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can anyone fill this attach leave card for me to understand easily as im new to hr field. Samreen
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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The Leave Card explains the annual Leaves availed and the balance which is to be carried forward to next year. The Annual period is shown from April 2007 to March 2008.
• Rows 7 & 8 Reflects the opening balances as of 1st April 2007.
• Columns F & G against each month in the annual period reflects the Leaves availed in the respective month, Whereas the corresponding columns H & I reflects the Balance at the end of the month.
• The Narration or the Remarks of each leave is mentioned in Column E against each month.
• The Closing Balance as on 31st March 2008 is shown in rows 23 & 24.
Please do let me know if more clarity required.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Loy,
Thank you very much for your kind consideration on my post.
Can u also answer some my new questions
1. CL Means?
2. PL Means?
why there are 2 column for no. of leaves and no. of days - what is that mean? if possible kindly fill the attach form for me.
Thank for your help

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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• CL stands for Casual Leave
• PL stands for Privilege Leave
• The Column “Number of leaves Entitle” indicates the Annual Entitlement for an employee as per Companies Policy.
• The Column “Dates of Leave” indicates the dates on which the leaves are availed in that respective month.
• The Column “No. of days leave Availed” indicates the total # of Leaves availed in that month.
I have filled the attached form for better understanding.
Please do let me know if you need more clarity on the same.

From India, Mumbai
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Dear Sir, I have attached here with the Leave format. I hope this format helpful to you, Regards
From India, Gurgaon
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Hi All,
As per the attachment the number of PL availed depends upon Organization to Organization. Pl Can be Carried forward to Next Year where as CL will not be Carried Forward it should be used within the year .Where as SL is different from CL. SL leave is given for the number of Days Calculation.Ex for each month you will Get 1 SL like wise for 12 months 12 SL.Well CL & PL Depends on the Organization Policies. But you need to know how many of the Leaves can be carried Forwarded for the next year. Well if you are paid for the month then the financial year Like April to March will be the financial year .This is maintained by the Manufacturing Concerns .Well some IT & BPO follow the calender Year. And even the Daily paid (Wages ) Labors Follow the Calender year.If Required Further Clarifications Let me know. If at all i am misguided guide to the right path.
If There is a Way i will find one If there is non i will make one

From India, Adilabad

Dear Sameeran,
The casual leave is a paid leave and is meant to cater to sudden contingencies whether related to sudden short illness or contingency of work. This leave cannot be carried over to the next year. Whereas the PL is earned depending upon the formula followed in your company for one day over number of days worked.It is cumulative in nature and can be availed for any valid purpose (whether sickness or otherwise) but with prior approval of the management. The PL is also earned on leave taken.
Presently, system is also being followed for crediting the two leave in advance.
I hope the above settles your querry.

From India, Delhi

Hi Samreen
I have attached automatic leave calculation format here , I think it will not clear your doubt, but I am sure it will calculate your leave,as per your requirements ( fields are blocked -to avoid deletion of formulae ).pls go through it.if any doubt you can ask.
Anjani Singh

From India, Mumbai
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I think it will be better if we add a column of leave learned in the month , so that we can add the CO and the PL earned by working on sunday/holiday as CO in each month.
From India, Pune

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From India, Mumbai
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