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Can anybody give the latest Professional Tax rates and slabs all over india
From India, Madras

Professional Tax rate for Maharashtra up to Rs. 5000 = Nil from 5001 To 10000 = 175 above 10000 = 200 & in Febuary = 300
From India, Pune

Tax Slabs in India

The set of professional tax slabs in India are different for all the 28 states in India and some of the states have formulated different professional tax slabs for men, women, and the senior citizens of the respective states.

Maharashtra's Tax Slabs:

The professional tax slabs in India are applicable to those citizens of India who are either involved in any profession or trade. The state government of each state is empowered with the responsibility of structuring as well as formulating the respective professional tax criteria and they are also required to collect funds through professional tax. The professional taxes are charged on the incomes of individuals, profits of business or gains in vocations. The professional tax is charged as per the List II of the Indian Constitution. The professional taxes are classified under various tax slabs in India. Maharashtra, the commercial capital of India follows the following professional tax slab:

Income Monthly Professional Tax
Less than Rs. 2500 Nil
Between Rs. 2500-3500 Rs.60
Between Rs. 3500-5000 Rs.120
Between Rs. 5000-10000 Rs.175
Beyond Rs.10000 Rs.200

Tamil Nadu's Tax Slabs:

The professional tax slab structure followed in Tamil Nadu on a half yearly basis is formulated as follows:

Income Monthly Professional Tax
Less than Rs.21000 Nil
Between Rs.21001-Rs.30000 Rs.75
Between Rs.30001-Rs.45000 Rs.188
Between Rs.45001- Rs.60000 Rs.390
Between Rs.60001- Rs.75000 Rs.585
Beyond Rs.75001 Rs.810

West Bengal's Tax Slabs:

West Bengal has created its respective professional tax slab structure to keep the residents informed about the exact deductions from their incomes. The professional tax slab in West Bengal has been categorized as per the following criteria:

Income Monthly Professional Tax

Less than 1,500 Nil
Between Rs. 1501- Rs. 2001 Rs. 18
Between Rs. 2001 - Rs. 3001 Rs. 25
Between Rs. 3001- 5001 Rs 30
Rs. 5001 Rs. 40
Between Rs. 6001 -7001 Rs.45
Rs.7001 Rs.50
Rs.8001 Rs.90
Rs.9001 Rs.110
Rs.15001 Rs.130
Rs. 25001 Rs.150
Beyond Rs.40001 Rs.200

Delhi's Tax Slabs:

The Indian capital has its own professional tax structure has been categorized under various heads like professional tax for corporate professionals, non-corporate professionals, corporate contractors, non-corporate contractor. The professional tax rate of the corporate professionals has been declared as 11.33% whereas the corporate contractors are required are levied 2.26% of their income towards their professional tax. The deductions for the non-corporate professionals have been adjusted at 10.30% of their incomes but that of the non-corporate contractors have been decided at 2.06% of their incomes. The professional tax slabs in terms of various income groups in Delhi, have been structured as follows:

Income Percentage of Professional Tax

Less than Rs.1,10,000 Nil
Between Rs.1,10,000-Rs.1,45,000 Nil
Between Rs.1,45,000-Rs.1,50,000 10 %
Between Rs.1,50,000-Rs.1,95,000 20 %
Between Rs.1,95,000-Rs.2,50,000 20 %
Beyond Rs.2,50,000 30 %

Delhi has also formulated a different professional tax slab for people with income beyond Rs. 10,00,000. Such income groups are required to pay10 % of their income as surcharge also. The professional tax structure in Delhi has been formulated to include an education cess also. The education cess is calculated by aggregating the amount of tax as well as the amount of surcharge and then 2% of the aggregate is deducted as the education cess. The professional tax structure for partnership companies includes surcharge at the rate of 10% of the profits. Partnership companies are required to pay 2% of their profits as education cess. The calculation of education cess for the companies also requires the aggregation of the income tax and the surcharge initially and then deducting 2% of the aggregate for education cess. The professional tax rate for the partnership firms has been decided at 30% of the profit and the effective rate of tax of these firms is 33.66 %.


From India, Bangalore

As per new revision the slab is as follow-
0->5,000 ---------Nil/- mp
5000- >10,000---175/- mp
10,000 and above ------200/- mp in Feb Rs. 300/-

From India, Pune

I can help you out in giving slabs all over India. Send you rmail ID, to forward directly.
From India, Madras
Hi All, Can any one give me address of profesional tax office in Gujarat, please its very urgent. Regards, Prakash Shenoy
From India, Mumbai
Sagar Umrikar

Dear Friends & Seniors, Abhay & Aditya is correct for Maharashtra, Its updated. Others are Old rules. Regards, Sagar.
From United States, Los Angeles

Revised Employees Professional Tax Rates
In the state of Maharashtra
Revised Employees Professional Tax Rates Wef 01.07.09
Salary p.m in Rs
Rate Applicable p.m in Rs
Up to 5000
5001 - 10000
10001 and above*
* For 11 months and 300 in the month of Feb

From India, Pune

Dear Seema If u have PT slabe all state the i m waiting for your reply, kind persual regards mukesh
From India, Delhi
Hello Guys. Pls check this out. This will certainly helps you. Regards Pradeep
From India, Gurgaon
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