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in my blog...we somehow started this dicussion...

i asked saurabh if he believed in God...

this discussion has been goin on since 2 weeks or something..

pritam and vinisha have joined has gotten pretty interesting.

thought il share it with everyone

DISCLAIMER - this is not intended to hurt anyone...plz dont send me mails saying u dislike it..its just a way of trying to make the non - believers into beleivers..

or share the knowledge...and interesting stories.....which u will come across

feel free to add comments

ther r some believers and non believers...whom we call athist.(kindly continue the trend)


it goes in descending order,since i have copy pasted it frm my shout - out box.


Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:17 am

@ vini

asking u to believe in Him or in a light or some it destiny or not becoz i am not sure abt my faith..its becoz i find my faith and knowlwdge abt him so satisfying...tht i want to share it with u...

its like a shhelter, frm ur stress and pain


i really cant say abt evolution or how does God figure ther...

but i have a doubt..Y does god have to figure ther...

even if he did or he are we ever gonna know??


chill pill?

wer is this available??


im loving this conversation...i am making it as a thread..

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Sun Oct 15, 2006 6:33 pm

Bird of the same feather flock together!!

Hum saare ek doosre ko jhelane ke expert bante jaa rahe hain...

the only thing i can say as a comment is ... Very good. Good expressions from both vinni and pritam... but I have really lost track of what exactly we started discussing..??

sunayna is quiet... Madam... kuch boliye

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Sat Oct 14, 2006 3:02 pm

tsk tsk... Seriously pritam talks a lot no! hahaaa [look who's talkin!!]

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Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:47 am

Huhh... Seriously need some time to read and comment....

welcome to discussion vinni

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Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:35 am

oh sorry.... one more thing i forget to add is if you know , coming to india, i what god is called in hindi, i think its 'BHAGVAN' (an ancient language use to be spoken by our fore fathers)you know what it means its a club of two word.. our rishi munis have clubbed it together.. it consiats of BHAG n VAN ......BHAG means 'SELF' and VAN means 'knowing thyself'.. so its simple to crack puzzle.. i think it resembles with "Aahm Brahm asmi!!"

just meanings have changed a bit and we are framing our own ideas.. hu!

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Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:23 am

my my.. this lady has power of expressing .. she described all the stuff .. that was exactly what i was trying to say.. but was hard to express .. congratulations to you vini well done..

well for me the perfect word is athist cos i dont belive in existence of god but i do belive in human side and this brain.. you know the basic difference between man and animal is brain .. animal only knows to search for food sleep and etc basic stuffs.. but man got brain and he thinks and lot.. what makes a human human is his brain otherwise we couldn't have be wearing clothes and going to office or try to set a career.... you see this creepy creature has built this concept of god on grounds of fear.. and thats 100 percent true..

i"LL says that before the ages of adam and eve there were hairy creatures which resembled to present human beings.. now evolution begins.. tell me wheres god one is talking abt this concept.. man started to create groups, colonies and few civilisations were established.. the heads of such civilisation started to think about whats good and whats bad for all to survive and said earlier and well addded by vini that good was defined as god and bad as evil... now few started to realise rather say started to go greedy and concentrating of having powere in there hands.. tell me one thing how will you control a kid if he is trying to get out of control or trying to get wise guy . what you want is to have control over him.. then try to implement some rules .. right..and make a exhaustive list of do's and dont's .. in addition of certain motivational factors and fear factors....(correct me if m going wrong)

so you see this civilisation started to discover many such concepts to have control and rule over the poor fella humans.. and a concept of god was established.. those who were wise tried to discover other few gods by different name.. now along came few holy creatures like jesus buddha mohammed mahavir... etc etc. they started to prech good stuff.. and had many followers.. now the previously established gods were afraid about there existance.. so what to do.. and nobodys gonna listen.. EUREKA.. we ll manage with merger and try to name them god but the preachings will not be of this holy saints but of us.. this thought worked !

now just give a thought .. who writes manuscript.. the god itself or his/her follower..

whose so ever is king he only writes rule book.. you see this is what went every time..followed by massive killing and done everytime.. no god told to kill no god said that killing is good for sake of goodness.. or else tell me one thing how the followeres of constintine who belived on power of nature and praised it..became suddenly extinct

thats man .. a creepy head busto.. he has all his logics framed.. kabhi ye kahavat suni to hogi .. dusre ke khande pe banduk rakh ke goli chalan.. thats very old trend..

lastly i would like to share my opinion abt.. whats god! according to me thats the son/ daughter of religion and power politics.


sunayna.. heaven and hell are right here there's no other life.. but can be other world beyond cosmic zones.. hihih.. chillax dear .. in words of saurabh.. take chill pill.. you are god to me when i see your dedication towards kitty. go cat.

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Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:24 pm

hahaa... Sunayna invited me to this discussion. This is what I think:

1. The part of you which empowers you to do the right thing and makes you guilty for your wrong actions is called conscience. Conscience stems from an individuals value system, which is inherent in every individual. Its like a constitution, a law to be followed, and everytime you break this law, you feel bad and everytime you adhere to it, you feel at peace.

2. When a person feels the need to define good, {God}, he feels the need to define bad {Satan} only because they are opposites, they balance each other out. Greek mythology and many other religious texts have defined God and Satan, whether they exist or no, is purely a personal belief.

3.Coming to the existence of God, I believe its entirely on an individual level. You must know why is it that you believe in God. Is it because you have someone to blame? Is it because the presence of a Supreme Being assures you that you are well protected in his hands, a Supreme Being, being the Supreme that he/she is, and well above the normal being's reach? Or is it because it just feels right? There could be many reasons, but be careful to analyse the reason, Do you believe in God for what he/she GIVES you [happiness, protection, lessons from miseries or sufferings..]? This belief is sensitive. If tomorrow someone gives you a valid reason for the inexistence of God, then you would protest, you would defend. If you believe in God FOR WHAT HE/SHE IS and not for what he/she gives you, then you have a strong faith. For this, you need to know, who is God? What is God? Again, this is purely on the individual level. The relationship between an individual and God is only between the individual and God and no one else! A person may decide he/she doesnt want to believe in a God , and that is only and only the individuals business and no one elses. It is purely the discretion of the individual and no one other than him/her has the right or the need to question the individuals beliefs. If you truly believe in a God, then you are content with your belief. Whether someone else believes or not, does not and must not concern you. If it does, then you are not content. You have a relationship with an entity called God, and that's that. That is enough to make you happy for your entire life, even if no one around you believes that there is a God. And if your saying that I want people around me to believe in God, I still say you are not content. A belief in God, amounts to a belief in your fellow beings beliefs, in his/her right to make his/her decisions, an affirmation in your fellow beings.

Someone once said,

"When you are alone, stuck in a cave, helpless, without food or water or any sort of help, and your tired of trying, you have a natural instinct to yell, "Help".... and that is a prayer. A human needs to define what he is praying to... and that's where God comes."

Another perspective of looking at it is, the natural instinct is your connection with God. And when you make a prayer out of that instinct, you make it to God.

The first thought would be adopted by an atheist, while the second, by a believer in God.

You do not need to explain to anyone why you believe in a God, because that is none of the other persons business. It is only and only your business. And when you can do that, you have an unshakeable faith.... Congratulations!

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Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:04 pm

Just three words.. take chill pill ...

relax and smile

for god likes the devil... that is just a statement not intended to be debated

another line of thoughts on this topic...

what is the opposite of it is not cold... cold is just a state of absence of heat energy.

Is god a positive energy? if yes, does evil means absence of that positive energy? or ther is some thing like negative energy...?It is assumed that every living thing has some kind of energy in it that keeps him alive... Aatma or Soul..

If we humans have both god and evil in us then does that mean our soul is neutral? (+ve and -ve energies balance out ideally)

there will be 99.99% cases where aatma is not exactly neutral... it will be either more +ve or more -ve depending on the Karma. SO when the soul departs, if more positve, meets the +ve energy reservoir (God) and if -ve then meets -ve energy reservoir(the evil)... Are these heaven or Hell?

Hey, these are instant work of creativity and thoughts .. and after reading it you wish to kill me... i can understand as I happen to read it once before I submitted it. Smile

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Wed Oct 11, 2006 7:12 pm

ok...the point of me asking whether saurabh beleives in very beautifully answered.

i dont remember the reason i asked... Smile

i dont have to beleive if ther is god or no...wts ther to beleive..i know he each one of saurabh said...i dont endorse the concept of there being a heaven....but i wldnt mind if ther is..and me going ther....

ive heard some incidents..wer someone had a nervous break down...and she says tht she was near some light..asking her to go on her one side she cld see ppl in torn clothes..begging...hitting each other...rotting...and on her other side she saw ppl in peace.

ya mentioned earlier..i belivbe in aham brahmasi ..tatwa wamasi.

vini is apparently too buys preparing for CAT..pritam.

pritam, god and devil being too filmy acding to me...dont u think...i shall stick to wt i said earlier....god made somehting tht was absolutely different frm him...and we got devil....i dont agree with saurabh saying god likes the devil...becoz he gets publicity... its just tht maybe god wantes to show tht ther was an opposite to him..and we shdnt follow him.

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When it comes to this “Topic” I would like to ask you’ll something. The famous book and movie “Da Vinci Code” was banned in many countries because it is portraying something against the said religion. But this is fiction so if a person has faith and believes in his/her true religion then why should this film be banned because a person with strong faith in no circumstances will demolish it instead strengthen it no matter what he/she reads or watches. Maybe this can also be a test of faith.
I do not intend to hurt or offend anyone, this is just my view. Any comments?????

aaah DA vinci again my fav book ur right ashra absolutely u must have heard "wtever ur heart clings to....tht is God."
i was thinking abt this statement
Aham brahmasi
am i really god?
how can i be god?
how can my comp or my tablye be god?
its sounds a lil absurd
ok....leave non-livings things out of this for a min..
how can i be god..i am selfish, annoying, dont trust ppl at times...
and leave me for a can ppl like osama be god?
is god really in me..???
and if he is..then y?

Hey Sunayna,

First of all.. why this question?

Do you have doubts about "Aahm Brahm asmi"... I think so.

see, its a matter of belief and faith.. one cannot make you believe that there exists God if you lack faith...

Now .. faith is a relative term... more the faith, lesser is the logic.

When you ask "Is god really in me?", I assume you believe in God. When you believe in God's existence... you may think he is present only at the place of worship, or he is present every where. (Two common beliefs, but no logic here.. as god is not logic..its Faith)(Also, I am referring to God as he for the sake of convinience in writing)

Now another popular belief... the belief in "aatma" or the "Soul". There is a belief that there exists "something " in us that keeps us alive. This can be an unknown energy which when leaves a living being, he dies.

In Hindu mythology, after death this Soul then either meets the origin or the creater which essentially symbolises God or enters into a new body.

So where does the concept of aahm brahnm aasmi (I am God) comes into picture...

Spirituality is all about Faith... When you believe Soul is nothing but a part of God, then you believe that god exists every where and its impossible to break him as he is not substance.. which implies every part is equal to the full which eventually means your soul = God.... or you have god right inside you... you just have to believe and have faith.

I belive in it that's is why this logic... there will be plenty who would like to differ .. thier comments are welcome .. and ofcourse your's



My simple belief is if you know what’s right and doing what’s right and have faith in what you do and truly believe in things that inspires you then you can’t go wrong what ever the religion you believe in.
But my question was can something like “Da Vinci Code” be harmful for the religion if the believers of that religion have true faith??? Can fiction mislead them??? If so, are they true believers with faith??
Not offending anyone……………..just thought of asking since the topic came up!!!!
Yours “Faithfully” :lol:

bap re bap wherre is this topic leading to ..
dear all,
it has been to regards to this topic abt the exisctance of god is getting huge look for those who are not taking personnaly.
aur saurabh.. really i m sorry that topic has been a bi diverted.. but we can also discuss devil or me hihihi
now sunayna.
you are god . ofcourse you are the one . do you really want to feel it!
... i ll let you know later
for now just remember what god means .. when you started to know your self you will know your surrounding.. and then you will realise whats the term called god means..
you are god.. not a big mystery..
remember i m not sasying god is in you you are your own god .. cos you are god
rest later .. office work u see

let me add my version of it...
God is faith
Faith is inner self
Our inner self is God

thus ahm brahma asmi holds true.
Each one of us is God, our inner self is god which is the faith that drives all of us every day.

aise hi
sochte sochte can i be i said...i am selfish...mean at times....i lie...or try to lie...i have soo many bad qualities..tht god will soon get irritated and ...i dunno.leave or vanish..or ....go away
we know
i think god is not on earth
idol worship accding to me is wrong...
my idea of god is - some energy....somewhere...some light probably....
tht tells us to do the right thing...
and writer of ur destiny...fate...the puppet master.
u know..wt ur saying...makes sense.
if GOd is we both agree...then definitely ..its in me...
a lot of things can be offending if u have a lot of free time.
MY Qstn of GOD being in me is very rightly answered.
i am convinced now.

haha 100 % belief in God... wow haha lagta hai atheist vote dalne mein bhi belief nai rakhte
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