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Top 10 Reward, Recognition, Award, and Thank You Ideas

Looking for convenient, appreciated, reasonably cost-conscious ways to provide rewards and recognition demonstrate your appreciation and say 'thank you' for contributions that people make at work? You can select flowers, a book or a CD that you know your staff will enjoy. But, what if you're not familiar with their preferences? Help with rewards, recognition, awards, and appreciation is here.

1) Motivational Posters for Recognition

Most people want to know that their work made a difference. After all, why contribute all of that energy and effort without seeing impact and change? Here's one way that is poster that tells the individual that his work and contribution did make a difference - and, it is appreciated.

2) Engraved Articles for Excellence and Teamwork

Want to provide rewards for all the members of a team? Consider pens and lapel pins that celebrate such positive contributions as excellence, teamwork, and "doing whatever it takes to get the job done well." This selection of desk clocks may also fit the bill; affordable and easy to engrave as well, these are great for rewards, recognition, awards, and showing appreciation.

3) Thank You Gifts to Please Individual Tastes

Ideas for business recognition and gifts include crystal picture frames, watches, clocks, best wishes bowls and more. Here's a memorable picture frame, for example. Say "thank you" in a truly memorable fashion with a gift selected for the individual.

4) Gift Baskets for Rewards

Who doesn't like chocolate, cookies, cheese, or gourmet snacks? These baskets are perfect for providing rewards and recognition for an employee, coworker, or boss. Baskets are a good choice because they can be customized to reflect the tastes of the receiver. And, when the contents are gone, the basket (or other container), engraved or with a card, provides a lasting memory.

5) More Gift Basket and Container Ideas

If you're getting the impression that I think a filled basket is an outstanding idea for employee rewards, appreciation, and recognition, you're right. They're so easy to customize to the tastes of the individual employee or the group. Buy one to celebrate the success of a work team. Honor people on their company anniversary. Check out their versatility in these charming books.

6) Chocolate Pleases Almost Everyone

I don't know too many people who aren't fans of chocolate. Indeed, it's most frequently cited as the food people can't get enough of, so, giving chocolate sends a warm "thank you" message. You can often find gift boxes wrapped in "thank you" paper or ribbons, so the gift is festive and on target for rewards and recognition.

7) If You Don't Do Chocolate, How About Dessert?

Not everyone loves chocolate, but everyone loves dessert of some kind. Whether you send cookies, cake, or candy, desserts are a sure staff pleaser for rewards and recognition. Of course, you can order pizza or subs from a local store, and I encourage such recognition, but there is something special about desserts winging their way to your group from afar.

8) Thank You Cards for Recognition

A handwritten thank you note or card is always appropriate and often cherished. Keep a supply on hand. If they're handy and available, you're much more likely to take the time to fill one out. Remember, give praise and thanks that is as specific as possible as soon as possible after the event occurs for the most effective rewards, recognition, and feedback.

9) Organization Logo Merchandise

People like merchandise that carries the company logo and mission. Several hundred companies offer everything from t-shirts, jackets, dress shirts, and hats to mugs, pens, computer mouse pads, plaques, bookends, certificates of appreciation and more. Your only limit in this category of recognition is your imagination. Some organizations sponsor contests to design the logo for the merchandise.

10) Gift Certificates

Ask your employees at what local stores they shop. These are the stores from which they would most like to receive gift certificates. Keep gift certificates handy for convenient rewards and recognition. Some cities or regions ally merchants in programs that offer "one-dollar" gift certificates that people can spend in lieu of cash at any store that participates in the program.

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Management Consultancy & Training &
Luma Saif
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luma saif
Excellent ideas :) I would also suggest a Thank You call/message/e-mail from the CEO or the director, which could mean much more to the employee & push him even further. Or maybe a Thank You balloon to be hung on his desk, so that others can recognize his outstanding performance as well :wink:

From Jordan
Jeroo Chandiok

All the ideas are great!
HR personnel should scout around for the best value-for-money items and keep the info on a site which can be immediately accessed, because the biggest impact of such appreciations is that they are made asap!

From India, Mumbai
Sujata... really surprised about ur posting.. Is that really your ideas???? B’cause i posted this hope first on the CiteHR ..since it was not mine I have mentioned unknow HR professional..
From India, Malda
I got these ideas from one of the senior HR .I am supposed not to mention his name.. Sujata.. Please take reward for your own ideas.. not others pleaseeeeee
From India, Malda

Hi! Unknown Senior HR Professional :)
We heartly welcome you to the community. Yes! this is really a fantastic one to IMPLEMENT.
hope all the other fellow members do find this.
Any way! thankx for yor contribution.
:) katik

From India, Coimbatore
I am sorry .. this is not mine .. THis is from one of the senior HR profession.. SOrry for making u to misunderstand
From India, Malda
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