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Dear everyone,
I'm a new employee and I have come to my organisation all full of energy and zeal to do something and make a difference. I had read all i could about worklife and associated long hours and stuff. Being prepared for it I really didnot mind when my boss asked me to leave late for a few days. But now I am frustrated because after being psyched up so much, I do not have any work. Infact I'm writing this in the office itself. Kindly tell me if this is a normal part of worklife. Or is this because I am a newbie? Please do share your opinion.

From India, New Delhi
or else u will become john..
read this
<link no longer exists - removed>
and hang in there
ye kaisa jamana aagaya hai....ppl actually want to work... :wink:
na first day of work..i too was bored...
for first 15 - 30 mins..then my boss arrived...and we strted talking...went on for good 2-3 hrs....and then she asked me to observe around..i tries to listen on calls of my colleague
my first day was good...
hey leks...observe the work culture
talk to others
try knowing abt them
chill and hav fun.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks Sunayna. I know its a bit weird that I want to work :D (even my friends say so). But after about 2 weeks of enforced idleness, I am getting a bit vexed. Mine being a new setup, there is so much to do...but I cannot do it because my boss doesn't have time for me. :roll: Why can he not utilize this energy and enthusiasm that I have and very evidently show as well. But anyways.... and I definitely dont wish to 'pull a john' on my company or boss. :)
PS: I still do not have work and hence the long reply

From India, New Delhi
Hey Leks :D ,
How u doing? I knw i shudnt ask this to u ? well to make feel a bit relaxed.. i want to share sumthg wid u ..which is ...i am into the same situation as urs....even my boss doesnt have time for me....he still hasnt approved my work which i have done months back....even i show lots of enthuziasm and even i want to slog like u said tht u had prepared ur mind to work for late hours and stuff lke dat....mine is completely the same situation....
I am here in d organization for almost 6 months now....have communicated everythg tht i feel to my junior boss, hoping tht she would communicate to my big lets c what happens , as i being a professional dont want to waste time like dat, as otherwise after sumtime it may happen tht i become used to such kind of enviornment and spoil my career like dat....
Hope tht we both ill get out of dis situation soon....

From India, Mumbai
Hi Leks,

don't worry yaar.....this is a very common thing in every's one life. Each one of us have to go through such a time where we get frustrated either because we have lots of work pressure or because we don't have any work, as in your case. Don't worry....I think you should avail your free time to learn some new things related to your subject and improve your subject knowledge. But don't get frustrated in such a way and get disheartened. Try to be cool and enjoy your work environment. Only then you would be able to get success in your job. Because if we cannot enjoy our work and accept it as it would be difficult for us to grow with our career. so don't worry and just relax....Give some time....the right time in our life has to come for all of us...till then just accept things as they are... ok please feel free to share all your feelings with all of us..... we all are very lucky to have so many good friends..........thanks to citehr.....!



From India, Hyderabad
Hey ,
Thanks Preeti and Sudha for your encouragement. I suppose I will simply take some more time to stop feeling guilty about sitting idle :D I am trying to create projects on my own but lack of guidance is glaring at times. Even though I have joined in quite a junior position, I only have one senior boss- Head HR, to deal with. And that is why he doesnt have time for me---because he has to do everything himself. I am hoping that as & when our Dept grows(which it will soon) the work load on my boss will be less and hence I will get more time. Due to my inexperience I am not even able to help him out. I am trying which is the most that I can say right now. Im so thankful for a forum like this to air my feelings.
And you can guess..... all of my work got over by 11 am in the morning.. :lol:

From India, New Delhi
Hi Preeti & Leks,
First, I am so excited to see ppl like me... My story is same as urs... There is nothing much to add in my story.. Life is too annoying and frustrating.. But wat to do..? I also tried speaking to my Boss and he askd me to bear with him for some more time till he gets work for me..( i donno why the hell they recruited me !!!!)... Anyway i am taking things light and waiting for some miracle to happen.. Let us give ourselves some time and later we could think about some other alternatives like looking for a new job. In the meantime, we could try doing things like below
Enrolling ourselves into some course or certification
Reading books.
Developing personality skills.
What you say guys ???

Hi All,
Do not worry, this happens with most of HR personnel in small and middle level firm.
I suggest instead of being reactive, try and be proactive in your approach and interact with people, observe them, do your home work related to what can be done to improve the working from HR perspective.
This exercise will keep you busy and will be helpful for you in long run.

From India, Delhi
Hey ppl!
I have started creating work for myself...My boss still doesnt have time for me..but thats ok...I have found a few lacunae in
1. the filing system
2. performance appraisal system
3. recruitment system
The later two requires my boss's approval for any change so im concentrating on the first...which means im doing good old manual labour...
And don't worry Anurao... is all I can say to you...our bosses are grooming us to be like them :D
Thanks for the suggestions archna..I am trying to implement them :)

From India, New Delhi
Dear All,

Nice to hear all these, let me share with you my initial experience in IR which I hope might help you.

1) Intially my only work was to file all papers into respective files and just go thorugh the paper movement and files.

2) After that I was given the task of drafting regular letters. The drafting involved changing names, dates and other relevant objects. It was just a fill in the blank exercise.

3) I was not given excess to computers and I had to do everything in pen and paper.

4) After a couple of months I was first allowed to listen to discussions that use to take place between workers, Union Leaders and my boss. I did not had the permission to comment.

5) I didnot have any permission to alter, change or modify any documents, letters and likes.

How much I use to curse my boss and feel so frustrated and dejected, but now I feel they are very valuable lessons my boss taught me.

1) Due to the filing system, I was able to understand the whole concept of how official communication works. Which papers should be kept and which papers should be discarded. In short how to effectively communicate and keep tracks of documentation and communication and effectively use the same at my advantage.

2) The drafting taught me to evolve a system of effectively communicating and understanding the importance of maintaining a specific format for specific set of matters to get maximum effect. For example, when you are dealing with Salary Discrepancy the Accounts executive who is looking into the matter does not have the time to go through the entire communication and as a result in most cases he sets it aside to look at it, in covienence. But, if you are keeping the same format, he will just have look at a few places to understand the whole matter and effectively his time spend on the matter get reduced and he will execute the work quickly.

3) In absence of Computers I have learned to be more careful, you simply donot have the backspace,delete, copy paste, insert options. If you make a mistake you have redraft the letter. This has taught me to be careful both while typing as well as reading any documents. Never be casual with documentation.

4) As I didnot have the permission to comment in those discussions, I learned to listen and take a problem as a whole. It has enabled me to control my expressions both verbal and non verbal when dealing with people.

5) Since I didnot have the permission to change anything, I learned following:

a) To understand why a system is in place. The people who had framed them are not fools and they must have a reason. Once you start to find out the logic and reasons you will start giving respect to your senior and their experience. And, once you understand the logic, the change becomes more effective and acceptable.

b) Change for the sake of change is always counterproductive. Since once you make a change you need to have the whole organisation get accustomed to the change. Now, what you really have to find out that if the change is really worth the effort you put in or is it really necessary.

Further to the above, I have also learned how much effort and how valuable it is to become a Team Member in the true sense.

I would only suggest that:

1) Be positive, proactive and

2) create such a position that everytime your boss needs help he will turn to you.

Kind Regards,


From India, Thane

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