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HI, All I am Bharathi working as a Voice and Accent Trainer .I hope the Grammar PPTs will help you all Regards, Bharathi bharathik24@gmail.com
From India, Hyderabad

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Good content very useful and simple to use. Ajay Kalyan Regional Service Trainer Tata Teleservices Ltd
From India, Hyderabad
Hello Bharathi,
Thanks for the good material. As a trainer handling American language and Americanism, I find this quite interesting and handy for my sessions.:)
Best regards,
98400 29805

From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi,
There are lot of trainer's but only few mentors and your materials project your personality as mentor, keep it up and I wish you all the success on behalf of all my friends in Citehr for wonderful trainer's stint and career
From India, Madras
Good one!!
I require any audio cd or related materials for foreign english language practice for understanding the pronounciation. If you have any thing related to this, pl do let me know. Or I can purchase it from out side for practice, if you provide me the source.
Thanks N Regards
From India, Valsad
Komal, Very very useful gift to all memebrs. Rather to all paretal fraternity. Regards, Venugopal
From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi, A very good collection born out of hard work! Parents can use this to teach their children English Grammar in an interesting way! Thanks. MRS
From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi,
This is really nice to have such a nice and simple explanation about the English grammer.
As you have mentioned that you are a trainer in Voice and accent, and these are the only grey area for me.
I am technical person and by God grace , very good in that , but as soon as i have to speak in english , my confidence gets lost and i seems that i am a dumb.
Could you please help me out with some practical approach.
You could also mail me on .
Waiting for your suggestions and feedback.
Thanks and Regards,
Rupesh Kumar

Information is useful pls keep on posting
From India, Warangal
its help very well for all
cheers, Rajiv

From India, Bangalore
Hi Bharati, I felt that material was really useful. I am into Training in my company and this has helped me immensely. Thanks a lot again. Regards, Sirisha.C
From India, Bangalore
Thanks shall be insufficient. Kudos to you for giving us such excellent presentations on grammer. This shall be useful to kids too. Keep posting such nice and useful pps. Regards Govans
From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi It’s very very good PPT which can be used for training in the Medium size Org. Thanks a Ton & Expect more if any. Regards D Bhanu Prakash
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Komall,
This the need of the hour for people who are longing to learn the language and to brush up a little ...... hope such language training will be in the site in the near future. Thanks a lot
From India, Coimbatore
Hi Bharathi, Your idea of sharing knowledge is very good. Thanks a lot bharathi. We are expecting more from you which is help for corporates. Thanks & Regards Kalyani
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Bharthi,
Thanks a ton for the Grammer P.P.Ts. for all my colleagues who all are M.B.As from good universities. Its kind of refresher's course for all of us.
One more thing i would like to add is that it is very good one for our children also.
Thanks for all the efforts taken.
Keep in touch.
Take care !!!!!
Maya Sharma

Hi Bharati, Reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly Good one for biginner also. Good hard work done. Keep it up. Thanksssssssssssssssssss a loooooooooooooooooot. Regards. Sunil Mehta
From India, Rajkot
Hi Bharathi,
Good one for accent trainers

From India, Pune
Bharathi heartily thanks Bharathi for such a beautiful contribution.
This is not only going to be useful to the Gujjus of my company who stammer to speak or use grammar in their written as well as verbal english but will also be extremely useful to my daughter who is exactly in this stage of schooling where she is being taught the basic english grammar
Tons & Tons of Thanks to u
From United States
Hi Bharati,
It's really good. Thank you for shareing. Can you please help me in learning Amarican accents or how to develop the American engilsh speaking ?. I shall be thankful, if you can help me. my e-mail i.d is .
Regards & thanks
Partha Bhattacharya
From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi, Its really a good stuff that every one can use. Its time for all of us to brushup our english..!! Cheers!!! Srinivas
From India, Mumbai
Hi Bharti,
There is some problem , while I opening the compressed file of the Grammar PPTs.
Could you please send me the another file without compressed file on my email address:
Would really appreciate you.
Vikram Seth
Mobile No : +91 9811853615
I am Bharathi working as a Voice and Accent Trainer .I hope the Grammar PPTs will help you all

Hi all, I'm starting off on my own on the 27th. I, together with 2 of my friends, am launching a training institute. We plan to start off with communication and soft skills training and then slowly graduate into software and more complex training. I'm on the look out for some free lance trainers in Bangalore. I think i'll be able to set everything up by the 27th. Need blessings from all of you. And any ideas, suggestions or advices are most welcome. Thank you all.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. Bharathi,
The post was really informative, thank U.
But if the topics would be little elaborative, then it would have filled my purpose... I know that it was not possible to post every detail..... anyways thank you once again.
From India, Hyderabad
The PPt you have submitted is no doubt excellent. Actually i am looking for audio ( with vedio) cds on English grammer, vocablury, ascent etc.,
can you do any help on this aspect
with regards:aln.
From India, Madras
Bharti.... a big big thanx for bigger efforts with biggest attitude to share. Regards P.TRIPATHI
From India, New Delhi
This was my first day on this WEBSITE and going through ur article made me feel that it was worth becoming a member to this ste.
I deeply appreciate ur effort to make an article like this.
Thanks and request u to add useful topics.
Rakesh Tiwari
I am Bharathi working as a Voice and Accent Trainer .I hope the Grammar PPTs will help you all
From India, Mumbai
Komall, Of course you have posted very " Kamall ki Cheese" for all the HR Professionals & Students. Regards P.TRIPATHI
From India, New Delhi
Hey Bharathi Thanx a lot for posting something as useful as this!! We tend to overlook these small grammar mistakes in our daily usage!! Keep posting!!
From India, Bangalore
Hi Bharathi,
You did a good job.
I am Manager-HR, creative content writer and poet in English/Tamil. I have been regularly training my team members and other staff in these skills. I see that many graduate staff members are also lacking basic grammar and somehow patch up with oral and written communication.
I went through the ppts and really rate it 'Good'. Hats off to your meticulous work.
Mere reading is not sufficient. I request all our members to practise it and implement in written and spoken form.
From India, Madras
Hi Bharathi, Real good stuff & very helpful... Thanx Vishal G Sr. HR Exective Winjit Technologies
From India, Mumbai
Hi Bharathi,
Really good stuff, will be useful to all of us!!
Mukesh Sharma
Arvind Limited

From India, Indore
HI,:-P great material please post if you have more.Really good stuff, will be useful to all of us
I am Bharathi working as a Voice and Accent Trainer .I hope the Grammar PPTs will help you all

Hi Bharathi,
Amazing presentations. You have explained complexity in simplicity. Good work.
We have service engineers who consider English language a difficult language to learn. U don't know how much you have helped me.
Thank u so much
From India, Mumbai
This presentation is very excellent and usefull.
i have seen it once.
but i dont know what has happened with it but it is not opening.
can u please forward them to my mail id?
my mail id is:-prashant_amb1@yahoo.co.in
From India, Pune
Hello Bharathi, good work and a record breaking attempt.
Keep continuing.
Ramesh Menon
From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
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From India, Delhi
HI Bharthi, i wil giv u 100/100 marks. good. Harjeet Singh (Sr. Executive Personnel & HR) FLORIANA GROUP
From India, Delhi
hi Bharathi, I am very much feeling happy for this presentation. It is very useful for all the people Thak u
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Bharati,
Your post seems to be an interesting one.Could you please mail me tat at preethima142gmail.com as am unable to open the attachment.
Thanks in advance.Waiting for your mail....
From India, Hyderabad
Hi Bharathi Your contribution is highly valuable Appreciate your willingness to send the PPT.It would help many trainers Thanx, and keep posting. Regards Sindhu
From India
amazing work can you suggest some activity that can be run across arganization for language enhancement
From India, Mumbai
its not opening,,,,i wanted to see this one.... please send it me on my emai..................please
From India, Mumbai
Hi Bharati,
Good stuff!!
Jason Esteves
Manager - Training
From India, Mumbai
Hi Bharathi, Highly Appreciate your efforts and intention to share amongst others !!!! Thanks a lot, it made an interesting reading! Regards, Vaishalee Parkhi
From India, Pune
This is a great! Thank you so much for sharing.
From India, Delhi
Thanks for sharing.
English Speaking Delhi
From India, Delhi
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