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Hi Friends,

I am a Soft skill TRAINER in a concern, and here non of the staffs are not having the corporate culture.

i am bringing lot and lots of new ideas regards to training - for example in the recents days i got a permission from the ops manager and then i send a mail to every body that every body in the office will wear their ID cards.

In return i got the negative signs from the managers itself.

Today i asked one the executive that why she is wearing Jeans , on weekdays and she is giving a answer saying that only HR manager told her to wear.

then i went and asked this to the HR manager about this and to my surprise she is saying that i am feeling nothing wrong in it and she is a back office executive ,so nothing matters, however only if you go to the client place you need to wear formals. and if i going to ask her why you r wearing jeans , surely she will tell me that " mam even ur team wear it".

in this office the managers are not following the office culture and they are not letting me to do my job as a trainer.

what should i do -- can i resign my job or what is ur suggestions .

Please ensure everybody reads my scrap and please do give me ur valuable suggestions.

thanks in advance.:confused::confused::confused:

From India, Mumbai

Change is always resisted but without a change there is only stagnation and decay.
People feel secure in a status-quo.But changes can be brought about. People only easily accept changes that are perceived for their good!

What is your role in the company? What is people perception of your role?

Whatever changes that you desire to introduce, should be sanctified by the "management". In our culture even today, to a large extent, people would be comfortable in obeying an order and yet demand democracy or being taken into confidence before chages are "forced".

The changes that you are talking about are small changes really. There should be no resistence, but if your bosses are themselves are not clear, you will eat a humble pie every time-not being backed up by the management.

The main reasons for your present predicament are, to my mind:

1. Your role has not been clarified to the employees at large.
2. You have neither a plan nor an approval from your management in bringing about the changes.
3. Your strategy to intorduce these changes is either not in place or is unclear.

Remember, we have a tricky job. We have to bring about changes that are not necessarily "liked" by the people. We have to also earn acceptance from people. Mere use of logic or authority does not help in this area. We have to generate "credibility" and "confidence" so that we may be able to perform effectively.

But why am I saying all this at this early stage only. It is because our future depends upon how we start! If the management does not establish a foundation of thought first and of unity of thought and action thereafter, does not learn to speak with one voice, nothing that you wish to do, even things of company interests, you will experience resistence.

So, take care and go about in a planed manner. The route is-your proposals and methodology and management approval-then your good will and approach. If all this clicks, bringing about the change will be an easy and enjoyable work.

I hope this post helps.

July 3, 2008

From India, Pune
Hi Samvedan, Thanks for our quite suggestions, i will try to speak the same to my BOSS and try to solve this in the early stage itself. will revert bck once i implemented this. thanks a ton
From India, Mumbai
Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your timely suggestions , it is a small things i do agree to it.
However they are bringing lot of changes to the concern, if you see their mails are so good that they are trying to change the office culture.
but when it comes to me they are giving lots of surprise.
thanks a ton:confused:

From India, Mumbai
Hi chamu,
i do totall agree with the comments of catherine. Rather than taking others behavious into hearts, we should focus on our own KRA's.
Do not carry emotions and enjoy your role.
All the best

From India, Vadodara
If you want to change the existing culture in the organization, you shouldn't be in hurry. change is very slow process. Rather than directly telling employee what to wear and what not to wear you can send the emails on personality, dress code and ill effects of bad grooming. If the employee still continue to break the rules then take a photo graph of few people who dresses well along with the one who doesnt dress well and put the photo in the internal website( employees with best dress code) and ask the other employees to choose any one among them and circulate the results in internal website.

From India, Bangalore
Same problem I had encountered in my initial days in my organization. In the begining if you trying to instruct them what they should do or do'nt they will feel you are imposing the things and they will not listen. make it process and develop good relationship with them once relationship formed they will listen to you. In your session try to add humour so they can enjoy while learning and show them broad picture of effective ness of training and development that how they can enhance their personality and career rather imposing training session towards organizational development.
Once you able to develop interpersonal relationship they will follow whatever you will say and they will individually approach you for the upcoming session.
So bottom line is first develop the relation and deliver what they want first rather delivering own training programme.
you will get results surely.

From India, Delhi
I think you should have to adapt sort of strategies to realize managers that what you want to do and how effective it would be for the organization, instead of leaving the company.
Its all about my suggestion , now the choice is yours

From Pakistan, Lahore
hello chamu...
in many cases it happens that if a person is willing to create something new and beneficial the resistance comes, it is compulsory, coz people are having different attitude for the same thing, it looks that in ur matter, ur implementaion team is not even convinced with the ideas u r going to impart. so first try to convince them who are responsible or should be responsible for doing so.

From India, Coimbatore
Hi chamu you are a trainer in soft skills and in my opinion the first quality of a good trainer is to have patience in any thing. Resistance to change can be visible in every organisation in a way or another. It may be due to gen-gap; some sort of complex etc. But you have try to make an initiative and you had put a lot of effort for the same. Don't get panic; think out of the box and definitely you will succeed. Try to identify a small group in which you may have an upperhand and try to adapt the changes; if you can visible a small change; mind you, you are in the right track. Don't loose heart dear coz some day your effort will be definitely rewarded.Wishing you all the best
From India, Ernakulam

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