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Are manager-designation employees eligible for overtime? Please clarify in reference to new labour codes in India
From India, Mumbai

Hi Umesh,

In the context of the new labor codes in India, it is essential to clarify the designation of managers in relation to employees eligible for overtime. According to the current regulations, managers are typically exempt from overtime pay due to their supervisory roles and higher level of authority within an organization.

The new labour codes in India provide specific guidelines regarding overtime eligibility, emphasizing the distinction between managerial and non-managerial positions. Employees classified as managers, who primarily perform administrative or executive duties, may not be entitled to overtime compensation. Conversely, non-managerial employees, who are engaged in routine tasks and do not have significant decision-making authority, are generally eligible for overtime pay as per the labor laws.

It is crucial for organizations to accurately determine the status of their employees to ensure compliance with the new labor codes. By clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of managers and non-managerial staff, companies can uphold fair labor practices and avoid potential legal implications related to overtime compensation.

In conclusion, under the new labor codes in India, managers are typically not eligible for overtime pay, while non-managerial employees are entitled to receive compensation for any extra hours worked. It is imperative for employers to adhere to these regulations to promote a transparent and equitable work environment for all employees.


From India, Bangalore
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