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hi all,My name is Baqir, i m an assistant manager HR and and my responsibilities and towards development side. I m trying to get some detailed knowledge about selection techniques. Please guide me that, is there any difference in between competency baesd and behavior based interviews??? or what other moderen technique can be used for selection ??I will be awaiting for your reply.Regards,Baqir
thanks alot vinod for your guidence. i just would like to ask you few more things... what would be the right way to identify compentcies for a paticular position? and how someone can be rated against them?
One of the best way to know the competencies and behavarioul aspect you need in a candidate is to u your self prepare the job responsinbilities and job profile of tha candidate, once you will go through the whole process of his job responsibility on your own, you will yourself know what competencies you have to check and what are the behavarioul aspect you are looking in a candidate.:icon1:
thank you fo ryou sugession pakucj, but can you please support your sugession with the help of an example.
What i do in my organisation is like if i have to recruit a team leader, then i would first mke hi job profile n job responsibilites like first going through the whole day processofhiswork like first in th morning what he do, then to whom he will report, what is his areas where he will be held responsible and where he will accoutable, you go through the whole day processfrom that u can pen down what his jr and jp will be and once you make it by your own u will know how the cadidate should be,what will be his behavioural aspect and all the things feel free if u want me to explain more


All resoponses are bang on so far.
Baqir, BEI must be preceded by competency mapping or atleast Key accountabilty, Person Specification and Job description to arrive at what ebhaviors to assess.
Assessing behaviors is a skill and that is what we cover in the module 3 of the program shown below. provides information on other tools available to improve objective selection.
All the very best,

Essential Skills, Tools, Models and Processes for Talent Management
Workshop Overview:
Leaders today are caught in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. Work-life balance issue aside, today’s executives are under immense pressure with their focus on bottom-line results, cost reductions, globalization, IT, environmental issues, erosion of employee and public trust and loss of intellectual capital. They are expected to do more with less all the while. In the midst of all this, they are also expected to be proactive in developing their abilities and to recognize the importance of developing the talent around them.
In such times, when executives are under such tremendous pressure, Talent Coaching is becoming a popular management tool. Corporate executives acknowledge the energizing role that a Talent Coach plays and are thus fast seeking the expertise of such coach in order to strengthen their business vision, performance and capacities. Senior leaders including HR and Training Heads are called upon to play such role within the corporation.
This workshop will equip participants with the Skills, Tools, Models and Processes to manage talent for best business outcomes as Internal Talent Coach or External Executive Coach.
Who should attend?
Talent Management is a critical skill required in managers particularly at senior levels. This workshop is meant for Senior Managers, HR heads, L&D heads, OD Managers, independent consultants/coaches who have a role in positively impacting the bottom line by acquiring, developing and retaining right talent.
Limited number of participants
Modular enrollment available
Opportunity for participants to be empanelled as Consulting Associate / Business Development Associate & Executive Coach with HR Anexi
Global Accreditation from PSYTECH International
Genesys-3 software for processing psychometrics at a discount
Free Global on-line account with credits for psychometric assessment and 360 degree feedback
On-line resource center to provide ongoing application of concepts and skills
This comprehensive workshop, to be held in Mumbai is non-residential. It is being offered in a unique modular over 10 days from October 13th – October 24th 2008. For outstation candidates, suitable accommodation can be made available on request.
Workshop Contents:
Module 1 (October 13th – 15th, 2008)
3-Day Psychometric Accreditation from PSYTECH International
Application of Ability and Personality Tests for Selection and Coaching
Leveraging 360 degree feedback for Coaching
Familiarizing with online tools for Selection and Coaching
Module 2 (October 17th – 18th, 2008)
2-Day High Fidelity Recruitment &Selection Process Certification
Identifying high reliability selection process & tools
Mastering Behaviour Event Interviewing
Integrating psychometrics and behaviour assessments in Selection
Module 3 (October 20th – 21st, 2008)
2-Day Coaching Certification from BlessingWhite in HOS®
Helping Others Succeed® ‘demystifies’ the coaching process, making it practical and actionable, providing a structure and framework that does mirror what the best coaches do intuitively
Establishing a Coaching Partnership
Learning the Coaching Essentials
Module 4 (October 22nd – 24th, 2008)
3-Day Executive Coaching Certification
Models, tools & psychometrics in Executive Coaching
Differentiating the role of Mentor, Trainer, Consultant, Therapist and Coach
Key NLP tools for Exceptional Results in Coaching
Code of Conduct for Executive Coaches
Program Objectives: 3-Day Psychometric Accreditation from PSYTECH International
Familiarize with the online versions of 15FQ+, OPP, SPI, JTI, OIP, VMI, and LSI personality assessments and 360 degree feedback
Familiarize with the online versions of GRT1, GRT2, TTB, CRT,CTB and ART ability /aptitude tests
Learn how to choose right assessment for recruitment decision making as well as employee development
Master the principles of administration, report generation and interpretation of reports of one cognitive ability assessment and one personality tool (GRT1 and 15FQ+)
Practice the use of GeneSys software for developing ideal profiles, scoring and interpretation of testsý and other features of the software
Learn the professional and ethical considerations in using psychological assessments for selection or development
Program Objectives: 2-Day High Fidelity Recruitment, Selection & Development Certification
Map the complete recruitment and selection process for selecting Right Fit Talent
Identify tools/methods for right fit selection
Integrate ability test and personality test results in the selection decision
Map the common selection problems and benefits of Structured Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI)
Practice the key skills for interviewers
Use STAR questioning technique & ORCE process of assessment
Use NLP techniques as a lie indicator
Familiarize with the 4-Step Evaluation process
Program Objectives: 2-day Helping Others Succeed (HOS®) Certification
Obtain insights into your effectiveness as a coach from your associate/client/coachee
Identify how to target coaching efforts to the unique needs of each associate, based on the online feedback
Demonstrate the competencies used by the best coaches in a coaching process
Familiarize with coaching tools for coaching on performance and career issues
Obtain online access to Coaching Profiles, Coaching Essentials and Coaching Tools
Program Objectives: 3-Day Executive Coaching Certification from HR Anexi
Differentiate between Training, Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling
Learn to use a unique GAP-IR model of coaching
Communicate the benefits of Executive Coaching
Familiarize with key NLP concepts and tools for Coaching
Practice supervised coaching sessions and receive feedback
Build awareness on the ethical aspects and Code of Conduct in Executive Coaching
Investment in the 10 day Talent Coach Certification Program is INR 96,500
However, the program is structured in a modular format and thus participants can enrol for any / all modules.
Module-1: Psychometric Accreditation - INR 25,500
Module-2: High Fidelity Recruitment & Selection Process Certification - INR 10,500
Module-3: Helping Others Succeed (HOS® certification) from BlessingWhite INR 21,000
Module-4: Executive Coaching Certification -INR 39,500
The above fees is exclusive of service tax @ 12.36%.
Pre-work prior to the program
All participants must complete: GRT1, 15FQ+, 360 degree Feedback, JTI and VMI before the program
You will also be required to undergo an on-line diagnostic questionnaire which will provide you with clear and actionable feedback on your current level of effectiveness in a range of specific coaching action.
For more information on the program, write to us at / 09448270474
HR Anexi Pvt Ltd., 305-306, Raheja Plaza, Off VeeraDesaiRoad, Andheri (W), Mumbai: 400 053
Phone: +91 22 4090 1000 | Fax: +91 22 4090 1099 |

Let us start by understanding what a competency is? it is a personal characteristic (skill, knowledge, trait, motive) that drives behavior leading to outstanding performance.

So when you want to do competency based assessments: the objective is simply to get a person who perform brilliantly in his job. So the first thing would be to identify the top performers in a given job and dialogue with them to understand what about them ;helps them to excel in their work. Brainstorm on these and then deliberate to come up with some list of competencies.

Example: For the role of a business development manager "Result orientation" could be a competency...because he has to really drive himself to get the business.
For senior leaders " vision and strategic orientation" could be a competency.
Then in your interviews, you build scenarios(may be a case study or by asking about past experience) to assess these.

Let me know if you need any more clarity on this
Thanks alot sana. do u have any idea, that what is the sucess rate of getting a desired potencial after using competency based interview. because as per some seniors, if an applicant is sharp he can make stories very easily and can satisfy you. Is there any other technique which can be used???
hi baqir,

m searching for the same.. actually, the tools for making an assessment centre could come in handy, like in-basket exercise, roleplays or simulations. a person cannot lie in these exercises.. you should be able to judge his/her competencies quite accurately..


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