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dear friends,

i am facing a very typical problem in my office for the last few months..... there is a lady employee in our office....she is a trainee in our company ..... from last few months am seeing that the employees are not maintaining time of coming gave a notice to all and from that all obeyed my order..... but this girl kept on coming late......i warned her repeatedly..... and one day as i told that she answered me back " if am late u can take any step( you can deduct my half day salary) as i mentioned in the notice". i didnt say anythng.... that was over....
now last thursday she called me in the morning and told me that my mom is not well so i won't be coming.i told fine. then again on friday she called me said i wont b able to come as my mom is not well...then i said you have to come as for your absence our project is suffering...(she is handling a project alone)... she said ok am trying.... 1st half got over...i gv a call,she didnt take the call....i gave again a call and at that time she disconnected.....

today she came to my room.... with same attitude... (all has to come in my room to sign the register).. i asked why she did that last day.... n then gave the previous xamples too......after the conversation she left my room......
then i went to their room for some other work..... and didnt find her...asked her teammate.....he told she left office.....
then and there i called her.... at frst she didnt take the call then took.... and said i wont work etc etc...then i made her understand and she came back to office.

now what i want to knw from you all what should be my step to stop all these non-sense of walking out and etc.....


From India, New Delhi
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Try to have a friendly meeting with her for few minutes, and suggest her how her attitude is going to effect the work, and how her carees will have a negative impact
because of this behaviour. you cand do all these only be interacting with her in a friendly way and understanding her problems from her side.
Please correct me if iam wrong

From India, Hyderabad
First give a comfort to settle, ask her to comedown to your cabine
Treat her as your friend, ask her the feelings of the company from the day she join, any problem with colleagues, peers, work, Operations. share your view about the company and about her. Speak about her positives you find in work,as person expect the puntuality. Ask her personal problem as a friend any problem in family, personal, travelling check the reason why she is not able to come on time. give a solutions for it, say the important of the punctuality. Depends upon your approach towards her
Hope this could give more comfort and care to share the views and sort this problem
Same problem i faced, this action helped me alot. Now i dont have any problem with the attendance, timing and leave
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From India, Ahmadabad

yes u should definitely handle such nuts with a little friendly attitude, but then she doesnt seem to be in the friendly lot..she wont possibly budge, strike a friendly conversation saying, u have pressure from above and so its ur job to ask her..if u think after ur making all this clear, she still continues the same, then an action needs to be taken..escalate the issue to her reporting personality..if she is lucky enough and not be reporting to any1, then communicate this to any senior should have wanred her for legal action by now..but anyway..try this out..hopefully this way should work...but i can see her getting a termination letter if only she is not a management's pet :)
From India, Delhi
sohini basu roy

thanks all my friends.......
sitting with her and talking to her in a friendly manner...all dse sessions are over..... in my office although am the senior Hr manager.... am so flexible to my employees taht they come up to me even with their personal together we sort it out...but this girl is an exceptional.....i have talked with her several times..even today i sat with her... bt u knw wat she said "am hurt..i dnt want to say anythng...... " you wont blive my patience... she kept on argueing, accusing me bt i was so calm....i didnt uttered a single harsh word to her..rather tried to take her in a cozi feeling.... talked about her parents....but she....... jst now i went to her...asked her "are you ok"..... she neither seeing to me said yup.....
how long a senior management person tolerate all dse from a trainee........
i really dnt knw..........

From India, New Delhi

tell her if she remains like that you will communicate this to the person she reports to or someone like her department head or ur company's director..sometimes employees have the audacity of frowning at HR Guys, no matter how senior they are..but their own bosses can bring them on track
So..coming back to what i was saying if she loves the job, she will start behaving.. (most probably she does love her job)
and if she sure she is not required!!

From India, Delhi
Runa Patil

Hi Sohini,
All suggestions given by our friends are really good.:)
If the matter goes beyond any of above solutions, then give her one or two months notice that, if she will not be punctual then company will going to discontinue her on the ground of misbehaviour.
As you are senior member you should have this kind of power.
Just leave her and replace her by recruiting new person.:icon1:

From India, Chandigarh

Sohini.....try to convince her in a frndly way. Make her understand about your company policies and the ultimate result. Definitely 5 fingers are not same. Till today, you haven't take any decision thats why she is ignoring you. She may think that you can't do anything agains her. Try to create a back-up of her and slowly slowly hand over her project to one else. Then keep her sitting idle for few days. Hope you will get result.
From India, Calcutta

Some people might be having some personal problems which they cant express to others, and might not be in a position to concentrate on their job.
She is having some real personal problem, so she even told you point blank on your face that whatever you want to do you do. This means even if you terminate her or deduct her leaves, she will not give it much importance as a problem, because already she is in some personal trouble.
Just dont try to poke her emotions and ask more about her personal life thinking that u are her friend. Dont think that you as HR can solve all peoples problems, you are not GOD.
And she is not your friend to disclose her deep personal issues to you.
Better mind your work and leave her alone, let her take leaves, if leaves are over, make it LOP, but dont terminate till she resigns..
Because we are humans, hope the same from you all.

From India, Pune

Hi Sohini,
I can understand your position in this regard. Before I give you a suggestion, I would like to tell my experience few years back.

I was the factory manager at an Electronics Industry which was an 100% EOU. I had very tight schedules and we were working 3 shifts i.e., 24 hours. There was one operator who use to abstain himself very frequently. His supervisor used to come to me to complain about his irregular attendance. I told him to remove him from the job and appoint a new person in his place. He said that the person is very good in his work but his only problem is his absentism. I asked that supervisor to bring that person to me once he comes back to the work. Next day when the operator came for work, the supervisor brought him to me. I asked him why he is so irregular to his work. Very arrogantly said that this is the way he will come and if I want, I can remove him from the service. Though I was taken aback by his arrogant reply my 6th sense was telling me that he should be handled in a different way. For the day, I just told him not to abstain like this and to continue working. Again after two days the supervisor came back and told that the operator is absent!

Next day when he came back, I only called him to my cabin, spoke to him in a gently way and told him that he is a good worker and asked him to tell me whether he has any problem at home because of which he is irregular to his work. For a moment he kept quite and later he said that his mother is an heart patient and there is nobody to look after her at home and only he has to take her to hospital whenever she is not well. I consoled him and suggested him to make some arrangements to take care of her by the help of his relatives/neighbours etc., and asked him to attend the work regularly and also I told him that I will pray God for her health.

Believe me, within a couple of days he came to me and told that he has made arrangements with his neighbour to take his mother to hospital if required and promised me that he will attend the factory regularly. He became very close to me, worked very hard and he started telling everybody that I am God for him!

So, Sohini.....don't get disturbed with that girl's irregularity. Speak to her, giving an impression that you are her well wisher and try and help her out in whatever way you can! Even if you have to go beyond some rules and regulations, please help her out.. I am sure and confident, she will be an asset to the company.


From India, Bangalore

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