Hello friends!!!
i'm posting an article over an amusing tale of birbal....
hope u like it..
The Hen or the Egg.
At the end of Akbar’s Durbar, a pandit came to the court & said he wanted to question him. Akbar was tired & told Birbal: “Please answer the pandit’s questions fast. I want to end this Durbar.”
The pandit said: “I’ll give you a choice. You can either answer one difficult or a hundred easy ones.”
Birbal saw Akbar would have no patience to sit through a hundred questions and opted for one difficult one.
Pandit: “Which came first, the hen or the egg.”
Birbal: “the hen, of course!”
Pandit: “How can you be so sure?”
Birbal: “I am afraid that is your second question. I agreed to answer only one!”
Management Moral: if you want to trap somebody, ensure you close all the exit routes but don’t get trapped yourself! Or else you may become an unexpected victim.
Thanx & regards,
Shriya Karve
20th November 2007 From India, Mumbai

Working Professional

He He!! Good reply from Birbal..... Hats off to his mind and his tricky answers. Keep posting. Rupali
22nd November 2007 From United States, Cambridge
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