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I hv 1 senior collegue. She cant seem to control her emotions and also she like to show :-x face. I've learned that she has some personal issues..+ not satisfied with me being promoted..but hey, you gotta show that you are competent then the promotions will come along.
At first, i dont bother her negativeness, but anyhow it affects me. i start to develop some inside :icon7: towards her. In front of others, she seems so POSITIVE, as the :-x ONLY happens when we are among our our department collegue.
Some other collegues & i had made official complaint towards her to our superior, but i understood that she is also not in good term with my boss. <Oh dear, i wish my company provided "stress-allowance" to us>
I've heard someone confronted her but get spanked! Yes, i can spank back but it wont help much in creating a HEALTHY WORKING ENVIRONMENT.
Ideas please...anyone??

From United States, Fremont
Hi Rozalina,

My heartfelt thanks and good wishes to you for being concerned towards fellow collegues which shows your own big heartness. Now coming to the problem at hand we have to analyze the reasons for the same. You yourself have mentioned them as not getting promotion, personal problem and office environment. One thing for sure communication is a very good tool for striking a dialogue with your senior collegue be it for any reason. Initially she might be wary but will surely open up. My personal experience is that the best way to talk to the disturbed person is to listen him (before which you have to make her talk which may take some time). Secondly forget the past and forge a bond on personal and professional level which will be a win win situation for both of you. Remember anything done good whenever to whomsoever is bound to reap positive results or even otherwise you will be deeply satisfied and contended from inside for giving it a try. Last but not least do your homework thoroughtly and do not show your emotions at any time as your senior collegue may take time to come out of her shell and do not get carried away by her momentarily reactions.

From India, Delhi
This seems to be funny and typical comic indian corporate case.
What matters in workplace is not personal attitude but professional approach towards peers, superiors and juniors to avoid such silly charactors arround who are there as workplace hazards.

From Saudi Arabia
Dear Parthasarthi,
Either we are part of the problem or part of the solution if your word is taken as sacrosant than person like Rozalina will have to wear the boxing gloves by killing their conscience. There is a hell lot of difference between the survival of fittest approach and building emphathetic behavioural experience based process and system driven need based norm. Taking the problem head on is one thing and attempt to gain limelight through others bad fate is another it's upto us what we actually want. I want Rozalina to see and solve the stalemate from the perspective of her being tomorrows CEO of the organization.

From India, Delhi
Rozalina, Go ....Take a sleep ......will have a fine dream.......early morning change that dream to a fantastic story........put this story on citeHR........... Dada
From India, New Delhi
There are 3 versions of every situation, yours, his/hers and the real one!
I would suggest you do what you are paid to Discussing a colleague and whether or not she has personal issues/ does not get on with the boss/ gets spanked ( whatever that is) sounds like water cooler talk.
We have heard your side. No one has heard your colleagues version. How can we even consider the case as its one -sided?

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Dear Deepak,
At workplace we have to ensure that every employee is being respected and employee himself/herself shall act in preserving their respect as well as workculture and decorum.
As HR Head we are not to suppose surmon or correct every abnormal case because our focus should be preserving best talent in the organization and waste or garbage has to be isolated in order to make things right.
HR manager is not teacher, basics of how to behave and change atitude is not HR business to teach to employees who are already well educated and trained by their schools and colleages etc.

From Saudi Arabia
My dear Deepak
I think you and Rozalina both need some lessons and practicals on Emotional Control.
And do not worry about Rozalina becoming the CEO; she will, if she is good.
What Rozalina is facing is a very small problem - somebody does not like her. May be that person is feeling insecure, and her insecurity is turning into animosity. There can be many other factors involved too.
To solve Rozalina's problem; you need a Magic Wand, and also need to read a few excellent books by Dr. John Gray. (Kindly do not ask me who Dr. Gray is.)

From India, Delhi
Dear rsk11584
I guess you are joking. :-D
Who doesn't know about the author of the Mars & Venus series ?!
But now that we have LISTENED patiently to Rozalina's problem, without offering any quick-fix SOLUTION, I think her problem must have been solved to a great extent.
My dear Deepak,
When you read those bestsellers by Dr. John Gray, you'll understand that NOT ALL PROBLEMS NEED A SOLUTION.
(Therefore one need not be a part of the PROBLEM or SOLUTION, as suggested/opined by you).
Sometimes, just LISTENING sympathetically, without being judgemental, in itself is a solution (or helps provide a solution to the concerned persion).
Rozalina is ALREADY FEELING BETTER, and must have found her solution by now.
Pardon me if I am wrong, but my guess is : You are young, in-experienced (read as less-experienced) and a bachelor. :razz:

From India, Delhi
Hi guys! hurm, i see pretty serious discussion pertaining my post. yup, you can say it is a one side story coz u dont hear anything from her. i'll take into account of all your thoughts, ideas & recommendations. No worries, I am still as positive as i first enter this office.
You may say that this situation is typical, but here, it's not. Now, someone else is dealing with her mood-swingness. she didn't do her work right, not according to SOP, not following the timeline. it affected some of our training - but i'ts ok coz we are all independent individu. The complaints are lodged, so i'd say my immediate superior will find way to neutralise this UNHEALTHY WORKING ENVIRONMENT :D
I'd say that something in me urge me to release the feeling i kept inside. so i choosed to share with you guys. sorry to caused inconveniences to some of you.
so fellow friends, CASE CLOSED.

From United States, Fremont

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