Hi All.
Kindly tell me your views and opinions on this topic.
I need to submit assignment based on this topic.
Kindly help me.

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hi to all,
as th name it self sound problamatic the process and function are highly hitick because the department should be both managment friendly and employee friendly , the most important decission for the company is taken by the hr department . :roll:



There can be many challenges that an HR manager has to face:

# Managing Change: As the organiations are going Global this is one problem faced by many organisations of manging the change in the organisation and how to make people acquanted with the changes.

# Work Culture: Due to acquisition and mergers taking place it becomes important for the HR Manager to develop the work culture.

# Ethics and Values: In the times when we are getting more professional and narcissist, it is very important to have Ethics and values to be in place which also in the long run decides the sustainability of the organisation.

# Managing low attrition rate: More competition also adds to high attrition. Now here is the opportunity for the HR manager to play safe and introduce good retention strategies.

# Balancing work and personal life: Huge responsibility is on the shoulder of an HR Manager to create a balance between the work life and personal life by flexi work hours, paternity leaves( Yes it is what most companies are starting) and vacations are some of the options in hand.

# Stress and Conflict: Long working hours, target pressures, high competition etc adds stress and conflicts in the Organisation. It is the duty of an HR Manager to have proper responses to the stress and conflict before it causes damage to someones' personality.

# Consultative approach: Developing continuous dialogue, open communication, participative decision making is very important for implementing consultative approach. It is an HR Manager who can facilitate such approach to procure participative and democratic culture.

# Restructuring Organisation: As the trend is changing so the organisation structure. The organisation are getting more flatter and simpler.

# Globalisation: Companies are going global due to which the workforce diversity is increasing. Managing these people with different religious, cultural, moral background is a challenging task for the HR Managers in 21st Century.

Hope all these guldelines will help you in your project. You can search for all these topics individually on Google and citehr for more information.



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Hi Karuna,
This is beautiful presentation on challenges to be faced by HR. I got this from our citeHR itself. So, go through this presentation and see if it can be helpful for you....
Also, I am Attaching the file HRpredictions, also check if it can be useful. It is forecast of HR functions. Go thorough them to see if you can make out some points from them.
The important thing is, both the files, I got from CITEHR :).

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Hi All
Thanks a lot to Archana.
Kindly tell me the problems you face with your employees with some real time examples.
Kindly reply to this mail since every individual opinion & group information will help me to gather more info on real time case analysis.
Thank you Archana once again....karuna

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Hi Karuna,
You are most welcome dear. :)
I'm glad that I'm of some help. All those topics that are written in my mail are all real time problems.
Work culture maintainance is a huge responsibility on HR Manager.
Managing change is again a big hurdle for the success if not adhere to properly.
Maintaining a balance between work life and personal life is also real life problem, due to which stress and conflicts take place.
Surely even I would appreciate if other members put in their valuable inputs.
Cheers :)

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I am working in XYZ company and if iwant to tell an employee to leave the company and he is a team leader and working for 5 years the reason he has casual attidue in every thing he doesnot attended the traning session he take Leave and Change the Duty Roster on his own the when we told him to go and give him uniform he did not follow the instructions Can we sack him directly
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Do your own homework and use your brain. I think that is a serious challenge that is facing HR professionals. HR professionals are contempt to follow others when they really need to lead their workforce. They are contempt with staying in the shadows of an organization and simply doing what others have done before them. They need to step out of their traditional roles, stop their reliance on others, and think for themselves: they need innovation!
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Shah Aarya

A lot has been written about HR evolving because of Technology and advancements of technology has reduced HR functions like payroll, leave & attendance down to a couple of clicks .Although human elements of HR such as employee management & employee engagement is also evolving . Flexible work timings, open salaries structures and change in strict dress codes may not necessarily work for all organizations . Thus the biggest changes taking place in HR is not only through technology but also through changing work culture .
The article i am referring to is which analyzes the evolving HR policies.

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