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I am currently working in an organization that has no dress code... very open and friendly environment.
I wanna know what do you guys think about Dress code... should offices/orgs by particular about how and what their employees wear.....Recently there was an article in the paper where in one of the org they made the dress code so strict that the employees were not allowed to wear any accessories which made any kind of noise eg..bangles etc....
I don't mean to say that we should allow our employees to dress up like college students but does that mean we should make them wear uniforms like school children..?
any opinions or wise views on this...?

From India, Mumbai
Richa Gour Chauhan
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Personally I feel that the employees should be given the liberty to dress of their choice, many oranizations do feel the same. To be safe you can create a policy where you can mention the list of dresses not permitted in the office premises like short skirts etc.

From India, Madras

You have to identify need for dress code in your company (don't go by what other's doing).
Typically companies opt for dress codes to ensure employee don't get distracted / discriminated coz of certain way of dressing. Further in case you are a kind of company where you have clients/guests visiting you frequently, a well dressed crowd always leaves nice impression on them.
Given the fact that now we have very strict laws around work place environment (specially to protect women welfare), it's a good idea to have such policy in place
You can keep the policy simple & friendly:
1. Jeans/trousers with heavy & fancy patches not allowed
2. Mini's & Micros' not expected
3. Employee wearing too loud colored & distracting dresses may be requested to go back home and come with decent dressing

From India, New Delhi
Richa Gour Chauhan

Hello Shalini,

You 'll agree on this

“ First impressions count “

A professional person should know how to manage his appearance. One who doesn’t take the time to maintain a professional appearance presents the image of not being able to perform adequately on the job.

Professional dress code standards are alive-and-well in major financial and executive management and anyone who aspires to top management knows that your personal appearance counts.

Now if you talk about dress code or business attire, any company's objective in establishing a business casual dress code, is to allow its employees to work comfortably in the workplace. Yet, it still need its employees to project a professional image to its customers, potential employees, and community visitors. Business casual dress is the standard for this dress code.

If you look and behave like a highly-trained and well-groomed professional you will win the respect and honor of the valued clients.

........................ As far as your organisation goes, its really good that you dont have any dress codes, but than all the employees should have the sense of dressing. As the office becomes a place of daily visit, people soon starts ignoring the fact that office is a WORK PLACE! Its not their home or a friend's place where they can wear whatever is COMFORTABLE. There are certain limits of being comfortable and presentable. Till the point person is aware about what they are wearing and what impression they are creating, ALLS FINE !



From India, Mumbai

hi shalini,
dress code is important. i feel dress sense is more important. a good looking simple one is a better option. a dress reflects a person is true to some cases. depending on the place u work , dress can be decided. but care be taken that a dress should never create a negative impact.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Shalini,
1st of all as HR Professionals, we have to understand our employees views, many employees do not like things like dress codes etc enforced on them. Hence we have to anyalyse whether our company really needs a dress code. Following are some scenarios where the dress code should be there:
--> If clients/vistors regaularly visit your office on daily basis
--> If your company is into the field of Banking, Insurance, retail, advertising etc
--> If there is a high cultural difference amont the employees in your company etc..
If your company is a corporate set up with not much of clients walking in.. then i feel that there is no need of a dress code.. anyways there should be a simple policy which states that employees have to come in a decent dress.

From India

ihad read ur case, remember mostof the organisation(like microsoft, samsung, lg, ge etc) are implementing the dress code. they ar not making it force but what they want tell is " they are one"," they belong to one organisation".
this creates diginity and unity among the employees and growth of sel respectin the individuals
some companies have different dress codes region wise and even in different teams
praveen kumar

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Shalini,
Some companies in USA are following no dress code strategy because they want their employees to be on ease and give maximum output to the company. In number of surveys it has been observed that dresses also affects the performance of an employee. For example some people they don't feel easy while wearing a tie and due to that their performance is affected. Moreover it also depends on company to company and on the nature of work, where there is public dealing the employee should be formally dressed but if it is a software house then the more casual an employee is the more results he will produce.
Fahd Khan Sherani

From Pakistan, Karachi
krithika Jayaraman

Hi All,
I saw all your replies , all were justifying by itself. Even i work for a software Orgn out clientele base is in US. So no one will drop in very frequently.
But i wish to bring in the concept of dress code, just to inculcate the professionasl envt.
so how would i take forward pls help

From India, Madras
Employer doesnt recruit us to give fashion parade in office premises.They why casuals are strtictly not allowed in meetings and conferences,,,,, coz well dressed guys and gals leave a good impression on others......... There is a time and place for every dress,,,,,,,,,,,, what do you say.:-P
From India, Hyderabad
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