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Hi All,

I would like to share a small incident that happened in my office today.

My colleague (developer) was collecting 200bugs from each employeee for getting a gift for a newly married female.

she collected from 18 guys ans she kept 3600 in her draw last friday. monday morning she came to me and complained that 100bugs was missing.

I dint take it serious and i told her to check it properly and left it cool.

Today just sometime back she came to my cabin and said another 100bugs is missing.

First question i asked her was why u kept huge amount in ur draw unlocked..

she said I have so much trust on all the people over here. I am here for past 4 years and i never came across this kind of issues. even the office boys and cleaners r working here for past 4 years and this is the first time happened and she was with the same point i trust all.

I told her that i will look into this issue and let u know..she was not convinced and she started arguing with me that this issue should be told to everyone in the office so that everyone will be aware.. I told her management is there to take care of this kind of issues and we dont want to make it public. She made a very big scene and again pointed out that it should be known to all the employees. she was arguing with me for 15 mins on the same issue. Finally i told her give me time, i will check it up with office boys.

Hey guys, even u might face this kind of situations while handling the management

I request all the present and future HR Managers to send your views and ideas on handling & controlling this kind of characters and issues.

I went to her desk after sometime at 6 and i was hunting her place (i know its of no use) then i asked her to show the list and the money she had.

she gave me those and again i checked everything for her satisfaction and i removed my name from the list.

Initially she said i dont want to remove your name i will put 200 bugs and later she got convinced.

Now i have to find out the culprit.

This issues might look simple but when we face it we will know the discrepancies in it:(

From India, Madras
I guess developers would be happy if 200 bugs disappeared from their codes over-night!! hahaha! Sorry, could not resist cracking a joke.
Stick a bait. Draw inspirations from the Ali Baba story. Think of something good. Maybe use a webcam on your system and leave it on recording mode over night. Check the money, if something is missing, then you know which movie will reveal the truth. Keep this a big secret, you never know who is listening to all this!

From United States, San Diego
:?: I think this incident should be brought to the notice of other employees and also send a circular by email saying that employees should take care of their belongings and the management cannot be held responsible for their negligence and should also send a warning signal that the culprit be caught and this spoils the whole atmosphere and the employees need to maintain the corporate decorum.

From India, Bangalore
Keeping drawer unlocked is not exceptable at all. What we do at our home. Do we make the money, ornaments or any other valuables unlocked? Never! So, how come this practice being used at the work place? In the office; each and every people from different family and ethics. Have you got my point? Asked the lady to go through again her all pending and routine file.

I am running a petty cash of 10,000.00 BDT for office. Sometimes I can't my money. For that moment I use my own money. And believe me with in few moment I found it was on my desk beside the scanner or the sound box. I do the same thing at my home too. I couldn't find my key of cabinet -at the 11th hour to go for office. So, I used my yester day's dress again. But after returning home I found that the is either in my office bag or on the dressing table. I have crossing this situation after crossing 40 years. It's natural. Do you know after 40 years it is very natural. You can't refused it. If possible pass my posting to the lady. I hope she will not mind and have chance to realise the truth.

I hope for the best.

Anjuman Ara Baby

From Germany, Aachen
This is my personal opinion , When it comes to money there are only 2 things , either u be strict about it or be Lenient.
let say for instance i leave my keys with my neighbor , i know him for past 12 yrs . Now if my house is ransacked my first suspect is my neighbor , why because i have to go according to my rule .
There are 80% who will never steal , 15% will steal , 5% are god.
the lock we put is for the 80% ppl ( got that).

From India, Mumbai
I agree with the point of of view that other employees need to be informed. The reasons being
-Presently its just Rs 100 later it might be of some bigger denomination.
-If not informed then employees might blame you for not having informed in prior.
-even though it would attract people's attention atleast it will make them alert.
==> I have a personal feeling that it might be someone from the lower cadder who is doing this since it is restricted to an smaller amount like Rs 100.

I think the developer who had collected the money would be responsible for this because she has given this responsibility. She should have taken care of this.
Today it is just 200 bugs tomorrow it can be 10,000 how can she be so careless.

From India, Faridabad
The first thing, I think, you have to do is develop a list of suspects:

1. Ask colleague who she suspects. Why?

2. How did the suspect know the money was in the drawer?

Did colleague put it in all at one time, or over a period of time?

What time frame?

Was anyone close by when she put the money in the drawer? Who?

Did colleague tell anyone?

3. Was money hidden or in plain sight? If hidden, how?

4. 18 Contributors - How many potential contributors?

Did she solicit all?

Did any refuse to contribute? Who?

Then interview each suspect for motive and opportunity. Provide means to return the funds as indicated below.

Unless there is clear and convincing evidence, I would not accuse anyone.

After all interviews have been completed, call all the employees together, explain what has occurred, and indicate that if the money is returned within 2 business days (by anonymous letter drop, or mail, or other means) the matter will be disposed of in a dignified manner (usually resignation after some time has elapsed).

However, if the company has to go through the expense of an internal investigation, criminal charges will be brought against the perpetrator.

One last comment. The colleague should be reprimanded for carelessness in the handling of the funds.

Hope this helps,


From United States,
you should have been firm with this woman and told her straight off that it isn't your responsibility if cash is stolen from her drawer.

she herself took the responsibility of collecting and keeping the cash, she is 100% responsible for every lost penny.

even if this was a police case the first question police would ask her is 'why did you not lock the drawer?' or why didn't you keep the cash in a safer place rather than your drawer?

no way can the police or anyone else hold the management responsible.

hr management should not let their employees take advantage of situations like these..

it is by no means the responsibility of the hrm for "lost or stolen goods which were kept on an open display"... unless someone has "broke" into a locked safe or drawer only then in this case can there be a proper search and announcement.

if you leave your belongings as an open invitation to all .. there is nothing that the hrm or even police can do!

think again how silly this woman was to leave nothing else but hard cash lying in her drawer without a lock... and then she demands a public announcement!...for what?.. it would only show the others how careless she is and nobody is going to trust her with their cash in future.

you did the right thing by not announcing this matter.. you saved her a lot of critisizim.

be careful with your belongings and the belongings of others that you have taken responsibility for because "what gone is gone forever"

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hello all :( The loss of 200 is symptomatic, it could've been 3600 or around but only 100 each. Normally, in the second instance it should have been <100 but again 100 is intriguing.It doesn't appear to be a case of greed or financial difficulty tempting the culprit. This, to me, appears to be a case of somebody deriving pleasure in this. Then this is a serious issue. Some word of the mouth publicity is to be given to check whether this is an isolated event or it has been happening, small money means nobody bothers!!! In the latter case u have a nut amongst and it can be very dangerous. U may think of cctv or some such monitoring in that case. It is quite possible, it may not be office boys or cleaners but rather somebody quite well to do. I 've seen this happening many a times. Regards KK Nair

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