Dear All,
I am working in a small start up and although we have given sales training to our outbound agents but still the results are not encouraging. Can anyone help me in drafting a training programme that will boost the morale and the number.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Minakshi !
instead of asking for drafting training programme, ask for suggestions, ways & means to boost tele sales. this way you may get many replies. ur ques? is having a lengthy reply and may not attract members. so try this way and compile all suggestions/ clues to create training programme ur self.
to be the first letme add my suggestion. callonly those numbers that not regd for DND. because at least they r open for incoming calls.

From India, Madras
I am new on this forum and i still need to pick up a lot of learning before i can ask the exact question.
I am presently doing the changes in the sales training manual that deals with the low morale ,objection and rejection handling. please if you have some tips or suggestions for the same it will be of great help.

From India, Mumbai
Hi, Can you let me know the kind of telesales process you are into that would help me give you better details to your query . Regards Anuj Jain
From India, Bangalore
dear minakshi
first ur tele sals guys shud target only privately employed people.
in that also SMEs that dont provide health insurance to their emp other than the mandatory ESI & retail businessmen (gen these businssmen dont posses any ins.)
so the questions on approval from the customer shud start with the level of their company.
genly girls succeed in attracting more customers in this era. so u may do tele sales with girls. this is some what odd to say but i am compelled to say this.
over & above patience in eplaining the plan works better. ans to queries shud be polite. dont include things u will meet with accidents etc. instead it shud b put like to meet unforeseen hospitalisations etc. cus gen irritated with words like accidents etc.
there r many tio think of. in particula timing of call. these shud be between 4.30- 6.30 PM being ideal for relaxing customers even offices.

From India, Madras
Please forward me your email id I wil send you complete details of the telesales process that we are following here in jaipur in our call centre , we are not intoinsurance but into telecom callcentre inbound and outbound and have exeperince in this feild for more then 6 years now and are one of the best know BPO in Rajasthan ..
Thanks and regards
Anuj Jain

From India, Bangalore

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