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Hi All,

A recent incident happened at one of the very big organizations of South India which we all must have heard of and that is Tata Coffee Limited, Bangalore. A Senior HR Executive(Generalist) was terminated verbally by the MD of the company just because of the introductory mail attached below. Not only was he terminated but was also made to hear some very unprofessional words.

The Introductory Mail is as below :Subject : New flavor in TCL.

Good Morning Team.This is V*****. I am a new flavor of your Tata Coffee now. Just hop on board with you guys. About me; I am a ‘Happy-go-Lucky’ kind of a person. Happy because I am blessed with a good life and good heart with lots of love for food and Lucky because I am always surrounded by awesome people. Great enthu, positive go-getter attitude and strong determination sum up to personify ME. A sports loving freak who is totally mad of water sports. Did parasailing, water skeeing, Aqua diving, boat sailing and rock climbing in the past. A person who always keep the boredom a step aside. Basically I am from Delhi and belong to defance family (Dad was in Indian Navy) due to transferable job got opportunity to visit many coastal southern parts of India during my schooling. Came to Bangalore for my MBA course which helped me develop a great understanding about HR domain; prior to that did my Graduation (BSc-Phy) from Mumbai. Work wise having an experience of 2+ yrs and started my carrier with IT Service Industry (***** company) on HR Generalist role. Joined TCL as “Senior Executive-HR” in HR department.
So to sum it up I am a fun loving sporty person with around 2 + yrs exp. Just here to join you all and look forward for a happy, productive innings. Here with you guys.

"The person who is going through all this had to leave his ex-employer by buying back his notice period of 45 days, which costs a huge amount & then after working with Tata Coffee Limited for just 10 days was terminated with immediate effect. He was hired on 1 yr contract basis directly by TCL HR Head.

He is been terminated with immediate effect where MD of the company directly called him up in his cabin & verbally terminated him in the presence of VP and HR head. Reason being why he marked the mail to Sr people and the MD.

Trust me the short conversation which was happened in the MD’s cabin was so much awful an unprofessional.

And best of all,There was no mail transaction at all from MD side or HR head.The best part is his reporting person was directly the HR HEAD and she also couldn`t help him just becoz MD was outr of his mind.

The Hr head was so overwhelmed with his performance and new ideas & strategies, that she is also trying to help him by referring him to his freinds.

MD is a senior person,but only he can`t be right and all other people be wrong. And if we HR`s are not secured at the job front then how can company expect us to perform well enough.

That poor chap is going through a sad time now.He has financial crisis,no job,and still MD uses words like "Shit"for him and his introductory mail.How can he play with the life of a person whom, not him but his HR head had employed.
Poor chap had to buy back his 45 days notice period with his ex-employer and now he has no job at the moment.
How can people play with the lives of such inncocent still hardworking youth.




Hi Guys

I read all the replies and comments. Thanks for sharing your views and suggestions on the same. This is what has happened after shooting that introductory mail

The MD called this guy inside his cabin.

MD: "what kind of shit is this?"
Guy: "sir, its an introductory mail"
MD: Who the hell do you think you are and who gave you permission to send such kind of shit and that too to MD; what is this you wrote- you like water sports, parasailing. What you think any person can join & send a mail to Ratan Tata- hey! i have joined. Who cares that you joined or resigned?
Guy: I am sorry sir
MD: You better be! and i am going to terminate you for this!
Guy: Sir....
MD: you may leave now

This conversation happen in the presence of HR head & VP of TCL. They didn’t utter a single word.

Later half HR head called him in his cabin & said, look dear i tried to pacify things to MD but,.... i think not the right discuss on this topic now with MD. Give me a weeks time and let me see what best i can do.... but dont keep much hope as its very difficult to change the MD's decision. Once he decided any thing than he stick on to it.
Any ways let me try with my known people if they are having any HR vaccancies. Also she asked; Will your company will take you back?

Irony is that; this guy buyback the notice period of 30 days as HR Head wants him to join ASAP becoz to involve him in one of the assignment.

Secondly, he received so many welcoming mail from all over the offices (including Sr Mgrs and Mgrs) Also after shooting the mail he was been introduced with all the office staff people face to face where every one (including Sr Mgrs) appreciated him for such kind of innovative way to introduce self.

In a short span of 2-3 days this guy proved himself and the recruitment drive he was working on was a great success for which the Dy HR praise him (but over the phone) and also after a week.

I agree with all the cite Hr’ians related to their comments, but I strongly feel that certainly termination was not the solution of this incident.

I have learnt the lesson in a very hard way;but my enthu. level and my creativity will always going to remain the same. People who know me will always find me smiling.

Like to thank my friend CIRUS who helped me to share the incident with you all.


The Guy who faced all this.

From India


I am sure a person like him will not be idle for long. And if the HR fraternity (Head HR of TCL and CiteHR friends) is helping him out, he will find a suitable position soon.

All I can say is that “He was fit for the company, BUT the company was not fit for him


From India, Hyderabad

I agree with you Mr JJ, i am sure he will find a good job soon. Wish him ALL THE BEST.
I request all the HR fraternity to share their views on this incident and also to help this chap out. Can mail him any suitable HR opening on

From India
Dear Cirus
If it is only because this person has sent the mail to senior executives that he has been terminated, then by all means it is unfair. At the most, there should have been a censure and nothing else (although I still do not see why since its only an introductory mail!).
A lot of companies have a policy of sending introductory mails for every new recruit and there is usually a designated person and a format to do so. If TCL has none and if it is against company policy to send such mails (again I see no reason why, but if its the policy then so be it) then he should have been made aware of it but it certainly does not merit a termination.
Personally, if I am able to help this person out in any way I would be glad to, so if you can forward his details to me I might be able to do something. Again, this is purely on the premise that the incident has happened exactly as you have stated and there are no other facts in this.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Friends
I agree with Cirus and JJ...The act by the MD is very unprofessional and he himself don,t understand the meaning of professionalism even after being in such a senior position. I believe this guy is full of enthu and energy while floating of this introductory mail and these energetic guys are always an asset to the company with their innovative ideas and happy-go lucky attitude.
If somewhow MD hasn't liked his way of introducing himself to the other members he would have given him a piece of advise either directly or through his HR head this issue isn't that big to terminate him, even if he is in a bad state of mind , moreover if the MD of such company can take such decisions just because of his short temperament then this is going to be a major hindrance in the company,s growth.
I wish all da best to this guy in getting a good job.....

From India, Kolkata

Thanks Tusshar' i completely agree with you on the same.
TCL is a manufacturing company & very hierarchal. Head HR said that "you shouldn't mark it to MD"; irony is that he received warm welcomming mail from all over the department people and the Sr manager working in the company.
I am not having exposure of manufacturing company & fail to understand that is termination is justifiyable in the above context. I am not aware regarding TCL company policies but always woul d be on the side of warning mail instead of termination.
Friends i am his friends and i am aware of the each and every fact what happened. It 's an eye opener that even in reputed companies like TATA Coffee such kind of incidents are happening.
You can reach Mr Yadav on 9900176208 and can help him with any suitable opening into HR area.

From India
Hi Cirus
As our friends mentioned in the earlier replies mistake is clearly on the MD.......
Here in our office it is a must rule that every new person has to send an introductory mail to All senior people .....
I do not know whats the wrong with that person to read a mail.....
Hope he will be get the best place where he can execute whatever he likes;
All the very best to that Guy...

From India, Hyderabad

The HR person is a fool calling himself as new flavor of TCL, and the email is so childish and unprofessional.
HR does not mean you just write any email, that too such a email which represents a poem written by child..
The MD, and other senior persons work all day , slog all day and got irritated because this person just wasted time on writing childish emails.

From India, Pune

The life of one HR guy is played with and you are so disturbed..
what about the reality that HR play with so many other peoples lives,
even though the TECHNICAL HEAD recruits people the HR interfers and rejects them
and you ask ..
How can he play with the life of a person whom, not him but his HR head had employed.

From India, Pune

Hi Ravi,

First of all thank you for reading the mail & took time to share your thoughts on the same.

I am not creating a issue of termination of a meagre HR Executive, this posting is an eye opener for all the people that such incidence are happening in a big corporate like TATA Coffee Ltd, where the basic value, ethics & code of conducts are very popular in the industry.

I am not in favour or against of any one but what is wrong is wrong and we should not down grade ourselves & feel superior and happy just because it happened with one of the HR (though he was much junior & having mere close to 2 yrs of exp)

Seems that you had some bitter experience with HR people but that doesn't mean that we should laugh or make such kind of comments if some sort of injustice happening with some one.

Friends again i'll appeal to all HR fraternities if they are encountering any job opening of HR Generalist or HR Executive in Bangalore, kindly inform Mr Yadav on the same. You can mail him on [IMG] lsLmNvbQ==[/IMG]



From India
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