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Hi, Would like to know the fundamental difference between Total no of Days Worked and Total of Man days worked in a year Thanks,

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Total number of days worked is the total working days for the establishment. Man day means a day comprising of so many workers. In one working day, there may be 50 workers employed. That means, the number of days is one and number of mandays is 50.

In a year there may be 300 working days (from January to December you can count and obviously, out of 365 days, 52 days will be weekly off and there may be a few holidays). This 300 days is the total number of days worked.

Now you may count the number of workers on each day. It may be 50 on one day, 48 on another day and even 55 on some other day. The total of these number is the total mandays.

Normally, each day will be of 8 hours. But in some days a few workers should have worked longer hours (overtime working). Mandays multiplied by working hours including overtime hours is the total man hours per month/ year.

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For Annual Performance Appraisal purpose how we calculate total number of working days in a year of an employee
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For doing annual performance appraisal you can take any method because it is purely an internal matter and has nothing to do with a legal pattern to be adopted. I would recommend that you should have physical days present for work as well as paid/ approved leave separately.
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