hi! senior/expert members.
I want to get information about the "human resource" and "training and development policy", allocation of the budget on T&D and t&D practices of tcs, Infosys, and Wipro.
please guide me, how to get these information.
with regard

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Muhammad Anwar,

Any policy, whether training or otherwise has to be customised to the organisation's requirements. It appears that your organisation related to "Jamia Millia Islamia". Therefore, requirements of top-notch companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro are different from your company. Therefore, mere copying someone's policies will not serve purpose of your organisation.

You can derive the training policy for your organisation from the following questions:

a) What kind of measurable results you would like to have from the training?

b) Whether you would like to measure the effects of training scientifically or you want to do just eyewash?

c) Where your organisation stands as of now i.e. is employee training is an event or employee training is absolutely regular process and management views employee training very seriously?

d) Learning is cerebral activity therefore, what is the IQ level of the employees?

e) IQ level apart, what is the motivation of the employees to learn? Does senior management personnel demonstrate their learning attitude?

f) Whether culture of self-learning exists in the company, whether employees wait for their organisation to train them?

g) Whether you waste time in training employees on the subjects which can be self-learnt?

h) Whether the learning oriented to meet the operational ratios or improve operational efficiency?

g) Whether the learning is oriented to improve customer satisfaction?

h) What records of ROI on Training is maintained for the past training programmes?

i) Whether the processes are defined for each department and training is conducted to improve the process compliance?


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Zulhusni Hassan
Dear Muhammad Anwar, refer to budget preparations for training & development, you are required to have proper policy in determining list of required training for the whole year first by conducting Training Need Analysis (TNA) activities in place first. Some simple steps:-
1) Create your TNA/TNS flow
2) Execute TNA to determine list of required training (internal or external training)
3) Find out trainers or training provider that capable to deliver the training (ask for quotation - fee, venue, & etc)
4) Put all the cost in a table for all training (put some justification to explain the requirement, cost & etc)
5) Obtain management approval.
These 5 simple steps is normal practice in organisation for budgeting purposes. But some organisation they have more complex system to prepare budget for training.

From Malaysia, Shah Alam

This information will be confidential within the company's concerned.
You need to approach the relevant company's, present them with a case as to why you want this information, and see if they are willing to assist you.
Asking other people here on CiteHR to divulge confidential information from their employers is inappropriate.

From Australia, Melbourne
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