To all HR professionals out here please let me know which one you prefer.

One-page resume or CV

As it is a widely discussed topic. Please let me know your view on the below questionnaire.

From India, Kochi
Partner - Risk Management
International Corporate Trainer / Hr (od)
General Manager-hr & Admin


As far as possible,, your resume should be crisp and to the point. use bullet points. These days people have no time to read long sentences. When you want to highlight your skills, use bullet points. Suppose you have 15 years experience, and first five years you spent in minor roles as a trainee or apprentice, write only a few points. You should spend more on your recent experience and also never mention your role and responsibilities. Generally people know, if the applicant is a sales person or manufacturing, what they are supposed to do. You should highlight what you achieved, performed, initiated.... these kind of sentences should be there in your CV.
Best wishes

From India

Dear Priya,
Preferences regarding one-page resumes versus CVs (curriculum vitae) can vary based on factors such as the industry, level of experience, and regional norms. It's essential to keep in mind that individual preferences may differ among HR professionals. Here is a breakdown of some common considerations:

Industry Norms:
In industries like academia and research, a CV is often preferred, and it can be longer than one page. It allows candidates to showcase their extensive academic and professional achievements.
In business, technology, and other non-academic sectors, a one-page resume is often recommended for entry to mid-level positions. However, senior-level executives might have longer resumes to cover their extensive experience.

Experience Level:
Entry-level candidates or those with limited work experience may find it easier to create a concise one-page resume highlighting key skills and achievements.
Mid-to-senior level professionals with a more extensive work history might opt for a CV, which allows them to provide a comprehensive overview of their career.

Geographical Differences:
In some countries, CVs are more commonly used, while in others, resumes are the norm. Understanding regional preferences is crucial when applying for jobs internationally.

Company Preferences:
Some companies may explicitly state their preference for a one-page resume or a CV in their job postings or application instructions.
It's advisable to tailor your application materials based on the specific requirements of the company you are applying to.

Relevance and Customization:
Regardless of the document's length, the content should always be relevant to the job applied for. Tailor your resume or CV to highlight skills and experiences that align with the specific role.

Readability and Clarity:
A well-organized, easy-to-read document is crucial. If you have a longer CV, ensure it is well-structured with clear headings, bullet points, and concise language.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and preferences can vary. When in doubt, it may be beneficial to inquire about the employer's preference or submit both a one-page resume and a more detailed CV, allowing them to choose the format they find most suitable. Keep abreast of industry trends and preferences by researching the specific requirements of the job market and seeking advice from career professionals in your field.


From India, Bangalore

I prefer a detailed CV, with information on experience and jobs (and of course educational and skill certificates)
At the same time, too much verbose is a pain to read.

But if you are giving a 1 page, and it does not show what you have done, its unlikely that you will get a call as the recruiter will not reach out to you just to get more information unless your CV is spectacular.

From India, Mumbai
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