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I am writing this thread with an aim to gather the latest and best management practices around working at heights domain.
One of the system I came across recently with respect to Working at Heights was something called LOBO offering by www.lobosystems.com
This system is not scaffolding but a mobile or fixed platform that is built by themselves, certified and inspected by themselves with no need for any fall protection. A suitable alternative for ladder and scaffolding use.
Request the larger Safety Team here to share your expertise on this particular domain...
Let us try to gather what's new there in the market with respect to working at heights?
What digital solutions can use around this domain?
Looking forward for great contributions.
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From India
Dear Dipil,
I came across the posting. I wonder where we stand too!
First question: What is a scaffold or what is the definition of a scaffold ?
“Lobo is not a scaffold” you say; and if it is so what is it then?
The manufacturer, safety professionals, scaffolding forum, or any scaffolding experts will not say so; I am sure.
Next Question : no fall protection is required you say. Did the manufacturer say that? If he dared to say so he is crazy. A safety man will insist to have fall protection above four feet; whatever the law says with reason.
As I understand LOBO is just a light duty modular access scaffold. Its loading capacity is limited, allowable height is limited or we can call it a new type of light duty system scaffold -
Kindly check it out.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
Dear Sir,
Really great to see your participation in this thread... Before answering to you straight away, let me study bit more and also contact LOBO systems, then will come back to you.
Looking forward for more meaningful engagements with you in this forum. Thanks.

From India
Dear Sir,
I pose the question you ask me to the LOBO Team and their response given below.
"When using LOBO system, does one required to use fall protection system? If yes, do we have suitable anchor points available? If not, why? – The idea of Lobo is to not ever expose oneself to a fall. Therefor no fall protection is required. The easiest way to think about it is that you are building a guardrail around yourself – ie. You will always have 4 barriers around any platform at +-0.5m heights and +-1m height = Remove the risk of falling as you have a solid platform with barriers enclosing the user.
Can we call LOBO as a light duty modular access scaffold? – Best way to describe it is an Advanced Platform System. We don’t like associating it with the likes of any scaffolding as they work completely differently from one another".
In addition to the above, one of the advantage of LOBO, which I personally feels great great about the product was the possibility to make custom made solutions suiting the clients requirement. Enclosed two photos of a custom made LOBO Platforms for your information.
Please let me know your thoughts on this.

From India

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Dear Dipil,
Please, I asked a doubt as to what is a scaffold ?
You haven’t tried it.
Again, can you try and give a brief on fall protection?
We have to be careful not to fall for the salesmanship of others.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
Dear Sir,
Let me try to add more!!!
Scaffold is a temporary elevated work platform... We can very well called LOBO as a Light/Medium duty modular access type scaffolding... more than the name, I was convinced with the broad range of customized applications where this would have been easily fit into...
Fall protection means the practical application of Safety Harness... When we talk about fall protection, mainly the three components comes in picture, which is Anchorage, Body Harness & Connecting Device...
Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

From India
Dear Dipil,
I appreciate your interest in every safety related issues.
Scaffolding is a favorite topic I teach giving due importance to fall protection. The definition is “an elevated platform meant for men and/ materials. It can be either supported or suspended”. There are more than 20 types of scaffolds and many will wonder whether all those will come under the heading.
Again on fall protection we have to go deeper. Fall protection is divided in to two: 1) fall protection like guard rails, hand rails, chain, wire ropes and parapets, and 2) Fall arrest system like safety harness and nets.
LOBO is not a new idea. Chinese Companies are making many kinds of system scaffolds far better than LOBO. L & T had in the past imported tonnes of these materials and at Bangalore airport extension time I had given them training for few days to assemble those.
In LOBO’s case too we have to assemble guard rails as in any other access scaffold system. They don’t have a built in guard rail or magic protection.
Kesava Pillai

From India, Kollam
Dear Sir,
Thanks for the response.
When comes to working at heights, I always use two terminologies... Fall Prevention and Fall Protection... Guard rails, hand rails, chain, wire ropes and parapets will comes under fall prevention and safety harness & nets comes under fall protection...
In very simple manner trying to establish the understanding among the learner that anything which help you from preventing the fall is fall prevention and anything comes after the fall is fall protection.. and establish the learning that we should always promote fall prevention over fall protection...
What you think about having this differentiation.. Fall Prevention vs Fall Protection..

From India
Dear Dipil,
Fall prevention involves many approaches. Removing a tripping hazard, avoiding a slippery floor, picking up a pencil on the floor, removing a banana peel from the road, giving a caution or warning about oil on floor/wet floor, barricading tapes around a ditch, trench, excavation, or open manhole and sign boards and the like also come under fall prevention. Many of these measures will help you to take precaution and save yourself from a fall though inadequate to prevent a fall or protect your body from hitting the ground on falling. These practices come under fall prevention. Note that a warning tape alone cannot protect a person. A sign board is of no use to an illiterate or a person who doesn’t speak that language. It goes on like that.
On a higher degree fall prevention may save us from a fall. That is fall PROTECTION. This is especially true in case of working at height. Here we require definite protection. It has certain standards specified. Its height is specified. It should have certain load bearing capacity. It should serve desired purpose.
Once a fall has occurred, the person should be stopped or arrested from hitting the ground. Here we use fall arrest system. In certain jobs such as steel erection chances of falls exit though providing fall protection is not possible. At these places we provide fall arrest system. It protects a person only after an accidental fall.
In case you desire you may call safety harness/net a protection on falling. It is not protecting from falling. Falls take place and a safety harness or nets keeps him suspended.
In conclusion fall protection prevents the accident. Safety harness and nets saves the life of an accident victim.
Fall protection prevents a fall accident. Safety harness and nets are PPE .
Now tell me whether any PPE can prevent any type of accident and if yes we have to go back and define an accident.
Keava Pillai.

From India, Kollam
Dear Sir,
Appreciate the time spend on responding.
This was helpful to get more deeper understanding on fall prevention as well as to get a different perception on fall protection.
I do agree that PPE never prevent an accident from happening. Its always comes after the same.
Can you please share any other best management practices and new technology enabled solutions introduced in the field of working at heights - in case if you came across anything such sort???

From India
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