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6 months ago I resigned from my post from the organization, at that time my manager increased my salary an as discussed and agreed he was supposed to give me the salary increment on-call he told me that I will give you this much amount in hand, so I took my resignation back as he agreed and I told him if you are giving me the amount that I want I will stay back for 8 months with you verbally, so I took resignation back stating that I am reverting my resignation as per discussion on salary revision part, but in next month salary I didn't get the amount in hand which was discussed and agreed I got 700 RS less than the agreed amount.

I called my manager but he didn't receive the call so I started my work on a regular basis as per my shift. Now after 6 months I resigned on mail on the 2nd-day manager accepted my resignation on mail and on the 3rd day he replied that you have agreed for a year to stay with us in the previous call so you will have to take your resignation back. I had not signed any paper or bond regarding the same with him or given in writing to him related to this so I replied to him that on mail, he is showing me the mail that I replied to take my resignation back on salary revision confirmation and asking to take back resign. What I am supposed to do? Is my resignation valid? Not understanding anything can anyone please suggest here the next action from my end.

From India, Pune

Dear KMP,

Your earlier resignation and its withdrawal consequent on the negotiation with your manager on the basis of some mutual verbal promises from either side cannot be linked to your present resignation which is consequent on the failure of your manager to keep up his oral promise as agreed.

Therefore, first you bring the fact to his notice by a reply mail that it was only a gentlemen's agreement alive and operational subject to the fulfilment of the mutual promises on both sides.

Second, as the salary hike being less than what was assured is only for the services you rendered as well as to be rendered after revision, your promise to stay for a certain period cannot be enforced by the management now nor it can be a bar on your right to submit a fresh resignation.

Thirdly and conclusively, you should mention that still you are willing to withdraw the present resignation submitted on account of frustration provided the manager restores the salary hike to the agreed quantum.

You should also think over how you can make the separation formal and peaceful in case of persistent refusal by the manager.

From India, Salem
Thanks for replying back and providing below suggestions.
As you suggested, I mailed him that I resigned from my post now, as I want growth of mine and I don't want to continue now with current organisation anyways, also I had not committed in writing to you or signed any bond to stay with organisation.
I also called him but he is saying that you committed to me verbally and now you have to take resignation back.
Not agreeing asking me to take resign back or you will face circumstances.
Please help me out here, I am now totally stuck and not aware what to do now. As I want to move forward for my growth he is not allowing me.

From India, Pune
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