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Talent acquisition managers, you need to get very creative yet analytical to assess enthusiastic candidates. Here, are the top 10 interview questions that you can bombard your interviewees with, to find the right candidates for the job roles in your organization.
Best Interview Question to Ask the Candidate at the Time of Recruitment
1. What One Skill Makes You the Most Qualified for This Position?
Asking this interview question you get to learn about the core competency skills of the new hires. Like if he has knowledge of CAD but you are hiring a candidate for the job role of a front office, you give the red flag, as this skill is irrelevant.
2. What Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud of?
By asking this interview questions you get to know whether the potential new hires have worked in any big projects in their current or previous organization and what their success milestones are so far.
3. Tell Me About a Time When You Overcame a Challenge?
You should ask this one of the interview questions when hiring a candidate. Asking this question to the potential new hires lets you know how they would react to challenges in the company and whether they will resist any change in the environment.
4. How Would You Describe Your Working Style?
Asking this interview questions, lets you get a glimpse of the approach used by the candidate when recruiting the new hires. Get to know if he or she is methodical or not when hiring a candidate.
5. What Three Words Would You Use to Describe Your Ideal Work Environment?
Ask this interview question to check how the new hires describe themselves.
6. If Hired, What Is the First Thing You Would Tackle in This Position?
Get to know if the new hires will bring a positive change to the company! All you need to do is tactfully ask this interview question!
7. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer? / Why did you leave your previous workplace?
Get to know what led to employee dissatisfaction in the previous job place with this interview question. Asking this will let you know what the new hires expect from your company as well.
8. What One Skill Would You Like to Improve?
This little interview question lets you know if your new hires are aware of their weaknesses.
9. What Excites You Most About This Position?
Get to know what led the candidate to apply for this vacancy with this interview question during recruitment itself! You may even get to know if the new hires are looking forward to gaining new skills!
10. Describe your favorite supervisor and your least-favorite supervisor and why.
Asking this interview question lets you know about the team dynamics and which type of supervisor to put the candidate under right in the recruitment stage itself.
To sum up, ask these top 10 interview questions to your potential new hires during the recruitment and start hiring a candidate for your company. Happy employee hunting to you!

From India, New Delhi

6. If Hired, What Is the First Thing You Would Tackle in This Position?
Potential candidates have no hope of answering this question if they have not been given:
(a) a comprehensive job description of the duties required
(b) received any explanation of the goals and objectives of the organisation
(c) an explanation of what challenges the organisation faces
Most people have no hope of answering UNTIL 9am on the first morning and sitting in the chair looking at what needs to be done.
For me, my answer would be finding the most optimal route and transport method from my home to your office to get to work on time every day.

From Australia, Melbourne

Tell Me About a Time When You Overcame a Challenge?
This, like most other questions, needs to be asked as a STAR question, ie in four parts:
You need to know what the situation was, what the candidate needed to do, the action the candidate took, and what the result was.

From Australia, Melbourne

Aayushi Sharma HR
In my many years here on CiteHR, I notice that Indian interviewers ask far too many irrelevant questions. Your sole objective here is to find out if the potential candidate has the skills you need, can do the job you need done, and will be a good cultural fit with the organisation. That can be achieved by targetted performance based interviewing and by asking shortlisted candidates the same set of questions so everyone can be scored on the same basis.
The reasons why people have so much trouble with recruitment - and get the wrong people - are simple.
1. No planning
2. No position description for the vacancy
3. No person description for the vacancy
4. No standardised set of questions for the interview
5. Failure to use performance based interviewing, ie, STAR questions
6. No proper shortlisting of candidates to produce the top 5 or 6 people to interview
7. Using agencies to provide candidates, most of whom end up being unsuitable
None of this is rocket science. I have proved time and time again that this works.

From Australia, Melbourne
Dr VSRege

1.What is your Aim in life ?
2.How do you look at "Working?"
3.How would you balance your personal life and work ?
4.What would be a Crisis situation ( in work ) for you ?
5.What keeps you happy at work ?
6.What makes you unhappy with your work?
7.How would you make yourself most productive ?
8.What would be the most suitable role for you in the management?
9.If you were an employer just now how much would you offer a candidate like you just now ?
10.What would you want to achieve out of your work?

From India, Mumbai

Dr VSRege

Where are the questions to ascertain the skills and experience of the candidate to do the job he/she is being interviewed for?

If you asked me those sort of questions in an interview, I would just walk out, as I would have judged you as an employer I did not want to work for.

Almost none of it is relevant. The crisis question needs to be rephrased as a STAR question, and the question on work/life balance would need to be asked a different way. The question on management role is pointless, the person in front of you is being interviewed for a specific role. Is someone really going to tell you that the role they want is different? I don't think so. I'm guessing this is a trick question, to get the candidate to reveal other intentions.

From Australia, Melbourne
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