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Hey ALL,
We have a Manager, a STAR performer, Good human being and a good manager (read leader) also.
I'm facing a problem with him, whenever we have a training program to conduct on Motivation, he says it is only money which motivates people.
When I argue, he says, you are a lady and so you won't understand that How much money can be required to run a household. :x
He believes that all the motivational theories that we have read in MBA is good to read but difficult to practice.
He firmly believes in Carrot and Stick theory, although.
I would also like to know, Is it only money we work for??
Is it true that all the theories such as maslow's, ERG, Herzberg and other theories does not work at all in practical Organisations.
Do share your views on this, don't just see this, kindly contribute also.
hi All,

Well i can understand your problem very much.But to tell you the truth money is difinitely a very big motivator ,in fact most employees switch jobs as they want to move towards higher salaries.But then it cannot be concluded that money is the only motivator because people leave jobs for bitter boss-employee relations or bad relation with the immediate supervisor as well at the cost of good company benefits and high remuneration.Moreover just ask anyone who considers money as the sole motivator to take up a job this question-You being qualified,will you do the job of a sweeper in which you r paid Rs.20,000 or a higher package?The obvious answer from most of us will be no.That means clearly we do give weightage to our social needs,our education and our self actualisation needs which implies that motivational theories are not just theories but play a role in pratical life as well.On top of that i firmly believe that Mcclelland's theory of motivation of power ,achievement and affiliation does exist in reality and we do come across such executives and managers in our day to day corporate life.Please provide me with ur views.


Motivational Theory do work in reality. If I take an example of the Hezberg Theory, it has both the hygeine factors and the motivation factors. The hygeine factors by themselves does not motivate.But if not present it would definitely cause dissatisfaction.The motivational factors are over and above this.Another example would be that the pay packages are designed
according to the Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.
Hi Paulami and Mallet,
Good to see your valuable comments on the topic.
My belief is also into that it is not just money which motivates people, working conditions, job profile, growth chart and career planning also a part of it.
I have seen many people still beleiving in money as a motivator and rated high than any other motivator.
My question to all is Do you all use these theories in your organistions??
Is it practical to use these theories easily then can you share some examples.
Hey Archana,

I understand your problem but i must say your boss is wrong here to mention my case i am working as an executive HR with a decent compensation but i do want more but it is not just work that i want more i would also want more responsibility with personal and professional growth money can be a great motivator but not beyond an extent if you get the best of money that you can expect but not enough work to keep you occupied throughout would surely make you discontent with the work so its absolutely not just money that keeps one going its also the quality and content of work its the individual contribution towards reaching organizational goal and your ability to make a difference in the organization. As far as motivation is concerned employees may be doing their routine job but in their course of work they tend to loose the drive due to over work and personal problems which would result in lower productivity and the zeal to go that extra mile hence these motivational program help the team to keep that zeal and enthusiasm and the internal drive going. Hence i completely support your point of view archana please go ahead with your programs if your boss is not convinced about it please show him the deliverables of the program with the help of a ppt on benefits of training and also do some number crunching about the motivation programs done in various companies and what is the difference it made to the and i assure the facts you will find will be earth shattering.

Thank you.


Money is a motivator - Certainly. But it is a bad motivator. The motivation gained out of money, will not last longer. It will wane away soon. It breeds greed. Money as a motivator needs to be used prudently. Its measurability varies person to person. Hence it is not reliable, always.
The real motivation is the culture and character of an organisation. These will breed loyalty.
Rgds. Venkat
Money motivates people but it is not the first priority.
But i would like to make a statement here: "Is it all about money?"
Whatever as HR we do for people, at the end of the day if it does not add to the paypackage, does it really motivate people?
All motivation theories are relevant
COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT and PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT practices entirely rest on these theories.
The essence of all these theories are
Valence varies from person to person,generation to generation etc.
From my 40 years of varied work/consulting/teaching experience,my old generation valued SECURITY and money more.Todays generation CAREER
GROWTH and Achievement have More value.
All the 8 are important but today CAREER GROWTH and Job satisfaction(Oppurtunity to achieve) are MORE important
Regards.all the best
Motivational Theories are all relevant and Practical too in day-to-day life.

Though Money tops the priority level for performing certain tasks, its all the Level of performance that matter to all individuals, meaning, what is the present position of a person and where he would like to see himself on Hierarchy level.

As the person grows up in life his maturity and motivational levels also do change

Priorities change according to the Needs- Need Theory: Money Expectation will be there according to the level of experience, Entry level job seekers have different ways of looking at things compared to Mid Level person and then Senior Levels. Once we cross certain level money will follow your position and your competencies. Then what we look for is different view of the world at an outset.

Todays Markets design jobs according to slabs they have but for only Mr Perfect, Slabs can be slightly modified.

Lets say a software programmer, what matters to him is the Project rather then the Industry that he is working in or for that matter money would play a vital role depending on the position he is holding.

For Call Center money is there initially but what motivates people since the time they are onboard-Hezberg Theory. Let think about what are the different strategies that companies would come out with day in day out in order to retains its performing employees….

Interesting topic, Hope my inputs on the same is also valuable for our further discussion.

Have a Wonderful Day,

Thanks & Regards


I do believe that motivational theories do matter a lot..the most common in today's management practicies would be the Herzberg's hygine and motivator factor theory.

I shall state a practical example..

I have a friend who works for a big foreign language center in south bombay since the last 7 years and she is the immidiate assistant to the director..Her starting pay was around 14000 and now after seven years its around 21000. Her job profile also includes training other staff at the center. She gets a particular percentage of increase in her salary every year..and she does admit her salary is not the best in the industry even after 7 years of work.

She does not want to leave because the Motivator factors like quick sanction of leave applications, exceptional treatment from higher officials, trainings abroad (one month training in paris once in a year), flexibility in working hours, excellent working conditions make her satisfied enough to work there.

Thank you.


Best Regards,

Bhavik SHAH
No doubt the urge to earn money is a great motivator. But the biggest motivator of them all is the Ideological motivation.
This ideology may be good or bad but it can propel people to do seemingly impossible things which money cannot.
Case in point is people driven to do insane (according to others) things
under political/religious/racial doctrines.
Regards ppv
Hi All,
It is really a relevant concern .Thank you Archana for voicing it and Mikorish for a valuable insight.
The motivation theories do apply .Maslows in particular holds good for many contexts.But there is a corollary.
Each theory must also factor in the life cycle stage of the person, his career cycle and the fact that all of us have extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.
When a person is motivated purely by money he is allowing himself to be dominated by extrinsic motivators,and his need for self fulfillment will seemingly take a back seat.
Stop to see his situation in the cycle of life ,most likely he will be in the age group of 25-35 where his extrinsic responsibilities pull him.
If he is a STAR, given time he will figure out that money will cease to motivate him if he is denied the opportunity to develop his professional and personal competencies.
Read V S Mahesh's East west model of Motivation for deeper insight.
hello frnds,
Archanaji, i guess the manager that ur talking abut is young guy, i mean probably its his first job or fresh from the college. if he is so, he is right from his perspective as he has to carry out his own personal responsibalities for which he has to be financialy sound at the same time his family background will also come into picture.
according to theory itself things like job satisfaction,better prospects etc... , which i can relate to self-actualisation will come at later stages of life.
as of i know theories specialy pshycological, can't be taken as bibel or as mathemetical models where u can predict very well.
Hi Archana,
Its depends on individual perception, explain your boss how strong u beleive in motivational factors. Ofcourse what ur boss is alos right what is said. We cannot implement what we read in MBA. Motivational factords should based on the realistic not the theory.
Thanks for giving oppertunity for giving to share my views to all.
Mohhan Reddy.k
Dear Archna,

I think Paulomi, Bhushan, micoKrish, rkandadai and ragamuffin99 have all put in very salient (good) points.

However, I would like to add my own views :

Firstly, money becomes the main motivator when an individual is genuinely not making enough money to meet his most pressing needs; in such a case, he will keep on changing jobs until he comes to a level where he can relax a little and consider motivational factors other than money; in most cases, he will then settle down and make a change only if another job offers him more motivation (even if it does not offer him more money). This is, of course, assuming that his work output continues to keep pace with the money he earns, and he is worth being retained by the employer. He can also be frank with his employer and tell him why he has to look for another position, and if his employer feels he is good enough, then his money can be enhanced, enough to retain him.

There are youngsters, however, who look only for money - more money - and jump from job to job only because more money is offered in each case; such a person does not care for motivation other than money, and has no staying power. If you try to retain such a youngster by offering him more and more money, you will end up by giving him more money than he is worth - and he becomes unproductive dead wood. Such a person can be easily identified from his past work history, and should not be taken on in the first place; you may realise his motives only after you have employed him; in such a case, do not try to retain him when he mentions he has received a better offer. Let him go.

Paulomi and the others are also right when they say that each individual case is to be viewed in its own light. No generalisations can be made.

Also, from a personal viewpoint, though Maslow et al's theories are very thought provoking, they are only guides, and not to be treated as gospel truth.

I think you have enough matter to be able to convince your Manager that he should keep an open mind, and treat each individual case on its own merits!

Hey Thanks to all wonderful people,

I am glad to recieve such good points to raise to that Manager.

I would like to clarify that this Manager is not fresher and has been working with our organisation for last 16 years, he was the first employee of th company. He has a problem of making his point of view dominatingly implemented.

He is earning a good amount of money, He had a scooter 16 years ago, then it was a bike, then a maruti 800, then he bought Esteem, then he got Honda City and not he has his own Corolla. This shows the Kind of money he makes, nearly a lakh per month and he is just 37.

He is not my Boss, He has given a wonderful team to our company. All the people given to him are doing a fantastic job and developed with time.

But they all are same, they all think that More money brings more motivation. If I give them any logic, it is like Lady does not have much responsibilities to handle and so you wont understand that money is most important for all the needs.

I would surely implement suggestions given by you all, I'll share the results as soon as I get a chance to discuss this with my Colleague(Manager).

Thanks once again.


Hi Archana,
I guess u should ask ur manager just one question. If u pay him a CEO's salary or like increase his salary by flat 50%. Will he work as a office boy/ as a car washer/ or in more literate manner will he accept a demotion with a higher salary & work as one of his juniors. I am sure he will have no explanation for this. I think u should try this out.
But this needs to be handled really well & tactfully.
We all work to earn money, monitory rewards are highly welcomed. But if our work is not recognized or appreciated we will lose interest in our job and it will have an impact on our output and productivity. Employees could perform well if they know that they get increments and bonuses for their performance but if they are not satisfied with their work environment or not comfortable with their subordinates or if they feel that they are not treated in the right manner, their commitment to the company will be in question. These employees will look for other job opportunities where they have mental satisfaction so that they can gain total job satisfaction and perform well and gain benefits. This might cause the organization to lose a valued employee where a new recruit may not fill that vacancy up to satisfaction of his predecessor

A classic example is, imagine two employees earning the same salary and their performance are neck to neck. But the management always praises and recognizes only one employee due to various reasons. Automatically the other employee’s performance and motivation to work and his performance will drop. The success of the company depends on a group of people’s achievements and not based on an individual’s effort. If there is no team spirit and coordination with co workers, it will effect the growth of the organization. So only monetary benefits cannot motivate and keep an employee happy and satisfied all the time, the intangible benefits also equally plays a major roll of the existence of the employee in the organization and motivating him to give his best and work closely with his subordinates. Managers should over see that the employees are rewarded financially as well as none financially in means of recognition, appreciation and showing their importance of existence.

Motivation, unlike before now has taken a different turn altogether. Motivation used to be a high paid salary with other benefits such as allowance, increments, performance based pay, incentives etc. But in the current day motivation is more than the tangible benefits received by the employee, the intangible benefits which affects the minds of the employee are known to be the motivational factors. The feeling of being wanted by the company, the recognition, the feeling of importance and being appreciated, the interest in the job, the room for growth in the organization, working conditions, subordinates, supervision etc. help lessen the dissatisfaction of the employee.
Hey guys,
Thank you!
I'm working on all the suggestions given by you all.
I'm happy to have received so many good points, I have startedthis discussion with him today and said some of the points like what if we give ou more money and change your job profile.
He asked me, what can you offer?
I told him may be something like assisting the Sales and Marketing Director. I hope you will be happy wth that as you are getting more moey to give you motivation.
Till now I have not received any answer from him.
I hope it will work.
Thanks again
Ya money plays major roll of motivation but its nt all. Except money there is manything which can play the roll of good motivation. Motivational factor can be anything but it depends on the need hierarchy of individual. nobody can ignor the theories of motivation but its applicability is depends on the individual & organizational surroundings,culture,need etc.
If ur star performer is nt accepting this things that means he doesnt want to think OUT OF BOX. he believes that he is always right. So, there is need to change his mindset n for that counselling from ur side is needed.
I know that u can do it........ kip it luk
Self-Motivation is the best Motivation


Today is 05th Nov. 2006 and people in this part of the world are celebrating "Guruparav"…"Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev". I am sitting here and thinking as what is the motive of our life? What is very purpose of our life? What makes us to wake-up early in the morning and rush for work or college or school? What is that keeps us to continue? Is living – a compulsion? Just because everybody is living…I will also live.

What motivates you?




Valuable goods and assets,


Acceptance and Respect,

Appreciation, rewards and awards

These are the motivators are most of us, right? (Can to list down few more?). These are the good enough motivators to keep us running throughout the life…to keep us charged. These are the factors, which keep some people "loyal like a dog"; "work like a donkey" and "keep jumping…like a monkey".

You can read the complete article at: <link outdated-removed>

Some simple (Traditional) Motivators…

Let me discuss some "Orthodox" motivators, which also work, are some people.

1) Responsibility: You might have seen in some movies…might also have seen in your own family, when a guy is irresponsible, spending too much time outside…parents usually say, "Iski Shaadi kar do; jimmeyvari aayegi to khud samajhdaar ho jaayega" (Get him married. Once he gets responsibilities, he too becomes responsible). Don't you think that "enforced responsibility" also motivates some people? Then he knows that now he is not alone…he need to work for his wife, for his family and then for their future. In India,(People say that) things doesn't work until and unless they are enforced or until and unless it is compulsion (no other way).

2) Looking beyond your sight:

A. You are always able to see one side of the coin…you sure want to see the other side.

B. You are able to see a huge mountain…you always want to see…what is there on the other side.

C. You are in a ocean…everywhere you see water, water and only water…you want to know where is the end.

That is called as "Motivation to know more"…motivation to know more than what you already know.

3) Power of Dreams: This is, seeing the unseen. Seeing, what no one has ever seen. Having a dream is a motivation but that is not enough. Passion to make that dreams a reality is a bigger motivation.

A. If you have dream…

B. If you have passion…

C. If you are not afraid to fail…

D. If you are not worried about the end result…

E. If you have zeal to continue, in spite of problems …

…then no one is more motivated then what you are. You don't need any external motivator. You will always be charged and ready to go.

You can read the complete article at: <link outdated-removed>

Learning from life

More than the above mentioned…if you look around, you would find that there are so many small-small and little facts of life; thoughts and experiences around us, which are big enough to keep us, motivated all the time. Have a look at the following:

1) Many parents kill their "unborn children" (Foeticide)…either by chance or by choice. It can be miscarriage or abortion or any other accident. We are fortunate enough that our parents let us to see this "wonderful" world.

2) Many people are unfortunate. They are handicap. They cannot see, cannot listen, cannot talk, they don't have any of the limb…they are suffering from deadly diseases. We are health. Isn't it a good thought to keep us motivated?

3) There are those families, which are poor. They don't earn enough to eat three times in a day. We are doing well enough to eat three times a day…that too hygienic and quality food.

4) People have two sets of dresses (People in some parts of the world…don't have anything to wear). They wash one and wear another one. We have so many in our wardrobe.

5) Many people are not fortunate enough to get good education…either there are no facilities or they just cannot afford. We are educated enough to take our decisions and decide things which are good or bad for us.

6) Those who are educated, not all are employed. We are not only employed but doing good enough to take care of ourselves, our family and chase our dreams.

7) Doesn’t matter if it is summer, winter or rainy season…some people are just in care of nature. They don't have house. They don't have place to stay. We have house…that we all call "Home Sweet Home".

8) Everyday there are so many accidents, natural calamities (Cyclone, Floods, Earthquakes etc) killing thousands of people. We are fortunate that we are alive today and are with our family and relatives.

Aren't these fact are good enough for you to keep you motivated and feel satisfied and content.

You can read the complete article at: <link outdated-removed>


Life will become miserable…it will become hell if you start

A. Finding faults is others

B. Taking revenge

C. Thinking negative

D. Complaining

E. Harming others

But life will become heaven, if

A. You start counting your blessings

B. You start thinking that there are more people who love you and less people who hate you

C. You start thinking positive about yourself and your life.

Before I sign-off I like to share this quotation, which I found while scanning through Internet, which actually summarize the theme of whole article.

Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste.

Today I can grumble about my health or I can rejoice that I am alive.

Today I can lament over all that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.

Today I can mourn my lack of friends or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.

Today I can whine because I have to go to work or I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.

Today I can complain because I have to go to school or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.

Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework or I can appreciate that I have a place to call home.

My life stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped. And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.

It will nice to get your comments and feedback.

With lots of love and care

Sanjeev Sharma

(Blog: )

(E-mail: ; )
Hi everyone

money as a motivator???? interesting but how true

Are we taking into account the people who are toppers and have been searching for a job?

And when he gets a job is he going to care about the hygiene leave alone the motivational factors. He does not care if he is being exploited.

A person having his responsibilities, ailing parents and a large family, is he going to look for hygeine factors or is he more concerned about the fact where his next meal is going to come from

How many graduates do have jobs in India?

Just spare a thought for the illiterates.

people work for 20 years-30 years in companies

what motivates them?

These factors are only for people with proffesional qualifications.

All these factors have come to be associated with people who have got the latest degrees from high sounding and money fleecing colleges(I am from one of them). These people have the qualification to switch jobs.

Sanjeev-you could not have put it in a better way. I appreciate your article and I really mean it.

If a person all along his life has seen his stock soaring (scooter to corolla) will he be motivated other than money?

We should really feel lucky to have a job. Empathising with people, trying to understand their point of view, instead of categorically saying that their ideas are wrong, trying to understand their logic will work wonders.

And lastly , people who do not have responsibilities, how many change jobs not for money but for hygeine factors????

money motivates, but for sometime. lets put it this way. you get annual increment. you are happy at that moment but just after 2-3 months, that becomes your regular salary and you are no more motivated. you expect more money.
azeem shamsi
Hey Sanjeev,

Thanks a lot for the write up.

It will surely be of help.


Are you saying that money motivates?? If is it so what motivates all of us to contribute on this forum. Money is surely not there, then what is it?

Dear It is not Hygiene only we look for, there are more factors.

What about satisfaction, work atmosphere, the employer, the boss, org. culture etc.etc.

if you notice we have many queries on the forum almost on daily basis regarding problem faced by people in their organisation, sometimes related to boss's behaviour, sometimes the top mgmt is poor, at times peer's behaviour. Very few have faced problems on monetary terms and thought of leaving the company.

Infosys at starting level give peanuts to the employees, why people join this company???

Scooter to corolla is surely a truth, But it is not money only he got, we did send him for a course(Executive MBA) from MDI GURGAON, his growth in the company was tremendous, his working style have improved, company paid training in Germany, Paris and US, and many other things.

If still the employee cribs about money and more money, I really feel he needs proper counselling.


Hello everyone
I did not for once mention that money is the only motivator
but it is one of the main motivators(atleast in India)
The other factors which you have so dearly stated broadly come into motivational factors.
I just asked a simple question which was digressed
As for scooter to corolla, is not the other person a star performer
Is he not contributing to the goals of the organisation?
Is he not leading his team to success
Are other people not happy with him or are they complaining about him
It is just simply a difference of opinion between the persons concerned.
to convince a person of something, actions speak louder than words(my opinion)
And as for contributing to this forum, it is for knowledge sharing
Hello everyone
I did not for once mention that money is the only motivator
but it is one of the main motivators(atleast in India)
The other factors which you have so dearly stated broadly come into motivational factors.
I just asked a simple question which was digressed
As for scooter to corolla, is not the other person a star performer
Is he not contributing to the goals of the organisation?
Is he not leading his team to success
Are other people not happy with him or are they complaining about him
It is just simply a difference of opinion between the persons concerned.
to convince a person of something, actions speak louder than words(my opinion)
And as for contributing to this forum, it is for knowledge sharing and for having difference of opinion amongst ourselves which helps to look at all the possible views.
My views on this are slightly diplomatic.
People don't work for money... they work for livelihood.. and how much they need is totally dependent on the lifestyle.
I tend to agree with your manager on the point that money is the best motivator and i agree with you that money is not the only motivator. Both the statements are mutually exclusive. There are many motivators besides money, but money motivation works best (atleast in India)
All the theories you mentioned hold good even today, no doubt about it.
Infact, these theories hold good even for end customers. (afterall employees are internal customers for the service delivery department called HR!)
Hi Saurabh
I did not find your answer to be diplomatic
Rather you have put it in a more beautiful way than I could
Livelihood..This is the word
All these motivational theories go out of the window once a person is working for livelihood(Bread earner) And that is the scenario in most of the cases
Hi Saurabh,
Long time no contribution?? :)
THanks a lot for your thoughts.
I agree with you partially, People want their livelihood, but will they work in a place where they are exploited even when they earn a better money??
There can be may arguments on this, but this is true we differ in opinion.
My opinion may not be yours and vice versa.
Thanks for your contribution
No worries.. my thoughts are free!! :lol: :lol:

It depends how you see it. Many a times we look at exploitation as learning (especially at junior level) or just don't notice it at all.

Every individual defines exploitation in his/her own way. ther will be people who will term 'More responsibilities on same salary' as exploitation.

An employee should understand that he or she is there for the organisation, if his personal goals are not being met staying there.. he will claim that he is being exploited in one way or the other.... but the other side of the coin is that the organisation interest is being met.

We all have our own way of looking at things and finding out the WHY behind every incident. As an employee it is almost essential to find out whether I am being exploited in a true sense or not and for that I need to wear the Cap of an entreprenuer and try to gauge his perspective.

And if still you feel you are being exploited, directly talk to your boss or senior manager about the issue. If the issue is genuine, they have to address it.

This is what I will do if i feel exploited even when I am getting more money than I think I deserve... :D
Hi Vrishi
Sry... I missed your comment.
Thanks for the compliment.
Actually, these motivation theories relate to livelihood in their first stage... Maslow's need hierarcy- basic needs or physical needs. Then all social, emotional, esteem and self actualisation needs trigger...
I think the theories still hold good

Sorry to join the discussion rather late. I was out of circulation.

As practices give rise to theories and as theories lead to practices, one must see the inevitability of the connection. When one observes "what works", one tends to use the method often and in due course it becomes a theory. Those who do not have not the benefit of observing the cause abd effect relations between the stimulus and the response, accept the given theory in the belief that if it has worked for some, it will work for me too.

Each one is entitled to hold rigid individual opinions on any and all matters and that will not change the reality.

Using "money" as motivator, to me, appears like bribing your way through as it it often does not care for human dignity since people may work out of compulsion to generate additional money for them. Just as Overtime leads to many undesirable practices over a period of time, if it is left unchecked, the money motivator. at an obsession level will also back fire! Used moderately, it works for short time.

In the ultimate analysis, one needs to preserve the human dignity, the pride in overcoming work challenges. The meaningful work is the real motivator! The money kills the joy of working. It may bring more money to the individual but I am afraid, will not be able to generate happiness, pride and a feeling of untarnished achievement. That is why there is a world of difference between the soldiers who fight wars for the sake of the country and the merceneries who also fight wars (only for money!) One works for the honour of the country and the other does not give a damn if he causes a victory or a defeat!!

One's statements bear out his experience/s. There may be nothing invalid about these when looked at from his point of view. BUT to deny validity to other theories and approaches is being less than fair. One swallow does not make winter!



November 8, 2006
True!! Well Said!! Excess of anything is bad!! Awsome analogy indeed!! Its all about the atitude towards work. In a nutshell, I agree with you cheers Saurabh
Dear All,
It is very complex issue. Various factors motivate a person. The person in question at this moment is in extreme need for money which will provide him motivation. Please understand his predicament and proceed to handle accordingly the situation.
However by and large Maslow and other theories confirm what we know by commonsense all these years in India
Best of Luck
Coach & HR Consultant
+91 98338 90250
Thank you Mr Samvedan.
How wonderfully you have written down your thoughts.
I really believe in what you say, but I could not do justice to what I has in mind.
I'm completly satisfied with your answer and would try to counsel that person with your thoughts now.
Thank you once again.
I believe that Maslow theory is the only solution when he will satisfy his social need then his motivator will be others.
Similarly in the self actualization state the needs become totally different
Ajay Bhasin :lol:
hi archana,
the motivation theories valid in the world today is the vrooms expectancy theory and adams equity theory......
"money is everything buts not everything ".. you cant reject that ppoint completey....
i think what the mico krish (who is hr professor for me ), you can go through his post ...... abt the relevancy of motivational theries in present days.....
Hi jacob
u r absolutely right
equity theory: if i see my coworker who puts in the same effort as me , getting paid more, i will be demotivated
vrooms expectancy theory: seeing the rewards i work or put in positive reinforcement.........lovely theory
In my case i have alwez looked out for a career in HR and was very keen in getting into this line. I thought it was much difficult for me to change to this line as at entry level the salaries paid in this line are quite low and i was drawing good enuf when i was working in a BPO... at that time what was imp to me was d job satisfaction and i took a decision to quit the job and try out for a HR job..and now i am into it. This job gives me lot of pressure as i am the only person in HR department as of now..and the salary paid to me is less than what i used to draw before..but what matters to me is the job satisfaction....and i feel that for most of the ppl at some point of time it wud be the job satisfaction that wud matter and not money alwez....infact i personally feel that in females an urge for job satisfaction is more rather than any monetary satisfaction...ofcourse it might me bacause their's wud b an alternative income in the family...however...i conclude that the motivational levels in an individual keep changing depending on the situations....what say u??
Hey Guys,
Wow the topic is heating up again.
JAcob and Shijee, I agree with both of you completely.
According to me also, MONEY is a motivator but for sometime, at different levels of age we expect something else from our respective companies.
Keep posting oyur views guys, that makes the discussion more enjoyable.
hello archna,
Good topic and nice discussion.
The knowledge we get from the books are worth, no doubt. But how long it will be useful in our life, especially in practical ways.
The knowledge of books are guideliness and it cannot be sincerely followed always in all the ways.
Money is the great motivator and it has to be supported by other motivators like appreciation, good leadership, listening, etc.
Unfortunately , now a ways, when the money is offered to employees, the attitude of the employer is that , he can get good out of the money he provided to the employees. He never feel that the money is offered to him for the quality work of the employee.
So money is undoubtedly very important motivator, but my personal feeling is that other motivators also plays vital role alongwith money.
My association with bosses since long time, is based on friendship, affection, love, encouragement, support, leadership and NOT money.
It differ from people to people
senthil raj
Hi archana,
Certainly money is a big motivator but i believe we all have human emotions of being appreciated, rewarded and getting recognition.A reaserch also says of fortune 500 companies that MONEY IS NOT THE ONLY FACTOR which motivates employee, rather it is the oppertunities of creativity, growth and contineous personal and professional development which enables people to have a sense of fullfillment ,hence the motivational thoeries are very relevent in day to day life.
Thanks for throwing a wonderful topic to the members.
Hi Archna et al,

Great discussion. ( good enough to get me back to posting on Cite Hr again. See, motivation works!!)

Theories don't come up from thin air or from the dreams of the theorists.
Theories - as Samvedan rightly put it - are successful practices which are recorded as theory.
Samvedan's words: 'When one observes "what works", one tends to use the method often and in due course it becomes a theory.'

Someone once said that Industry & academics cannot survive in isolation. they need each other.

Simply put, the academics observe the Industry & come up with postulates & theories which are then taught to other members of Industry.

My two cents worth of suggestion:

Archna, you say the manager in question is doing well.

Now ask yourself - what do I really want, to change his perception or to help more people become successful?

if you discuss/ argue with him , you may end up demotivating/ agitating him & lose a 'star' .
The sensible way - in my opinion- is a 'different strokes for different folks' approach.

For as long as it benefits him & the company,let the manager continue to believe that money is the only motivator. As time goes he may change.

The real issue is -I say again- not to change him but to get others to be as successful.

I remember reading a brilliant set of motivation case studies in a website i forgot which.

I have attached it for further reading to you Archna & all others.

all the best,

'We do not describe the World we see, we see the World we describe.'

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Dear archnahr,
Theories of motivation works very well with majority. These theories are practical. However with few it may differ. There are thousands of people who leave their well paying jobs for reasons which others can not even understand. There are many who refuses transfer or promotion forgoing increase in remuneration. What motivates an individual can not be observed all the time, but their behaviour can be.
Money is a motivator, but not for all and not always too.
Your manager may not have come across any who values other things more important than money.
The psychologists who spend years in research are not idiots to bring out such theories.
Kesava Pillai
Motivation only by monetary compensation cannot be a lasting solution. Appeal should be made to inculcate a sense of belonging to the institution and kindle the intellect of the employee to contribute more to the institution to cater to his mental satisfaction
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