M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

Etiquette is something everyone needs to know

For everyone:
When friends come to call on you, don't look at your watch, lest they think you desire them to leave.
NEVER pick the teeth, scratch the head, blow the nose or clean your nails in company.
Never correct a person publicly.
Do not laugh at funny things being said until the climax is reached.
Do not go into public smelling of onions or garlic.
"It is not polite at a wedding to congratulate the bride. She should receive wishes for her future happiness. The bridegroom in the one who is to be congratulated; he is the fortunate one."
A husband and wife should not play cards together, nor should two persons be partners in every game.
Always be on time.
"Do not laugh at your own wit, allow others to do it."


Do not place your arm on the back of a chair occupied by a woman.

During a walk in the country, climbing a hill or walking along a stream, if the lady is tired and sits upon the ground, do not seat yourself next to her. Remain standing until she is rested.

"A gentlemen never swaggers along the street, shouting or laughing with his companions, his hat on one side, a cigar between his fingers, or switching a cane to the danger or discomfort of passers-by."

If he's smoking and a lady passes by, he removes the cigar from his mouth.

When escorting a woman in the daytime, he does not offer her his arm unless she is old or ill unless for the purpose of protecting her in a large croud.

He should not monopolize the umbrella when with two ladies in the rain. He should take the outside, holding it both over them.

If attending a lady in the evening he should offer his arm. If he has the care of two ladies, he should give his arm to one and the ladies should walk on the same side of him.

When entering a room with ladies, he removes his hat. When he meets a lady friend, he should raise his hat gracefully.

A gentleman holds the door open for a lady. He precedes the lady in ascending the stairs and allows her to precede in descending them.

"When a gentleman meets a lady friend with whom he wishes to converse, he does not make her stand on the street, but walks with her a short distance until he has said what he desired to, and then leaves her with a courteous bow."

When on the street, the gentleman should always carry the packages....and the husband should always carry the baby.

He should never smoke where ladies are present under any circumstances.

DO not shake a ladies hand in a manner that would annoy her or hurt her fingers.

Accompany your wife to the church of her choice.

For the Ladies:
A lady should always walk in an easy, unassuming manner, neither looking left nor right. If anything in a store window attracts her attention, she may stop and examine it, and then continue her walk.
A lady does not giggle or whisper in public. Talking loudly is "inexcusable" at all times.
Never "cut" a person in public. If there are reasons you wish to discontinue the acquaintance turn your head before meeting.
When bowing on the street, the lady should merely incline her head gracefully, never her body and should smile pleasantly.
She must never let a male talk to her in a slangy manner, touch her on the shoulder or call her by her first name in front of strangers.
"A lady at a ball should not burden a gentleman with her gloves, fan, and bouquet to hold while she dances unless he is her husband or brother."

From India, Coimbatore
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M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

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From India, Coimbatore
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Vijay Bhasker

Dear Peer Mohamed Sardhar,

I appreciate your statement... " Not Just Read, Utilise, Implement & Reap Success" - Yes... I read to understand and assimilate then practice to reap returns. It is very good. I sincerely request you to be in touch with me at .

Thanks & best regards,
Vijay Bhasker V.

From India, Bangalore

will you help me to tell how to write appointment letter, interview letter and charge sheet ( domestic enquiry)
From India, Pune

Thnaks a lot peer sahab, I am extremely thankful to you for sharing this useful information with us. Pls give us your kind guidence in future also. Regards, Archana
From India, Delhi
Hi..Peer... It very much valuable u have share to us.. Nowadays in most of the situation the People are forgetting the etiquette..Anyway keep sharing...


Sir, I salute for the efforts taken to compile such a very useful material. Thanks a lot sir. We learn to learn from you sir. Thanking you once again. KRISHNARAJ P R
From India, Madras

all d links, posts n ppts r juz amazing!! thanx 4 sharing it wid every1.. Regards, Darshan
From India, Bhopal
richa mahajan
Respected M. Peer The articles and ppt’s shared by you are very interesting and informative. I reallly like it. And hope u will share some more topics with us. Thaks $ regards


Thank you very much for sharing the information
with us Mr. Peer.
your thread seems to be an "Encyclopedia of Etiquette"

Great work Mr Peer. Continue…

Your Quotes are very realistic

Best Regards,
Kumanan. A

From India, Madras
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