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Three of my team members abruptly left the company 2 month's after the probation period of 3 month's was completed. Basically worked only for 4-5 month's and left by citing different reasons of family issues/ health issues at different dates. We did not give any appointment letter as the process of submitting of previous work documents was still pending.
The issue is that we issued uniforms and invested in new laptops for them (which ofcourse now used by succeeding employee) however for the uniforms it was mentioned to them that should they be leaving in a years time the employee needs to bear the full cost of the same.
As they left abruptly without completing 1 month notice period, without clearing thier dues and without taking a relieivng document. What should be the course of action against those candidates? I think I did a mistake by not giving them appointmnet letters, however even if someone wants to just leave after taking thier salaries what can be done?
I would really appreciate some suggestions so I do not get into financial loss, loss of time to again under go recruitment process.

From India, Tiruchi
Insolvency N Gst Professional


Examine causes of people leaving so quickly.
Is your wage level lower than industry standard or any working condition difficult that people quit early?
Expenditure on uniforms is one minor issue as compared to issue of selecting new employees training them and seeing them abruptly leave.
Root cause of dissatisfaction needs to be examined first and resolved.
You really cannot stop an employee from leaving if he is all set to leave.
Give priority to steps to retain employees, rather than steps to take action against those who leave.
Your set up should be attractive that employees compete to work in the place.
So try and change working atmosphere forst.

From India, Pune

Important ! - no employee should be stopped by employer if they wanted to leave on any issues related to personal.
Employer not giving offer letter to employees before their first salary is not the correct thing - employer should give them. They were clear on why they were leaving the company, its better you relieve them (as they haven't received any offer letter so no notice period). The cost of the uniform has to be provided by company and not from employees - why they have to pay for it?
As per the details provided, are they come under any ACT? Other than uniforms, did they have taken any assets or data - digital, you can issue a letter to them.
The company has to maintain good rapport with employees and maintain good process and policies.

From India, Hyderabad
Thank you for taking out time to respond. We have no problem if employee leaves however it has to be done in a proper way. This company is not very old but 10 years and other staffs are all working well some since it's inception. Salary could be a reason to leave as different employees have different expectations.
Some companies do have bonds to retain the employees including Wipro, Cognizant etc. We have never had any bonds and our employees are working well and no employees till now have ever complained about work conditions as such. If they have management had amicabily worked on it.
Because company invested in uniforms and it was told to all the employees that in case they leave within a year they have to bear the cost it is certainly a big deal for the company.
The appointmnet letters were not given to them as they did not submitted their qualification/ address proof etc. HR dept was awaiting for this.
The concern is where we went wrong and hereon what steps to be taken to retain the employees.

From India, Tiruchi

Dear Friend,
You can not call a company in inception stage has already crossed 10 years. Your satisfaction is that everything is in order as other staffs are working from the begining and do not have any such complaints. Then you need to consider three staffs left in quick sucession was nothing but an accident, which happens in every establishment. In my opinion you need to find out the reasons & root cause behind such exit. Everyone has got personal problem, one to all cites reason is as domestic problem. There is very rare happening people choose to leave on domestic ground rather for better option.
Don't you feel that only a fool can take an employment without an appointment letter? To-day you discuss the issue as employees are leaving the company. Just think reverse, some one would ask the forum that " was working in X Co but without an appoinment letter, Hr asked me no need to come from tomorrow".
As an HR your role is prime to organise the things in an order. To combat the future unforeseen apply the retaintion policy. Issue the uniform at cost from employee or ask the employee to adhere the uniform.
Develop a system and adopt policy which can take care the things than individuals. There are scopes but you can not implore them as you have not given any appointment letter. so termsof your company is binding on them.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks alot Prabhat, I understand what you meant. Do you think we can send an Exit questionnaire on email to figure out what went wrong.
Certainly no appointment letter was a big mistake but mistakes happens to we would certainly like to incurb it in future.

From India, Tiruchi
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