From "manishsawankar" : Hi All,
Can anybody mark a line between the Self Confidence and Over/under confidence?
How and when we can say that we are self confident and over/under confident?
What is that thin line between both?
Your views will be highly appreciated.
25th May 2011 From India, Nagpur

pon1965 570
Manish, I am competent enough to do the job - self cofidence I am only competent enough to do the job - over confidence Now you can know the difference. pon
25th May 2011 From India, Lucknow
archnahr 103
Hi Manish...
Self confidence - Confidence in one self , faith in your own abilities and judgement...the body language of people with self confidence is generally speaks about their attitude...head high and shoulder back....
Low self confidence or under confidence - is in the person who are insecure, do not trust anyone, they are constantly in self doubt, have submissive behaviour and are very oversensitive to criticism of any sorts.
Over confidence is excess of confidence, and generally it has a negative connotation.....
So while self confidence is a quality/strength, both being under and over confident is a weakness...
25th May 2011 From India, Delhi
pon1965 570
You should have the urge to take up the assignment and complete. But at the same time you should also know about the job which you are going to handle. Then only confidence develops.
25th May 2011 From India, Lucknow
Dinesh Divekar 3714
Dear Manish,

Confidence is a result of competence. To check what competence the person has, put him/her on the test. Competence will come out.

Confidence is also a result of awareness of other's capacities. Mahatma Gandhi was completely confident of self rule. He had tremendous confidence on the capabilities of Indians. Hence he took up the movement of Swaraj.

Confidence is also a result of self-awareness. Self-awareness means how much a person knows about himself or herself? For this better to SWOT analysis, 360 degree feedback, Johari window etc.

Many of our decisions are based on limited knowledge of ourselves. Many times we feel that we can do something but we can't do and many times we feel that we cannot do something but we are capable of doing it.

Self-awareness is a great virtue. It won't come easily. However, one can look at one's successes or failures of the recent past. This introspection also helps in generating the confidence.


Dinesh V Divekar
25th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
i don't believe there is anything like overconfidence or under confidence. it is either you are confident or not. confidence is belief in oneself and it is relative to every human being. we are all made differently,with diverse personalities,so what some may call under confidence is actually a high level of confidence for others. bottom line,confidence is belief in yourself and only you can either increase or decrease the potential of that confidence.
25th May 2011 From Nigeria, Lagos
tajsateesh 1608
Hello Manish,
Dinesh V Divekar has put it very nicely to answer your query reg:"how and when we can say that "I am competent enough to do the job"?"
An Important aspect/factor/trait of a self-confidence person is NOT JUST the knowledge about what he/she can do [competence], BUT ALSO WHAT HE/SHE CANNOT DO--basically his/her limitations. Such a person, if given a task that he/she knows is beyond his/her present understanding/capability, there wouldn't be any hesitation to say: NO, I can't do it.
I agree with Archna's remarks: self confidence is a quality/strength, both being under and over confident is a weakness...
But while under-confidence can be corrected relatively easily [all it would need is a few doses of 'motivation' regularly for sometime], it takes a lot more to correct over-confidence--since quite often over-confidence leads to arrogance, which is almost impossible to correct, UNLESS the individual concerned himself/herself realizes it & co-operates in the process.
25th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad 17
There is Dialogue in Film GAJANI'"
Self Confidence : i can do this .
Over Confidence : Only I Can do This.
i think it is the right way to know the diffrence between self confidence and over confidence.
Purushottam Dass Matta
Sr. Exe.( Admin & HR)

26th May 2011 From India, Alwar
avsjai 467
Dear Manish,
Thanks for asking a nice questions which many of our friends have posted nice answers.
Use the below link to get more answers for your right question:
What is the difference between confidence and over confidence? - HR Interview Questions and Answers

26th May 2011 From India, Madras
permeshwernath 2
When one has belief in himself that yes I can do it than it is confident but when someone says no body except me can do this keeping in view his or her competence level and than unable to perform and than even after the failure he says I would have done it but because of that ---------
27th May 2011 From India, Pune
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