Centre,

5. MBO (Management by Objectives), etc.

You may add on a Goal-setting form and for managerial senior levels, self assessment form to be appended to the main form. Depending on the structure, seniority and total no. of employees in your organization, you may suggest these forms. But, again, you may need to design separate forms for separate cluster of employees based on their levels in the hierarchy or even based on their designations/responsibilities.

The best approach for you may be to design a very basic form to primarily solicit/collect the KPIs, KRAs and set-goals/positional descriptions. Once you get these information for each position/department, you can proceed to attempt the most appropriate PA forms/system. Do consult department heads on this as they have value-input on specific measurement needs.

Hope this helps

Rahul Kumar

From India, New Delhi

Dear Sangitha,
If u r conducting the performance appraisal first time, conduct an awareness or orientation to the employees about the appraisal. So that they can understand better about the system .
After developed the objectives of the performance Appraisal system, devide the total PA system into few major area like
1.job responsibilities i.e Tasks vs achievements
2.competencies/ behavoiur skills.
Aslo provide the guidelines for the apparisar in the system itself.
The Appraisal system generally depends on few indicators like Participation (It generally depends on the Job desription of the employee), Coordination , Implementation of Planning, meeting the deadlines,recurring tasks etc. U can aslo put the indicator like accountable for not doing.
The indicators varies from company to company.
All The best

From India, Hyderabad

Hi Sangeeta.
I am attaching a appraisal form format for ur reference hope this gives u a fair bit of idea on the format of appraisal for , but there are many more things that u need to put in place before actually performing the appraisal, i.e the employees should be well aware
1)of the criteria used for there appraisal.
2) Their roles and responsibilities,
3) The expectations of their seniors from them,
then a one-o-one appraisal session with their immediate senior or appraising authority needs to be done.
But first of all u need to decide on the appraisal process that u need to follow i.e. 180 degree appraisal or 360 degree appraisal.
Then finally u need to define a appraisal evaluation form for all employees to be filled by the HR after going through there appraisal forms submitted by the appraiser and also the employee self appraisal form.
Neha :)

From India, Chandigarh

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Hello Sangita,

Currently most of the companies are using one of the following Performance Appraisal Methods:

1).360 Degree Appraisal Method

2).Rating Scale Method

3).Management by Objective Method

Under the 360 Degree appraisal method the employee is rated from all angles i.e, by the superiors, subordinates, peers, suppliers, distributors, customers and clients.

Under the Management by Objective method the employee goals are set mutually by the employee's and the management. And the employees are rated based on the accomplishment of these goals.

Under the Rating Scale method each employee trait or characteristic is rated on a scale that usually has several points ranging from "poor" to "excellent" (or some similar arrangement).The traits assessed on these scales include employee attributes such as work quality,cooperation, initiative, punctuality and technical competence, etc. The selected traits should be in some way relevant to the appraisee's job.

Here, I am attaching a performance appraisal form with 7 performance factors/ employee traits (i.e, Job Knowledge, Work Quality, Work Rate, Communications, InterpersonalSkills, Policay Compliance and Attendence), wherein each factor is to be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (1-very poor, 2-poor, 3-Competent, 4-Good, 5-Exceptional ). Based upon the rating an employee can be rewarded.

Hope the information is useful to you.



From India, Hyderabad

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HI i am sending one performance appraisal from.please download it Regards Srinivas Reddy
From India, Hyderabad

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Hi All,
Our organisation is under process of changing PA procedure because we consider our PA system is very lengthy and complicated.
We are taking feed backs internally & externally what changes to be made.
For this i had assigned a work to meet other companis HR persons and got to know what proceduer/forms they follow.
Please can u help me to draft one questionnare which includes mostly all the questions related to PA, so that by asking these questions we can extract most from them.
some questions i had drafted:
  • What is your basic approach while dealing with Competencies in PA forms?
  • On which basis you give ratings on KRA & competencies together or only KRA?
  • Which method your company use - 360 degree, rating scale or Management by objectives.
Please send some questions i can ask.
I require them very urgently.


From India, New Delhi
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