hello ppl
im scheduled for an interview for an MBA prog in HR. I was wondering what does the panel look for? What does it take for someone to be in HR?
i have looked for this info elsewhere in this forum and have not come up with any result! So my apologies if this question has been asked and answered!

From India, New Delhi
I'm not sure what the panel would be looking for but I would just like to share some experience and opinion on what does it take to be a HR person. Expectations vary i.e. from the Management and the Staff.


I think the most important thing is that one has to be genuinely interested in people. There's no point of being in HR but is uncomfortable to be with the people.

The staff of the organisation is our customer. Hence, we should always try to assist them within the boundary of the set policies and guidelines. Listen to them. An MD once mentioned, to be with the people, put your ears to the ground. By doing so, you will get to know some underlying issues among the workforce.


Besides the operational works, a HR person is expected to be the strategic partner to the business. We're expected to be able to advise and support the business objectives and direction. HR should be involved in the decision making. However, pls bear in mind, in some organisations, HR is not involved in major business decisions either by default or by lack of credibility.

It has been deliberated over and over again on how HR can be the strategic partner. In recent years, HR role has shifted from the traditional ppl maintenance i.e. recruitment, remuneration, employee relations etc. to a more strategic role. We're now expected to know the business value chain, external economic environments, identify potential issues from the business/ industry change and advise the management.

I hope it helps.


From Malaysia,
thank u Eliza...
What would a Bschool be lookin for in a potential candidate for a HR course? how wud they evaluate such a student? My admit process comprises of a Written Ability Test, a Group Discussion and a Personal Interview. As HR professionals what wud u be looking for in a candidate through this process? :?:

From India, New Delhi

Rule 1 - Be YOURSELF !!
Rule 2 - Be YOURSELF !!
Also, since the focus is HR .... Be People sensitive ...
The personal interview should be used to project your people skills ...
How well you UNDERSTAND People ... How well you can handle them ...
Understanding of the human psyche is important ... try to display that you have some understanding .... read some self developement book if you have time and you might be able to catch up on a few concepts about how people think ....
I cannot talk from experience but i guess ... when an interviewer is selecting for an HR course ... he will definately be interested in your People Knowledge and People skills.

From Switzerland, Geneva
Alongwith what has been said till now...i guess being a student they will check for ur focus in ur area of interest, they'll check ur knowledge and alongwith that they'll also see how u keep urself updated ... some questions asked in such interviews are:
1) Why do u wish to take up HR?
2) What according to u r the functions of an HR professional?
3) What areas in HR interests u the most?
Apart from these they might check ur GK which will be useful in both GD as well as PI.
As a student joining a course in HR they will check ur knowledge, ur attitude and skills like initiative, good communication skills, perseverence and ability to learn
Try to read a book on basics of HRM and Organisational Behavior. That will give u a lot of info
All the best.


Some more inputs -
1. Please keep your answers simple and to the point..jargons are a big no even if you know a lot about HR.
2. If you convey to the panel, that you are a people person, half the battle is won.
3. Your exposure to IT and other industries and where the HR industry is heading and why.
4. Confidence (even if some statistical figures are wrong, don't worry), Interpersonal skills (in a GD) and finally Attitude.
All the best :)


since m workin in a HR dept right now... i wld say managing ppl and getting the best out of them...this is from personal observation
but i dunno how u can show this quality in an interview..... my tip wld be tht u mingle around with ppl n smile at everyone. (sorry if i siound childish :oops: .....but i think it worked for me )
let us know how it turns out.....
all the best
smile anyways

From India, Mumbai
Human Resources Manager

To be sucessful in H.R you need to understand the basics of business and human behaviour.
The role of H.R in business is indispensible whether debateable to the issue or not, the fact is if the H.R has its basics firmed into the company the management would find it convienent to channelize their thoughts and vision to its employees through the H.R.
To survive the seas of H.R ( oceans ) you need to :
1) Understand human behaviour
2) Understand the management structure policies and decisions.
3) understand motivation & basic human psychology.
4) Be a Bridge between the owners / top management and all the employees ( Everyone except the top management ) on all parameters.
To understand it simply, if top management goofs up, on any issue it is the job / role of HR to set it right. If top management has a vision it is through HR that the vision gets defined into individual roles and becomes a sucess.
Thought this information would help you for the time being .
best wishes

From India, Mumbai
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