Hi Srishti,

You have asked -The interviewer who is asking this question will be having more than one motive! With my personal experience, I would say if the interviewer is happy with the candidate and wants to offer the job or want to actively consider his candidature will ask this question rather the last question of the interview. The candidate who has been asked this question can surely presume that he is in the reckoning for the job. The interviewer with this question tries to find out how the candidate puts his queries and how he tries to get the solution, whether his communication skills are alright, whether the candidate has done any homework regarding the company, whether the candidate has some false hopes, inhibitions working in this atmosphere etc., It also gives an indication that how bold is the candidate in asking the question. In my opinion, definitely this question is not out of the context and if this question is asked to any candidate, he should be happy to make use of this situation.


From India, Bangalore
You have asked a very right Question srishti..........many people are unaware of thses facts which are importatnt to win interviewer's mind.
The things like job location ,your role n responsibility will be explained during the interview itself coz without those details interview doesnt happen.
You can ask
1)How is the environment in the Organization?
2)The Dresscode?
3)No of employees?

From India, Pune

The question from the interviewer is significant. To understand the motivation of the interviewer and propriety of such a question, one must understand the context of the INTERVIEW!!

Is the candidate a fresher?

Is the candidate being considered for a junior or a middle or a senior level opening?

What is a company culture? and many such questions.

It is necessary to understand all this as the candidate's answer is in all likelihood judged on the following criterion.

Dignity, Relevance, Maturity, Authenticity and Interests.

Candidates who have otherwise handled the interview well are known to have blundered at this step by asking questions like "how soon would I be required to join? OR I will need .....months notice before I can join. OR What would be salaty packege? etc" Clearly this was NOT the time or occassion to raise such matters, but the candidate did, and suffered. On the other hand, candidates have made good use of this opportunity to improve some answer given during the interview or to provide useful information to the interviewer. Some others seek clarifications of important aspects of the company as are RELEVANT to what subjects they have been discussing during the interview.

It would be fatal to ask "when should we be meeting?" etc.

The five factors stated above should be seen related to the job level for twhich the candidate is being interviewed.

This questions is a slippery opprtunity. It can make or mar your chances depending upon how you handle the question.

I suppose this response will at least be able to set you thinking. If I can help further, you are welcome to present your difficulties.



September 22, 2006

From India, Pune
hi shrishti. i guess to judge how interested is the candidate in the company & role, culture, environment etc....

hi, i wanted to discuss the third one.?how male/female ratio can make a difference to build a brand image of the organisation? pl.share rooma
From India, Lucknow
This is how it would make difference!!
Salary and all is ok , but this info is most important...what do u say?
Male to Female Ratio Among IT Professionals
Company & M/F Ratios
  • Rolta 24:1
    Mascon Global 19:1
    HCL Infosystems 12:1
    Adobe 11:1
    EDS 500: 1
    Digital Globalsoft 7:1
    HCL Technologies 6:1
    Sun Microsystems 6:1
    HP 5:1
    Capgemini 5:1
    Infosys 5:1
    Kshema Technologies 4:1
    Wipro 4:1
    TCS 4:1
    SAP 4:1
    Hughes Software 4:1
    iFlex 4:1
    Philips 3:1
    Cognizant 3:1
    NIIT 2:1
Guys look out for THOMSON...........
And Gals please help EDS....

Vinod Vijapur

From India, Mumbai
Hi Srishti,
This question is asked to check the candidate's maturity.
The answer will show how matured / tactful / seasoned / curious / smart / focussed is the candidate.
The answer will also clearly indicate how immatured / idiotic / stupid / unfocussed is the candidate.
Samvedan's answers will be a very good guideline for answering the question.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Srishti,
Th interviewers usually ask this question to clarify your doubts, if you have any....
He may also ask this question to check whether you have done your homework about the postion that you are applying for and the company you are going to join. The interviewer expects you to ask questions. He is not checking you on any parameters. Also, it is usually at the end of the interview, that the interviewer will ask this question, so clairy all your doubts regadring the job role, what is expected out of you, whom you will be reporting you, etc.
I hope this clarifies your doubts. Do let me know if you still need any clarification.

well what my prof. told me about this particular question is tht u can ask anything related to current news or sumthing like tht wch may or maynot be relevant w.r.t com. but sumthing wch may give the good impression to the interviewr but what everyone is saying in the forum is tht u should ask about the company tht is not also wrong but one can only ask those questions when ur sure that u have been slected .......? what say?
well i have another question what to reply when the interviewer ask "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF" w.r.t the post of HR (FRESHER) plz give xamples becoz this is the place one can ask question and xpect answers for even any stupid doubt which otherwise is not possible to ask anyone, not even the prof.so plz reply in little detail atleast.luking forward for your replies

From India, Delhi
This question could be asked by the manager for both purposes depending on his/her thinking and mindset. If you think about the logical sense of the question then you'll come to know that it can clearify the doubts of the candidate as well as help the HR Manager to know the psychy of the candidate as well. Now a days we also see that interviewers have to take care of thinking patteren and psychy of the candidate even much more greater than his competency. That's why Psychologists are hired to assess the candidates for different posts.
Anyway, alot many other things could be related with each and every question asked during the interview as these fulfil somewhat requirement of the interviewer.
But one thing is for sure that it all depends on the intention of the interviewer that why he wants to ask that question.

From Pakistan, Lahore

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