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Dear All Planning to keep a medical kit at my work place. Can you please advice me on the basic medicines i need to keep. Regards Anks
From India, Pune

Sr.Admin Assistant
Here is some Basic medicine which. iam keeping in my First Aid box.
Hope this is suffix for you also..please find in detail.
Medicine Cold Act Saridon Vicks action 500 Meftal-SPAS Novalgin Band Aid Voveran Plus Dolo-650(Paracetamol) Calpol Electral powder Burnol Cream Strepsils

From India, Hyderabad
you should keep only those medicines which are used very commonly in house like combiflame, crocin, brufen, dettol, cotton, band aid, disprin. dont use medicine like vicks action 500, anacins, saridon, etc which is banned in US.
Normally ppl want to have the medicine for head ache/ body ache and cuts

From India, Delhi
Dear Colleague,

I am looking and am responsible for the Occupational Health Center in my Organisation. I thought of sharing with you that pls go through the factories Act .. i mean the Factories rules of the state ur company is located it is basicallyu a Pharma Company.

My company is located at Goa and as such as per the Goa factories rules since we hire about 150 individuals we need to keep the following.

In respect of any factory carrying on `hazardous process' there shall be provided and maintained in good order an Occupational Health Centre with the services and facilities as per scale laid down hereunder:-

(a) For factories employing up to 50 workers.-
(i) the services of a Factory Medical Officer on retainer-ship basis in his clinic to be notified by the occupier. He will carry out the pre-employment and periodical medical examination as stipulated in rule 90N and render medical assistance during any emergency;
(ii) a minimum of 5 persons trained on first aid procedures amongst whom at least one shall always be available during the working period.
(iii) A fully equipped first aid box.
(b) For factories employing 51 to 200 workers-
(i) an Occupational Health Centre having a room with a minimum floor area of 15 sq. mtr. with floors and walls made a smooth and impervious surface and with adequate illumination and ventilation as well as equipment as per the Schedule annexed to this rule.
(ii) A part-time Factory Medical Officer shall be on over all charge of the Centre who shall visit the factory at least twice in a week and whose services shall be readily available during medical emergencies;
(iii) One qualified and trained dresser-cum-compounder on duty throughout the working period;
(iv) A fully equipped first aid box in all the departments.
(c) For factories employing above 200 workers,-
(i) one full-time Factory Medical Officer for factories employing up to 500 workers and more medical officer for every additional 1000 workers or part thereof;
(ii) an Occupational Health Centre having at least 2 rooms each with a minimum floor area of 15 sq. mtrs. with floors and walls made of smooth and impervious surface and adequate illuminations and ventilation as well as equipments as per the Schedule annexed to this rule'
(iii) there shall be one nurse, one dresser-cum-compounder and one sweeper-cum-ward boy throughout the working period.
(iv) The occupational Health Center shall be suitably equipped to manage medical emergencies. (2) The factory Medical Officer required to be appointed under sub-rule(1) shall have qualification included in Schedules to the Medical Degrees Act. 1916(Act 7 of 1916) or in the Schedules to the Medical Council Act, 1956(Act 102 of 1956) and possesses Diploma in Occupational and Industrial Health offered by any recognized University, within one month of the appointment the Factory Medical Officer, the occupier of the factory shall furnish to the Chief Inspector the following particulars:

Rule prescribed under sub-section (I) of Section 45:

(C) For factories employing more than fifty persons, each first-aid box or cupboard shall contain the following equipments.
(i) Twenty four small sterilised dressings
(ii) Twelve medium size sterilised dressings
(iii) Twelve large size sterilised dressings
(iv) Twelve large size sterilised burn dressings
(v) Twelve (15 gm) packets of sterilised cotton wool
(vi) One (200 ml) bottle of cetrimide solution (1%) or a suitable antiseptic solution
(vii) One (120 ml) bottle of mercurochrome (2%) solution in water.
(viii) One (120 ml) bottle of sal-volatile having the dose and the mode of administration indicated on the label.
(ix) One pair of scissors
(x) One roll of adhesive plaster (6 cm. X 1 m.)
(xi) Two rolls of adhesive plaster (2 cm. X 1 m.)
(xii) Twelve pieces of sterilised eye pads in separate sealed packets.
(xiii) A bottle containing 100 tablets (each of 325 mg.) of aspirin or any other analgesic.
(xiv) One polythene wash bottle (500 cc) for washing eyes.
(xv) Twelve roller bandages 10 cm wide.
(xvi) Twelve roller bandages 5 cm wide.
(xvii) Six triangular bandages.
(xviii) One tourniquet.
(xix) A supply of suitable splints.
(xx) Two packets of safety pins.
(xxi) Kidney tray.
(xxii) A snake-bite lancet.
(xxiii) Ointment for burns.
(xxiv) One (30 ml.) bottle containing potassium permanganate crystals.
(xxv) One copy of first-aid leaflets issued by the Directorate General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes, Government of India, Bombay
Provided that items (xiv) to (xxi) inclusive, need not be included in the standard first-aid box or cupboard.
(a) where there is a properly equipped ambulance room, or
(b) if a t least one box containing such items and placed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of section 45 is separately provided. (D) In lieu of the dressing required under items (i) and (ii) there may be substituted adhesive wound dressings approved by the Chief Inspector of Factories and other equipment or medicines that may be considered essential and recommended by the Chief Inspector from time to time.

Over and absove this u can keep more mediciences but these are the requirement which should be maintained mandatory.

Trust u find it usefull.

Jagdish Vasta:icon1:

From India, Mumbai

Dear Anks
I am a doctor involved in pharma export. We are maintaining the First Aid box according to the list below-
1. Savlon- 1 bottle
2. Band Aid- 50 pcs
3. Paracetamol- 1 box
4. Ranitidine- 1 box
5. Antihistamin- 10 pcs
6. Cotton- 1 roll
7. Scissor- 1 pc
8. ORS- 10 pcs
9. Burn Cream- 1 pack
10. Suture- 2 pcs
11. Gloves- 2 set
12. Diclofenac Tablet- 1 box
13. Diclofenac Injection- 5 pcs
14. Disposable syringe ( 5 cc)- 5 pcs
15. Gaudze- 5 pcs or 1 roll
16. Instruction for first aid & EMS phone number
Please keep OTC medicine as minimum as possible in First Aid Box because people wants these drug routinely but the aim of First Aid to serve in emergency. You can keep some dermatological product. If you are in factory everyday, please monitor the nail cut & hygiene status of worker. This is very important.

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Dear Dr. Mahmood
Indian factory act allow only aspirin or paracetamol tablet to be keep in first aid kit. I dont know about Bangladesh.
Dear all,
the post, Jagdish V has mentioned above is very useful for indian factory act requirement. However please check your state specific factory rules for more information. We may keep aspirin or Paracetamol in first aid kit. and we must have to avoid combiflam and other such medicines keeping in first aid box, because it contains ibuprofen drug which comes under schedule H in India. Before keeping in medicines in first aid kit, please check the package of that medicines. If any of such package has labelled like "Schedule H drug" - than dont keep it in first aid kit.
I have some concern regarding use of mercurochrome and sal volatile. This two medicines are not generally regarded as safe.

From India, Mumbai
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