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i have a query would love to hear any advice from anyone .
i completed my schooling in 2017(arts) joined as php developer n a mediocre firm that had around 200-300 employee in (head quarter where i joined ) and it's branches across the country while pursuing my BA... worked there for over 2 years n had a miserable experience not gonna blame them i was too stupid to trust those corporate muppets i was always over worked payed with dirty politics till the last day cuz i was stupidly innocent and hardworking i lost all that little self esteem i had any while working were underpayed n overworked at last i saw no other way out then resigning i didn't have a fighting personality so i could not argue thus i bared with everything n somehow managed to leave
i do not hold any contact with them now and quite to pursue my higher studies masters in computer application IT'S been over 2.5 years since i've taken this break but now i'm afraid will all these create a negative impact while appearing in interviews???? THE MAJOR ASPECT i'm concered about is SALARY i was working on extremely low wages for two years even a fresher now can get twice of it .

WILL THIS LONG BREAK AND LOW SALARY MAKE A HUGE NEGATIVE IMPACT WHY APPLYING????? what will u suggest me to do in such scenario i really expect a decent salary as i've seen people faar unskilled or average than me earning 8x more (the only difference is they all had their technical degree, resigned on time n was self assured. my last salary was 10K in hand n 13819 without deductions .....what's the max can i expect now with 2 years of experience (basically i had 6 months of internship which they smartly extended to one year reducing the count of years of experience in relieving letter ) i was so happy to leave that firm n had such low self esteem i did not took any action then but now i'm a bit concerned as i'm going to apply for jobs soon ..............Please any genuine advice will be appreciated on how i should face an interview with what possible expectations.

From India, Delhi

The above narrative is sufficient for you to get through any personal interview. If I had taken interview, I would certainly appoint you because of many reasons. First, you worked while doing your graduation. Second, you were offered less than what is fair wages or even statutory wages but still you worked for the company. Third you left the company to pursue your Masters, and that gap of two years plus is not a serious crime but it should be welcomed. Therefore, you can appear for interviews with confidence. If you speak frankly, no body will find any negative on you; I am sure.
From India, Kannur

Life is not as usual. It has ups and down. We as a human being should overcome the situation by fighting with self. " YES I can do " tell every day to yourself. You will find positive energy will develop more. At the end of the day, talk to yourself for 5 minutes alone to analyze the whole day activities and where ever you are wrong, correct the same next day. Be confident, appear for interview and tell the truth (fact ) .

There are organizations who will like employee like you. All my best wishes with you. God Bless! Go ahead and hit the target. Success will knock at your door.

S K Bandyopadhyay ( WB, Howrah )
CEO-USD HR Solutions
+91 98310 81531

From India, New Delhi
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