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Hi All,
There is one ppt I'm attaching here, which is developed by some of my students and me.
I teach them OB and after the completion of one chapter I ask them to make presentation on any of the topic of that chapter, at the end of the course they gifted me this ppt and said this is what we have learnt from you.
Please read and post your comments.
2nd August 2006 From India, Delhi

Attached Files
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File Type: ppt comprehensive_ob_164.ppt (224.0 KB, 11115 views)

This is very sad that 23 people downloaded this ppt but not even one comment is posted by any of you.
I have requested many times that once you take something or share something do mention gratitude to that person. :?:
This is sorry state that such good presentation received nothing in appreciation.
I hope some of you will take some pain in writing few words for my student's contribution.
2nd August 2006 From India, Delhi
Good effort. For future refernce, there is a saying "once you share it ceases to be yours'. Therefore, it is better we learn to give and expect nothing. I know it is difficult but saves a lot of mental peace for ourselves. Hope you dont mind me saying this.
warm regards,
4th August 2006 From India, Mangaluru
Hi Kusum,
I agree with what you say, but it really makes a difference if someone shows the gratitude.
I do not post these ppt and articles to get these points it is basically to share my knowledge.
So, I would appreciate if everybody gives their opinion for not just my posts but for everybody else.
There is a wrong practice going on at this forum,that people are being spoon fed, which is wrong. What Say???
4th August 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana,
I agree with what you say too. I was just helping in just jumping a realm. I have also encountered such dissappointments early in my career. The best way i tackled was the policy of just 'doing'. Expectations kill creativity. Just think of Mother Theresa, and all those of her like, it was 'doing' for them and nothing else. My dear, it is really jumping a realm, which people like you and me have to learn. Once the awareness comes it is easy to tackle. Take care. This reply was not a reaction only clarification or direction.
Warm regards,
4th August 2006 From India, Mangaluru
Hi Archnahr,

I have just read this thread after being away from citehr for a awhile and I must say I totally agree with your comments.I have found myself posting infrequently now, as my posts appear to be ignored most of the time. Initially I felt disrespected as a member however I have had several private messages where I have developed a friendship and gladly shared whatever help/assistance I can provide based on my experience. That's not a points grabber but a sincere mind set.

I don't post for points but rather to see if a different perspective might help with the creative juices for someone else, to cause reflection, challenge or educate,depending on my available time. I will only respond if I feel I have something that may be of value to say

Reading the thread, I smiled at some of the comments. Knowledge is power but a truly great leader gives away their knowledge to share the power and help others develop into great leaders through experience. I am perhaps not sure though where one draws the line at what is reality on citehr.What I see is a number of people requesting information from members to save themselves from doing the research on their own.This is also how I interpret your comments on "spoon feeding"

Thankyou for permitting my view as well


4th August 2006 From Canada, Ottawa
Hi JO,
Thanks a lot for your post.
I really feel bad not because many of them do not reply, it is because we put in lots of efforts to reply them or collect good material and post them.
Anyway, I'm learning from these experiences.
But I really felt good once I red yours and Kusum's mail on this.
Atleast my reactions or someone's attention. :wink:
Have a great weekend.
4th August 2006 From India, Delhi
Good efforts made by your student. However, it can be improved further e.g. the bullet points should be more elaborative. Flow of the ppt and pause required for each topic.
K Narayan
18th August 2006 From India, Pune
Hi archna real good work. motivate them to prepare one presentation with real life example. It will add to their knowledge dhawal dave
18th August 2006 From India, Jamnagar
Hi Archna,
The learning from the Bhagwad Gita is all-pervasive -do your duty without thinking of the returns (Wow!!!)
I have a question though as a new member of this forum. What do the posting points mean?
Keep posting and cheering... :D :D :D
19th August 2006 From India, Gurgaon
The colour combination , background colouring was bad . Philosophy , psychology - those two fields were discussed as different areas ; the slides could establish a link of those two with OB .
20th August 2006
Hey all,
Thanks to all for your valuable inputs.
Although the necessary changes have already been done as these mails came a little late but seriously even I have not considered these suggestions given by you all.
Thanks once again.
21st August 2006 From India, Delhi
hi archr,
i just went through the presentation...i must appreciate the efforts put in by your students..am a psychology student myself and if u ask me for suggerstion i would say its very much basic in nature...they could have made it much better...
21st August 2006 From India, Mumbai
Well it has may b all the theorotical things, but nothing is coming out of presentation. It would have been good if there would been linkages of the same to real life and so on. Rgds
5th September 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi archana
About the presentation
who are the students???????(grade)
if it is some senior grade then it is not a presentation but documentation(just have made a presentation for the sake of it)
About your observation about your articles not having a comment?
Well I would like to say that is it for comments that you post thought provoking articles and learning materials
Those who think they can fudge and go to the top are highly mistaken(bull shit can take you to the top but not for long)
One has to prove his/her mettle Do you think that they can get away with copying every time?
Knowledge sharing is the best thing one can do
You are not losing anything but helping others to gain something(be it copying)
These are my views and not directed to you. Please do not take it personally
6th September 2006 From India
:) Hi Archana, it was a good ppt, I really appreciate the hardwork done by yours student. I also feel sorry, since many people have not shown any gratitude towards the ppt after downloading, which i think was deserving it.
6th September 2006 From India, Mumbai
Hi Vrishi,
The students are of BBA first year. So, gradually they will learn how to make Ppts and even the subject knowledge will be increased.
Don't you agree??
No, I don't post my articles for comments, but I think anyone will be happy to receive some critics or comments. Don't you want to have feedback on anything you do??
Feedback is the one link which makes the process of Communication Complete. :D
Rest what you have written regarding copying is clearly mentioned in the Posting Guidelines by Sid(CHR). If anybody copy any material, it is copyright infringement.
I would request you not to use the language which can hurt somebody's feelings. Showing such aggressive remarks may cause further arguments.
I may not take it personally as mentioned by you, as I have grown past all these things, but others can.
Thanks for your valuable inputs.
6th September 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana ,
Your students have made a good effort . They can still improve in giving some more details .I appreciate your assessment for your students . So that you understand that what they have understood in your class.
6th September 2006 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hello all,

I have out of the country for a bit and am just now getting caught up with my interest threads.

I have finally decided to express myself on the issue of feedback.At the risk of offending many of my colleagues here, I wish my comments to be accepted in the spirit they are given, to affect improvement.

Please, please, please....when someone asks you for feedback it is because they want your feedback!

Saying the presentation was good or boring or whatever, tells the person absolutely nothing. We need to give specifics.

1.What was good, why, what was the impact on you personally.

2. What was boring, why, what suggestions might we make to improve?

The receiver should feel totally ok with questioning to clarify points brought out by the feedback.

Feedback is sought for validation that the presentation served it purpose and that key messages were received.

We use this same process within the coaching process. If we are serious about helping each other to grow, develop and learn new skills we need to improve our feedback techniques or not bother.

I would never except the words written here from or for any of my students.They have no value in the feedback process and for me shows a disrespect for the effort made.


28th October 2006 From Canada, Ottawa
Thanks a lot for the comments you made here in the post.
I agree with you on certain points that feedbak should be given in a proper manner, just saying good and bad oes not solve the purpose. :)
But I disagree with you on the statement "that I would not accept any of the words given for my students"
I'm happy that people read the ppt and given their comments on that. I accept it whole heartedly.
Secondly, I have not receivd any feedback from you, although even you are not acting the way you are suggesting.
I may sound straight forward, but this is true that we all give suggestions but does not implement ourselves.
30th October 2006 From India, Delhi
I am not sure what is going on with the citehr website but I spent considerable time documenting my feedback which appears has not been received.I shall try to take the time today to recreate. I have reported this problem through to microsoft.Message I received was site not found.
30th October 2006 From Canada, Ottawa
Hi Archna

This is a recreation of feedback I had previously provided on citehr for your students but that you appear not to have received. I think we can agree to disagree on accepting feedback.

My view is that all feedback is positive when it provides the detail that will help us affect improvement. The disadvantage perhaps with this forum is the immediate opportunity to clarify issues brought forth in the feedback process. I stand by my comments on value of feedback where no details or effects are documented. I see no value in that it doesn’t add to the learning or improvement of the end result. That is one of the key purposes of feedback.

1.Initially the strong colors attracted my attention but as I moved forward I became confused as to what the key learning points were. For me a softer background with emphasis in color would have driven the key points home. Maximum 3 colors

2.Font use: the mix of fonts, script, underling and not were a source of irritation for me. I found myself missing the key points while I counted the variety on each slide.

3.Animation: Again missed key learning as I was left with the impression the originator was trying to use every possible animation technique to prove they knew how. Found myself second-guessing what would come next.

I am not a student of MP but I am a corporate trainer on effective use of PP presentations. I am not sure my feedback will be of value to your students as my comments are specific to the PP as opposed to content, which I think was your intent.

Questions I would ask….

1.Who is this presentation intended for?

2.Is this presentation speaking slides?

3.What is the key message meant to be delivered? I missed it!

4.How many people would be attending the presentation? Script is very difficult to read depending on group size, room size lighting etc.

5.Will participants be using a guide?

6.How will notes be taken, questions handled etc.?

7.Normally a title page, welcome, closing etc would be included? Again who is the audience?

8. Time allocated for the presentation?

I applaud the effort of your students. The learning and growing as their experience is gained is so exciting. Please accept these comments in the spirit in which they are given, to help affect improvement.

He/she who dares to teach must never cease to learn! Thank you for the opportunity of providing feedback and expressing my views.


30th October 2006 From Canada, Ottawa
Hey JEV,
Thanks a lot for your wonderful feedback.
I purely agree with you on the value of adding something while giving feedback, which is still lacking in this forum.
I hope you did not feel offended by my mail, as it was intentionally to tell you that we all may feel offended by criticism.
But I'm delighted to receive a mail from you with so many points thanks a lot once again.
The students who made this ppt, graduated this year, and it was the final presentation they made in the last semester of their college. ALthough most of the chanes you suggested are being taken care of and surely the contents part as well. There were many people who did not contributed on the thread but sent me their opininons through Personal messages which was a great gesture. :D
This was the reason I wrote, i am satisfied with even good or bad.
The presentation was meant for me, it was an assignment given to them.
Thanks again and looking forward for more interaction with you. :D
30th October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archna,
Absolutely no offense taken. While I read many threads on citehr, I don't often comment unless I feel I can add value based on my area of expertise.
Must admit though, there have been times when I didn't really feel my comments were welcomed and I have backed off contributing.
Glad you saw some value in my input even though too late for your students. Where do you teach? Part of our 06/07 business plan is to build collaborative relationships to deliver our training services in India.
One never knows when our paths may cross!
30th October 2006 From Canada, Ottawa
I agree with you, many times it happened that people do not welcome the comments.
But this is life, isn't it??
I teach in some management institutes in Delhi.
I hope the same, as we are in same profession, we have a chance to meet.
THanks a lot.
30th October 2006 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana,
The presentation is good. Though it is not very much formatted but good efforts by your students. Do inform them bout all the responses u got on CiteHR which will help them in understanding both the sides of the WORLD.
Alpesh Palan
31st October 2006 From India, Nasik
I happened to stumble upon your post and the presentation just today.
Yes, it is a fair presentaton.
Since i have no idea of your students' qualifications, experience etc, i am unable to comment on their efforts. But ovreall it is a good one.
Now on your comments on NO feedback or "gratitude" -
Archna, do not expect anything in return.
Always remember - Do your duty with no expectations.
It maybe difficult in day to day life - but definitely possible in such situations.
10th December 2006 From India, Madras
Thanks for sharing the information.Kudos!! to your students.It's niz to hear that students presenting their lecturer a powerpoint presentation denoting what they learnt.
Thanks once again for sharing the information.Do not get disheartened when you don receive courtesy or encouraging replies from the members of the forum.
Do keep posting!!!
10th December 2006 From India, Bangalore
Thanks Bala and Sri,
Thanks for appreciating the efforts done by students, they were BBA students and now in next semester of their course.
I will make sure I will not expect anything from any member of the forum.
Thanks for the suggestions, I think now I was waiting for the comments.
13th December 2006 From India, Delhi
hi archna
This is krupa here , rite now im in 2nd yr of hr. 1st of ill really appreciate d effort of the students . they had done a good job. n i think if u do this kind of thing continously , then it really help them to understand. secondly i need a help from you . we have a subject on this topic.
so i need more brief inf on this. if u can give, then it will help me alot to understand . my id is krp_200220022yahoo.co.in
thank you
20th August 2007
HI Krupas,
Thanks for the mail and appreciating the students efforts.
I know there is a subject on Organisational Behaviour in MBA, and that's the reason these students have made presentation as a part of their assignment.
WHat kind of help you require from me, if you could elaborate. Do you want me to give you brief about the complete subject, it will be difficult although not impossible.
PLease clarify, what exactly yopu want, I would be more than willing to share my knowledge with you.
20th August 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Archna,
This is a very good presentation.But not easy to understand.
Only Core HR personnel can understand.Those who are in HR But their orientation is not..............................
I mean to say people with negative mind set comment "BORING PRESENTATION" .
If we are not able to understand something have no right to comment
such a unprofessional way.
Convey my best wishes to your all students.
20th August 2007 From India, Delhi
hi archna
Thanks 4 ur reply. aclty i want its introduction , importances , foundation of individual behaviour , causes of human behaviour and managerial prospective of Ob.Though ive a material on this but if u provide some notes on this topic then it ll help me alot .
thank you
20th August 2007
The topic has been useful to understand the style and behaviour to be learnt and adopted...
I would request more of these stuffs to help people understand self as these type of learning gonna happen when one pase the age or 35...
Guys/Gals ... the life is short lived... we tend to feel that let's enjoy life doing everything... but i would like you all to remember that when u reach the prime of your life... u'll only feel that u've wasted ur life doing unnecessary of rather to say least prioritized stuffs than understand self and others... (ultimately understanding the behaviour for better relationship)
Archana,, keep the good job and do let me know if you need any help regarding the same.
20th August 2007 From India, Madras
Hey Thanks everyone.
I'm really glad that you guys are still willing to share your feedback on this ppt.
I have designed many more ppts now which i will be sharing with all of you soon.
stay in touch with to share your knowledge.
22nd August 2007 From India, Delhi
HI Archana
Its been over a year and people r still downloading ur presentation. This means that even if they don't want to appreciate ur work, they cannot ignore it. I want to ask u something. I have done my MBA in hr but i want to do a course in OB. Can u help me with this.
thanks and regards
14th September 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Archana,
It has been a beautiful effort by your students and more than that I feel it has been more of a tribute to your efforts in making them understand and being patient with them. I say this because I have been a faculty myself and I understand exactly how one feels when there is a sincere, good effort from any (read all here) of the students. The elation that is felt is far beyond any feeling that can be felt on our self achievement.
Hoping to see more stuff from you and your students...
Good luck n ciao.
30th April 2008 From India, Hyderabad
its really a gud presentation.and the way thy explain the values, attitudes and personality was just amazing Anju jain
1st May 2008 From India, Indore
Hi Archana,
Iam a newly joined MBA student . Iam having no idea regarding OB and i was so interested to see the ppt view so tht i can have some idea and knowledge . But that has not opened in my system . Kindly mail me another one ....
Awaiting for ur mail....
Thanks & Regards
13th May 2008 From India, Mumbai
good presentation by your students , archana.. keep up the noble work of teaching in high spirits regards anurag
27th May 2008 From India, Daman
Dear Archna, It is really good presentation. I am disagree with Neha, Because it is really informative for me who is learning it first time. Thank you for posting it. Devansh
27th May 2008 From India, Vadodara
Hi Jev
It was nice to see your posting on feedbacks. I agree with your observations and would like to add my experience in citehr a few months back
One girl was asking for feedback for a presentation she had uploaded. I gave my honest feedback. She expressed her gratitude. and asked for further feedback. I started with a positive note but gave honmest feed back again. She was upset but said thanks. She again asked for feedback without making any change in the content
I gave feedback
She said I dont encourage people and I always discourage made some more harsh observations!!!
I stopped giving feedbacks unless asked in private mails.
I could not download this presentation hence could not give any feedback!
Any way congratulations for making your students to prepare a presentation
14th June 2008 From India, Chennai
Hi Archana,
Now you have found so many friendly criticism. Jo & Kusum have supported but no matter if Neha has critically appreciated as boring. However, before improving the ppp, why you forgot this forum is also a part of " Org. Behaviour." where you can not always expect favourable.
Any first I would thank for Jo and Kusum, for their Positive initiation.; and now to you for the spirit for your students.
26th June 2008 From India, New Delhi
hi ur students has putted gud efforts.it shows what u taught is clear to them.:icon1: Tc bye
28th June 2008 From India, Indore
dear archna ,
I have read it all but as i m not in this field ,so i had to do some exversice to understand.i have save it and i will make u reply when i will complitly get it.
thank you
kamal pandya
This is very sad that 23 people downloaded this ppt but not even one comment is posted by any of you.
I have requested many times that once you take something or share something do mention gratitude to that person. :?:
This is sorry state that such good presentation received nothing in appreciation.
I hope some of you will take some pain in writing few words for my student's contribution.
28th June 2008 From India, Vadodara
Hi Archana,Its an Excellent presentation. Do not get dis heartened by a few comments. Good contribution and efforts from u and you students.Thank You,Aabha
3rd July 2008
Dear Archana,
I'm curently a student in Singapore studying Organisational Behaviour. Therefore, while searching for information, I found this.
I like the points on the ppt. However, I think to make it even better than before, maybe you can try to re-select the font sizes, types, arrangements and etc.
Basically, I find it a waste, as such informative ppt is not being presented beautifully and easily understandable for viewers. I do appreciate the effort made in doing the ppt though. No offence.
Lastly, I thank you for putting up the ppt. It really enlighten me.
Best regards,
Liew Mei Wa.
13th July 2008 From Singapore, Singapore
Dear All respected Frequent Poster's,
i am not misleading you rather jus telling you that many times i ignored writing thanks but , have praised the person in my heart, as i was in a hurry.....
i had always learnt things in HR by practising, applying , and the material you ppl upload is not ike spoon feeding, rather , it is of gr8 help to ppl lke me who dont get guidance from ppl into HR to solve the queries...................
THANKS A TONNN.......................
14th July 2008 From India, Delhi
hi archana ,dat ws a nice wrk frm ur side, bt i wan tel u one thing, HR is a thankless occupation. AS u kno that here in Citehr, ppl frm different locations share their views n knowledge wth each other, n without getting nythng in return, they share their projects, their contributions and offer unlimited help..ppl who wnt 2 appreciate, wl nyways do dat..so keep posting ...gud luck..
23rd July 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Archana,
This is an excellent effort by your students who were just the beginners of their college life ( Hope it is prepared by BBA first year students) and it shows the concern of them to give you back something very good for teaching them. I also express my thanks to you for sharing with us. Hope you dont feel down with couple of the negative comments you got on this; as critics are seen everywhere but we got to take the comments from those who are really practical and share the right feedback.
Its not a eazy task to receive such kind of complement from students..
Special appreciation to Jo and Kusum for sharing their valuable thoughts in a right way.

2nd August 2008 From India, Madras

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