Hi, I am working with a softwre firm. I need a attrition rate formula which gives a reliable figure. There are many on the web but its lil confusing which one to take....
So Please help me out with this.
Thanks & Regards,

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For a small s/w firm if it's totally depend upon more on intellectual wealth then the attrition rate makes the significant impact but for a skill based wealth up to a level it may not make much difference should be simply
keep a log of leaving and coming emps with exp level band and calculate the percentage.
if u r asking for BPO then a BPO guy can help on this foum.

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Hi Anuj,
Thanks for the reply but for calculating that percentage I need a standard formula. or I just cant take the numbers and take the percentage . we have to present this data to our Board of Directors.
If you have anything on this do let me know.

From India, Gurgaon
Rajat Joshi

Hi Aditi,

Am attaching the excel sheet for as a ready reckoner for the calculation of Attrition rate.

Yes, you are right that there are many formulaes available and the question arises which ones to use? well , i suggest take the one which best fits your organization and simple formula to be used is :-

Total Number of Resigns per month (Whether voluntary or forced) divided by (Total Number of employees at the beginning of the month plus total number of new joinees minus total number of resignations) multiplied by 100.

Attrition rate by itself doesn't reveal much or is rather ham handed when this topic is raised in the Management meetings. The attrition rate to be meaningful has to be analyzed well from different perspectives

Suggest that you further break up the data pertaining to attrition rate in the following manner:-

Experienced professionals with particular proficiency like Java or C++,

Number of people who served for x years,


Forced attrition rate people who have been asked to leave for non-performance.

Joining competitors- further can be broken into two categories viz C&B and areas/new technologies or platforms working on

Attrition rate department wise or city wise

If you wish to know more attrition rate & find ways to contain it then I suggest refer the website link on a seminar for the same. - 32k

Hope this is of help to you.



From India, Pune

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for the plain basic starting it's going to be the farmula
and can be modified considering statistical points of view.
oh again mathmatics.. for hr personal... but good to impress your boss
and ask for salary increment

From India, Delhi
Bob Gately

Click on the link below and download the MS Excel Workbook under "Free Download No. 5: Turnover Workbook".
From United States, Chelsea
Antony Prakash

Dear Rajat,
I have gone through this formula, this formula is not match with narration given in the paragraph and formula is vary between first row and rest of the rows, please kindly check and explain.
Thanks and regards,
As per the statement the formula is = (No of Resignation per month/no of total employees at the beginning of the month- tot no of new comers-tot no of resignation)*100

From India, Madras
The calculation is baasically ok for calculating monthly attrition. But attrition is always measured on an annual basis. For this, you need to take in the total employees at the begining of the year and at end.and take the average manpower count. The attrition needs to be measured against this.

Antony Prakash

Dear Rajat,
The formula is not match with the statement you have given and first row formula not match with the rest of the rows. Please check the attachment of attrition rate formula and help me utilize the same for my company.

From India, Madras
Hi Rajat,
I have seen the excel sheet you sent calculating the attrition. It is very informative.
But, I could not comprehend the first row, which shows that the Attrition % in Jan =
[(Employees left * 100)/(Opening balance + No. Of employees joined + Employees left + Closing Balance)]/100.
But the subsequent formulae do not include the Employees Left and Closing Balance.
Is there any rational in this?
Please educate me on this.

From India, Hyderabad
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