Dear Seniors,
I am facing a serious problem. in my organization my top management peoples are trying to push me out from the org. They are unable to say that I did'nt do a Job which is assigned to me, but they are saying I have to look and find out the job. They are asking me, we have spend such amount for you, tell me what outputs have you brought. Actually the thing is that, there is no specific work is going on bcz of the funding problem from funding agency.Actually i hav been appointed as HR person but I know actually i am spolig my career, since there is not a single HR related work is going. But the think i stuck here is only because of the Todays economic crisis environment. unless there is nothing to gain from here. They wont give pink card to me, but they will make me to give resignation. What should I do in such a situation.

Advance Thanks and Regards


From India, Ahmadabad
Have you considered asking your Manager in writing for a performance plan or expectations memo that clearly outlines expectations for your performance? These should be SMART goals that are achievable and measurable. Tell your Manager you need this document so that you have clear understanding of your assigned goals so that you can work toward them to succeed in your position.
If your Manager is not willing to provide this for you at the very least you will have documentation that you requested it in an earnest effort to fulfill the needs of the organization. If it is provided to you then you will have a concrete expectations set for you that you can work toward to achieve.
Let me know if this is helpful,

From United States, Pittston
Dear Sir,
Its an NGO organization of employees not more than 15. After joining the organization only, I came to know that, I am the first person who gets an appoinment letter. All the others dont have it. From this point itself, you can understand what HR policies are here. I have asked for my Job description at the time of joining. They said that you will get it. But its around 1 yr, i am completing here. When ever any meeting comes, he blasts at me by saying that, telling that, todays MBA's are like this, they dont need to work, they need only Job description, MBA's will find Job's by themself and will come with suggessions. I dont understand how can I make a work from a vaccum. I am a HR personnel only, not a magician.
Thanks for your early replay and expecting it again. Because my time is running up.

From India, Ahmadabad
Interestingly, I am in a similar situation with a NPO. I don't know what the organization you work for does but I have stretched the boundaries of my job description a lot. I added reputation management and social media, developing an internship program, a volunteer task force and speak at other local organizations about my organization to bring greater community awareness. If you give me more information about the NGO I would be happy to brainstorm with you. I believe there are endless opportunities to explore to add value to your position and at the same time the organization. It sounds like your manager has handed you the keys to a door and looks to you to open it. What a fantastic opportunity!

From United States, Pittston
Thank U sir for your replays. Eventhough I feel bad that I did'nt get much advises from others in this matter and I really thank you in this situation that atlest you have replayed me. Actually there is not much anythink to discuss more, as i said na, my time is running out and yes it has come to its END. So thatz it.
Once again I thank you for your support.

From India, Ahmadabad
hey danny..

this is shimit here....sorry boss i logged on 2day only andsaw ur post...

nw the thing is..if u r an skilled person and if u hav abilities to perform ur job...then there is good news for u that....THERE IS NO RESESSION PERIOD FOR if u hav passion,skills,abilities and most important knowledge thn there is no use of wrry...just apply for jobs u'll get 1 and most imp. dnt get frustrated and ..tensed just relax sit back and observe ur new ideas..think about urself...analyse wat u r where u want 2 be...and make ur path to to achieve cool....remember PROBLEMS ARE THE SPEED BRAKER ON THE ROAD OF dnt wrry..just chill and gve a good picture 2 ur ideas on with cool mind ..and also remember 1 thng that LIFE IS ALL ABOUT MAKING UR OWN make ur decesions cz ur life is only urs no one can run on it.....chill relax and then start TRUE WARRIORS DNT STOP FIGHTING....ok

if u hav ny problem just mail me up...



From India, Banga
Hi Danny
This is a very unfortunatre situation but is common in the current economic scenario . If your management has already decided to let go of you then there is nothing much you can do .I( think it will be better for you to start looking for other options rather than spending time in an argument with your management. This is a business decision your management has taken so try not to feel bad about it and move ahead in life
All the best

From India, Pune
Please send your resume to our NGO,may be you would be lucky for this job,we have offices in 30 states of India and 7 states in US & 2 offices in Germany.
We also have sister's offices in Mayanmar,Nepal,Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,poland,Peris......
Best Regards
Sajid Ansari-Delhi

From India, Delhi

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Thankz Shmit, Indu and Sajid for your response!

Actually its all over on the date of my last post itself. I have resigned! Now I am also one of the victim of Economic crisis. :)

I have tried to deal with cool mindset, but my boss commented at me that "I have become a burden to his org", With this single comment itself, I informed that I will relieve on the next day itself (I know that I have to give and work the notice period, but since no employees are appointing here in my space and I feel the main intention for notice is for orientating the new employee. Also there is no pending works, so i decide not to disturb them anymore). And i given my resignation letter requsting my Experience certificate. He informed that, he will send it, but such a think is not yet happen and the funniest thing is that there is no letter head in our regional offices. next i have to fight for that (Or I doubt may i have to manipulate one! "criminals are not born but circumstances are making them", ha ha just kidding). Later I found out from my collegues that my MD had a problem with me, bcz I have made some new sample HR policies and send it to the managements for their comments. But they dont like to give leave for their staffs as a right of the employees. They are in a mind set that NGO ppl have no leaves. and such and such simple ego problems are there, which i came to know later.

Hm...... Its all over, thank you and expecting all your support in future also.

Thanks and Regards


From India, Ahmadabad

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